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RUSH: Bernie Sanders is starting to figure out that the Democrat National Committee and the Hillary campaign have stacked the deck against him, that it’s really, really rigged. In Bernie’s case, he is exactly right.

Now, Bernie should have known this from the first day he got into the race. Bernie should have known it was gonna be rigged before he got into the race. And he may well have. But it’s now getting to be ridiculous. He keeps winning. He keeps outraising her. And she keeps piling up all the delegates.

And I’m gonna tell you, on the Democrat side, folks, you don’t hear as much about it because the media is not disposed to exposing snafus and discord within the Democrat Party. But I’m telling you, they have their own equivalent of anti-establishment voters, and it’s a large number of people, and they are just as opposed to the Democrat establishment as Republican voters who are opposed to it on the Republican side. Different reasons. Some of them overlap.

The primary reason, for example, that Bernie’s people are upset with the establishment is they think the establishment is too corporate. And they’re exactly right, by the way. I mean, even though they’re fringe lunatics, they hate corporate. They despise everything about Western civilization. They despise everything about the founding of this country. And the Democrat Party, they don’t think, is radical left enough, that Hillary has become corporatized and moderate, as opposed to liberal.

They think Hillary’s into it for herself, for her and her family’s financial enhancement and so forth. And there are just as many of them. And they don’t tell you much about Hillary’s disapproval. Hillary Clinton’s negative numbers are almost as high as Cruz’s and Trump’s, almost to the point of canceling it all out. And then the polls vary from time to time, state to state, and even poll to poll. But the latest series of polls show that Cruz and/or Trump would beat Hillary, and that’s relatively new. So there is a lot of panic on the Democrat side. You just don’t see it. It doesn’t fit any narrative.

There isn’t a narrative in media of Democrats in trouble. That narrative only happens after they lose elections, and it lasts for a couple of weeks, and then they’re back to normal. I mentioned earlier in the week — I didn’t get a chance to get to it — I don’t know if I saved it in this Stack or not. But the Huffing and Puffington Post — yes. Here it is my friends. “The Democrats Are Flawlessly Executing a 10-Point Plan to Lose the 2016 Presidential Election.”

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I would assume that the vast majority of you in this audience are of the opinion that the Democrats never have doubts, that they’re always confident, largely because they have the media on their side, largely because what they believe is never challenged, it’s never criticized, it’s never ripped to shreds, as everything the Republicans stand for is.

So your impression of them is that they’re unified and that their primary enemy is us, and that that’s what unifies them. And, as such, at the moment of truth they will all come together and that they are confident and unstoppable. And it’s not the case. And this piece in the Huffing and Puffington Post illustrates it quite well. It’s by somebody named Seth Abramson. “The Democrats Are Flawlessly Executing a 10-Point Plan to Lose the 2016 Presidential Election.”

Point number one. These are the mistakes, the assumptions that they are making that are all wrong. They are “assuming that Donald Trump will be the RepublicansÂ’ 2016 nominee, though itÂ’s now clear he wonÂ’t be.” Let me analyze each of these as we go. This guy, Seth Abramson, whoever he is, thinks that the Democrats are operating on a whole bunch of conventional wisdom theories that are dead wrong, and one of them is that Trump’s gonna be the nominee.

This guy doesn’t think he’s going to be and it’s gonna end up being Cruz or somebody else that the Democrats are not prepared for and are not gonna know how to beat, that they’re making a mistake of gearing up for one guy and thinking they’ve got the way to beat Trump in the can, in the bag, it’s over, and they’re not worried about anybody else, and he thinks they should be.

Number two. The Democrats are going to “nominate the only person who can reunite the Republican Party once Trump failing to get the nomination has fractured it beyond repair.” So this guy thinks that Trump not getting the nomination is gonna blow the Republican Party up sky-high to the point that it’s going to be in tatters. But then the Democrats are gonna come along and unify everybody on the Republican side by nominating Hillary.

I hope that he’s half right on this. It has been my hope all along that whatever happens on our side, that when it’s all over, everybody does focus on the real opponent here, and that’s Hillary and what she represents, the third term of Barack Obama, the continuation of the transformation of America into a country it was not founded to be, which means the continuing destruction, the cultural rot, the cultural decay, the attack on religious people, primarily Christians. It’s gonna ratchet up; it’s going to continue.

Hillary Clinton has promised to raise taxes a trillion dollars. Stop and think a minute. The federal government is en route to collecting $3 trillion in taxes this year. Already $1.46 trillion has been collected. Now, ask yourself, how is that possible when we have 94 million Americans not working? How is it possible for almost record tax revenue to be collected?

It means people are getting soaked, folks. It means Obamacare and any number of other things, all the hidden fees and the excise taxes and who knows what. The idea that the middle class isn’t paying any taxes is obviously blown to smithereens here, 94 million Americans not working. The unemployment rate is really more like 11 to 15%. And they’re still collecting record tax revenues. And even at that, we are going to run a deficit of nearly half a trillion dollars this year. Stop and think. Three trillion.

That’s more than people can understand. It’s more than you can contemplate. It’s more than you can analogize in ways that would make sense to you. The number three is confusing; it’s a small number. Trillion. Billion is a thousand million. It’s incomprehensible. And yet it isn’t enough. And in the middle of all this Hillary Clinton has come out and promised to raise taxes by a trillion dollars more. They never have enough. No matter what. Because at some point it is long ceased to be about raising money.

Taxation is not about raising revenue to run the government efficiently and properly. It’s about social architecture. The tax code is how liberal Democrats punish achievers. It is how they use the tax code to dissuade a lot of people from wanting to be achievers. It is a subtle way that liberal Democrats impugn the whole idea of success, which they do constantly.
You look at the Democrat Party enemies list, it’s rich this or rich that. Rich corporation here, rich industry there, rich individual there, whoever, that’s their enemy. But on top of record tax revenue being collected, Hillary wants to add a trillion dollars to it.

Number three on this guy’s list of 10 mistakes the Democrats are making. Democrats are on the way to “Fracture the Democratic Party by broadly supporting the Clinton campÂ’s attempts to smear Bernie Sanders and his supporters.”

Number four. The Democrats are en route to losing the 2016 presidential race by “fatally underestimate the electoral chances of the two men now most likely to be the Republican presidential nominee in November: Ted Cruz and John Kasich.”

And again, whoever’s writing this is named Seth Abramson.

Number five. Democrats are going to screw it up by “failing to nominate their most popular candidate,” Bernie Sanders. Number six, they’re going to “freeze Bernie Sanders out of the picture altogether.” This guy is totally into Sanders, and he is convinced the Democrats have written a plan guaranteed to lose by acing him out. Number eight. Democrats are gonna lose by “doing nothing whatsoever to address outstanding concerns about the character, integrity, and judgment of the PartyÂ’s front-runner.”

In other words, this guy is saying the Democrats are making a huge mistake because they have a flawed human being as their front-runner. She has no integrity. She has a dubious, questionable character, and her judgment stinks. In other words, the Democrats are choosing her just ’cause she’s next in line, her name is Clinton, and for some reason we owe her. And he thinks it’s a death wish.

“In short, Hillary Clinton appears to blame everyone but herself for the lack of trust the American people have in her. ThatÂ’s a bad look for any politician, both because it ignores the concerns of voters and, moreover, suggests a candidate incapable of personal and political growth. There are many things the Clinton camp could be doing now to rehabilitate her image for the general election, and theyÂ’re doing absolutely none of them.”

Number nine. The Democrats are “overly relying on the national media to set the political narrative for the campaign season, further alienating voters who want to vote for a candidate with vision.” That’s Bernie Sanders. And number 10. They’re ignoring the youth vote.

So my point in all this is that there is all kinds of friction, all kinds of upset and dissatisfaction on the Democrat side that you’re not hearing about. And a lot of people on that side are afraid it’s gonna manifest itself at the worst possible time.

Now, here’s Bernie Sanders this morning in Brooklyn. A bunch of union people, a bunch of people are picketing outside a Verizon office in Brooklyn. Bernie showed up.

SANDERS: They want to take away the health benefits that you have earned. (edited boos) They want to outsource decent paying jobs. (edited boos) They want to give the CEO $20 million a year (edited boos start) in compensation. They want to evade paying federal income taxes. (edited boos start) This is just another major American corporation trying to destroy the lives of working Americans

RUSH: Hear that? That’s absolute insanity. “Here we have another major American corporation trying to destroy the lives of working Americans.” There’s a way to translate that. What Bernie Sanders is alleging here is that Verizon is trying to destroy the lives of their customers. And how much sense does that make? But that’s what they tell you. Big Oil, Big Pharma, are trying to destroy working Americans. Big Auto. That’s right. They want to destroy every customer. They want to cream, they want to obliterate, they want to damage every potential buyer of their product.


RUSH: No, what’s actually interesting is that the Bernie Sanders voters, they’re ticked off, they’re ticked off at the failures of liberalism. They don’t know it, but that’s what’s got them upset. They have all this student loan debt; there wasn’t supposed to be any. They’ve got all these health care expenses; it was supposed to be free, and everybody was supposed to have it. There’s all this racial strife out there. That was supposed to be ended seven years ago when Obama got elected. America was supposed to be loved and adored. There weren’t supposed to be anymore wars anywhere. The military was to have been neutered. None of it’s happened.

The abject in-your-face failures of what they believe in is what’s got them ticked off. They just don’t think of it that way. Liberalism, in their minds, does not fail. It just isn’t implemented properly, usually because it’s short of funding or some such insanity.

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