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RUSH: Now, back to Obama. “Obama Emerges as Key Anti-Trump Messenger.” It’s in TheHill.com. I can’t tell you the number of people who sent me this story and are mad about it. They think it’s typical. Here comes Obama. Nobody’s willing to criticize him. He jumps into the Republican campaign, starts criticizing Trump. Trump fans are really ticked off about this, not happy, wondering, “Where is the Republican National Committee? Where is the Republican Party pushing back, answering back, responding to Obama, saying, ‘This is none of your business!

“‘Keep your nose out of our primary!’ Where is the pushback?” There isn’t any. So here’s the question. Obama knows that Republicans disapprove highly of his job performance. He knows this. So when Obama comes out and starts ripping into Trump as unqualified, dangerously incompetent, not prepared in any of this… Do you think maybe Obama is aware that he is solidifying support for Trump amongst Trump supporters? Do you think maybe Obama knows that what he’s doing is actually helping Trump, his criticism is actually helping Trump?

Trump can then say, “Look at who’s arrayed against me. Look who’s scared of me. Look who’s worried about me. Look who knows who’s gonna tear down his agenda. Look who knows he’s gonna build a wall. Look who knows who is gonna repeal Obamacare.” Trump can run around and say, “Obama doesn’t seem worried about Cruz.” I’m sorry: Lyin’ Ted. “Obama doesn’t seem worried about Kasich. Obama’s worried about me, and he should be.” Trump can make hay out of this. Obama has to know it’s gonna happen, right?

On the other hand, there might be some who think that Obama’s ego is such he does look at it that way. He really thinks this and is really, really bothered by Trump, and he does not want Trump to get anywhere near the White House and is just being honest as he can be about it and to hell with the fallout. What do you think it is? Which of these two explanations do you think is the more accurate in defining or analyzing or explaining what Obama is doing by trying to warn Republicans away from Trump?

Keep this in mind, too: Obama is establishment. Obama is head honcho of the establishment. Obama (as anybody in it would) would be very, very worried about somebody blowing it up. I don’t mean weapon-like. Shaking it up to the point that it’s blown apart, unrecognizable. So it’s six of one, half dozen of the other, depending on what you think about. One thing we do know, it’s not gonna hurt Trump with his supporters. It’s gonna make Trump supporters even prouder of Trump, in fact, because Obama is the big problem.

Obama is part of and a representative of the big problem. So they’re gonna think this is a huge score for Trump, to get Obama’s attention. They can run around saying, “Eh, Obama’s not worried about Cruz! Obama knows Cruz. He’s not worried about Kasich. Obama’s not worried about Ryan. Obama’s not worried about whoever. Who’s Obama worried about? Trump! What does that tell you? Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump’s the guy.” That’s what they’ll say. At some point, Trump might even jump in and say the same thing himself.

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