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RUSH: Now, let me ask you another question, folks. We’re doing think pieces today. Let me ask you another question. Welcome back to the Rush Limbaugh program here on the EIB Network. How many of you — let me find the proper way to phrase this. Let’s look at Colorado. Colorado, last August, announces a change in the way they are going to be apportion their delegates. They say, they announce — everybody’s known this, last August — well, it hasn’t been reported in public, so you and me, we didn’t know it, didn’t see any news on it, but the party has known it.

Everybody at the party has known it, and that means that every candidate should have known what Colorado was gonna do. It is part of the nomination process, part of the campaign, part of the delegate selection process. So how is it that Trump isn’t even there contesting against Cruz for delegates this past weekend? Did Trump not know? Did nobody in the Trump campaign know? Or, when they found out about this August or whenever the Trump campaign found out about — I’m assuming the Trump campaign knew. That’s part of my hypothetical. I’m assuming they knew.

So if they knew, why didn’t they contest? Why didn’t they send anybody out there to wine and dine and do whatever you do to get delegates in Colorado? Why did Cruz have the whole playing field to himself? Was it because the Trump campaign thought Colorado wasn’t gonna matter, that they were gonna wipe this up long ago, wrap this up long ago? Why not go? I’m just asking. Why not be in Louisiana and some of these other states — Tennessee recently — where Cruz operatives have been all over the place trying to secure delegates?

I can partially answer this. “Well, Cruz got no choice, man. There’s no way he gets 1,237, so Cruz has gotta get going on ballot two right now. He has got to get those.” Okay. Does the Trump team know that? And if the Trump team knows what the Cruz team is doing, why are they not contesting at the point of attack? I’m just asking. Not claiming to have the answer. I am just asking.

Let me put it another way. Does it really make sense — and I ask you Trumpists. Is it really a case that the Trump campaign didn’t know what was going to happen in Colorado? And then actively chose not to participate? Or, did they really not know what was the procedure in Colorado and they didn’t know that they should send people? How do you not know? You’re running for the Republican nomination. I’m just asking. I’m just asking the questions out there.

In relation to our last caller, Nick, the Trumpist who said that the worst thing could happen for Cruz happened, wins Colorado, now everybody is mad at him, thinking that he’s cheating, and I mentioned I had some Cruz people worried about that. Cruz is not cheating. There was no cheating in Colorado. But the way the media is portraying it is that Trump’s voters are disenfranchised. You got all these delegates chosen but nobody voted and all these headlines. So they’re genuinely concerned that the perception of Ted as Lyin’ Ted and now cheating will stick.

And there’s this from Reuters. “Exclusive: Blocking Trump could hurt Republicans in election.” It’s a poll, the Reuters/Ipsos poll. “A third of Republican voters who support Donald Trump could turn their backs on their party in November’s presidential election if he is denied the nomination in a contested convention, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

“The results are bad news for Trump’s rivals as well as party elites opposed to the real estate billionaire, suggesting that an alternative Republican nominee for the Nov. 8 presidential race would have a tougher road against the Democrats. Donald Green, an expert on election turnout at Columbia University –” an expert in election turnout? What is there to it? There either is or isn’t.

What is an election turnout expert at Columbia? What does he know that we don’t? “Well, he knows the demographics, Rush. He knows the trends. He knows what time they show up. He knows what they had for breakfast on the day they show up, and he knows if they don’t have that they’re not showing up.” What is there to know?

Anyway, this guy, Donald Trump Green says, “If itÂ’s a close election, this is devastating news” for the Republicans to deny Trump. Okay, fine. But we know what the Drive-Bys want by looking at the Boston Globe. So Reuters is no different than the Boston Globe. The Democrats want the Republicans to lose. The Drive-Bys want the Republicans to lose. In their minds that would be nominating Trump. The plot just continues to thicken out there, folks, and we are the ones to unravel it for you.


RUSH: Now, you know, folks, I should have mentioned this. This is my bad. This is important. There was somebody at the Colorado GOP, after everything went down over the weekend, who tweeted the following: “We did it!” This is after Trump got skunked. Somebody in the Colorado GOP tweeted out, “We did it!” That tweet has been deleted. The tweeter, the Twitterer, the Twitster claims they didn’t post it. It’s probably people have it cached. “We did it!” We did what? It’s clear why they set these rules back in August.

There’s no doubt what they were trying to do here. The reason they took the vote away from… There’s no doubt in my mind. It’s the party. They run the show here. Back in August that’s the beginning, right at the head point here of Trump mania. The party can’t… They’re just starting to realize here. Remember what had gone on. Trump had said four things by then that was supposed to have doomed him. His numbers are racing to the top, massive crowds!

Panic sets in. There’s no question that the party changed their procedure mere to take it away from people and do the vote within the party, the delegate selection of the party. It’s their party, they can do it. There wasn’t any cheating here. You might say that the people in Colorado decided not to leave it up to the voters. But Ted Cruz had nothing to do with that. I have another question for you, since we are doing think piece questions. Look at it as homework from the Limbaugh Institute.

Another question: “What would happen if the process in Colorado was the process in all 50 states?” What would happen if there were no primaries anymore, only Republican Party officials gathering at state conventions and choosing delegates? For what candidates? Candidates would still have to announce that they’re running. There would still be… I mean, candidates are gonna have to present themselves to the public. So you would assume there’d be campaigns, maybe people voting, but what if every state did what Colorado did?

Well, do you know that’s the way it used to be?

Do you know that’s the way the conventions used to be? Do you know that’s how they used to constitute the Senate? The Senate was picked from elites because it was assumed that the low-information population would blow it, because the Senate was supposed to be our version of the House of Lords. The House of Representatives is where low-information, common people were, and the Senate was supposed to be where the smart people slowed down and brought to a screeching halt the passions of the farmers. We were an agrarian society. The Senate was to slow down the passions of the House. It was a brilliant conceived planned, by the way, but senators being elected is relatively new, like the last 100 years, I think.

Anyway, just things to ponder.

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