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RUSH: Some polling data here: Twenty-five percent of Bernie Sanders voters say they will not vote for Hillary Clinton. You know, we see this on the Republican side all the time. Every primary we get the exit polls. The Drive-Bys love to tell us how many Republicans say they’re never voting Trump no matter what, and they put the number at 25% or 30%. And then they run out crediting these groups called never-Trumps, Alt-Right, what have you. They’re never gonna vote for Trump. They love to highlight that.

But now the same thing is happening on the Democrat side. McClatchy news: “Even if she eventually vanquishes Bernie –” what do you mean, “Even if she eventually”? You mean they’re having some doubts about this now? I think they are. You got Jeff Greenfield, Politico, “What’s Wrong With Hillary?” She can’t nail this down. She’s losing primary after primary. If it weren’t for the rigged game the Democrats have built for superdelegates, she would be in heap big trouble.

There isn’t any momentum behind her. There isn’t any excitement attached to her. All there is is the presumption that she’s the nominee, and clearly a lot of Democrats are not satisfied with that, and many actively opposed to it. So here’s McClatchy: “Even if she eventually vanquishes Bernie Sanders,” even if? Just last week she was a slam dunk and all this was just for show.

“Even if she eventually vanquishes Bernie, Hillary Clinton might have serious trouble winning over his voters.” Twenty-five percent of Sanders supporters say that they would not back Hillary Clinton in a general election if she’s the nominee. Only 69% say they would support her. The numbers don’t quite jibe there, but it still adds up to trouble, as the situation exists today. And then Bernie, having heard about this, old Bernie’s all enthused. He is jazzed. He’s running around now saying that she’s not qualified. This was last night in Philadelphia, Crazy Bernie on Hillary.

SANDERS: She has been saying lately that she thinks that I am, quote, unquote, not qualified to be president. I don’t believe that she is qualified. I don’t think that you are qualified if you get $15 million from Wall Street through your super PAC. I don’t think you are qualified if you have voted for the disastrous war in Iraq. I don’t think you are qualified if you have supported virtually every disastrous trade agreement, which has cost us millions of decent paying jobs.

RUSH: I mean, this is off book, folks. This is the same guy, in a debate late last year, who said he wouldn’t bring up Hillary’s e-mail server problem because it’s not an issue. And he apologized to her for the fact that he was even in the news. He made it plain he was a placeholder. He made it plain he never thought he had a chance. Now he’s publicly saying she’s not qualified. Whatever the Democrats were scheming, whatever they had planned, this was not in the script.

I guarantee you, for another Democrat be running around talking about how she’s not qualified — you know, I firmly believe that Bernie was in there from the head honcho viewpoint, to show that Hillary can win a fight, that she had to struggle for it, she had to overcome things, she wasn’t just programmed and a shoo-in. This is getting out of hand now. They’re not able to control it.

There isn’t unanimous support for Hillary Clinton. There’s a lot of opposition to her, and here comes Crazy Bernie and he’s exciting all these really screwball leftists, these extremists, and he’s hitting all the clichés and buttons. “The super PAC, Iraq, and Wall Street,” that’s enough to drive those people insane. And they’re doing it. And now he’s running around talking how she’s not qualified? Ooh, that’s not supposed to be said by anybody on the Democrat side. You’re not supposed to go there.


RUSH: Okay, after Crazy Bernie in Philadelphia listed Hillary Clinton’s lack of qualifications to be president, he was on the CBS Evening News, and Nancy Cordes said, “What do you say to the families of Sandy Hook who say that you should apologize for your position on all this?”

SANDERS: Sandy Hook is a tragedy beyond comprehension. Maybe Secretary Clinton might want to apologize to the families who lost their loved ones in Iraq, or Secretary Clinton might want to apologize to the millions of workers in this country who lost their jobs because of the disastrous trade agreements that she supported.

RUSH: Democrats are not supposed to be saying this. They expect the Republicans to run around saying this and they’ve got retorts, but for a Democrat, a beloved old codger Democrat to be running around saying this kind of thing, they have a problem. You know, all the talk about how the skids have been greased for Hillary. I mean, perceptions count, and the perceptions that are being made and adding up here are not good. They do not argue for inevitability. They do not argue for electability.

And, believe me, inevitability is the major thing Hillary has going for her. Not her substance, not her experience, not her days on the job, not the fact she was first lady. The inevitability of Hillary Clinton is the salient point. And if somebody gets in the way of the inevitability by successfully claiming, “What do you mean inevitable? She’s not even qualified,” then they’ve got problems they didn’t anticipate. Not that they can’t deal with it, don’t misunderstand. But this was not in the cards.


RUSH: Springfield, Illinois. Hi, Charles. Great to have you with us today. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush, for taking my call. Pleasure talking to you. I just got a simple question. Is Hillary ever gonna start looking so bad that the media will ever turn on old Bernie to promote and protect Hillary?

RUSH: What do you mean specifically by “turn on Bernie”?

CALLER: Well, start asking him specific questions about his policies and how they’re gonna maybe fail or not coming up with the right numbers. And maybe things that he says, like the banks, that he really knows nothing about.

RUSH: I think a little bit of that began yesterday when the New York Daily News released audiotapes of Bernie’s editors meeting, interview with them. It was clear, I mean, the stuff they released was Bernie not knowing how he’s gonna do anything. Like they asked him, “Okay, if you’re gonna break up the banks, how you gonna do it?” And he had no answer for anything. So that was step one.

I think I got what you’re asking. At some point when do they stop treating Bernie as the crazy little lovable uncle in the rocking chair up in the attic, and when do they start savaging the guy? Well, it’s a good question. We don’t know how many Drive-Bys support Bernie.

Folks, one thing you have to understand, it’s easy to assume that all the Drive-Bys are in the Clinton tank, but some of them are just as radical extremists as Bernie Sanders and rest of that insane, lunatic fringe base is. I think you have even Bernie and Hillary factions in the Drive-By Media, and if any of them on the Hillary side go after Bernie, you’re gonna have some push-back from journalists. And it really depends on how much unity in the journalism community there’s gonna — you know, like how many journalists are gonna say, “One of these two is gonna be our nominee, we better not destroy either one”? Versus how many are loyal to Clinton, for whatever reasons, and will destroy Bernie?

Here’s maybe an example. Today show today, Savannah Guthrie speaking with Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington. She said, “This continued into the night, a Clinton spokesperson saying there should be a retraction from Bernie Sanders, that he should take back his words about Hillary not being qualified.”

MITCHELL: And the response was to issue a press release doubling down on it and blaming her for a trade deal that was supported by the president, and she is the secretary of state, a Panama trade deal which he claims was partly responsible, was in fact responsible, he claims, for helping rich people evade taxes. That connection’s not been made, but, boy, he’s just slamming her and doing it again after being told to take it all back.

RUSH: Yeah. Now, see, she’s on the Hillary side, and she can’t believe — you know, the Clinton campaign, it’s like Don Corleone, you know, talking to somebody from a rival family. “Okay, look, look, you’ve had your say, and we gave you prostitution, and we gave you the drugs in the Bronx, but it’s time to shut up now.” And the rival family isn’t shutting up and they’re still making moves on the Corleone family.

And Andrea Mitchell’s kind of surprised. You know, Bernie, he’s heading for the dead horse in the bed when he wakes up the next day if he’s not careful here. (playing song) We all gotta serve somebody, folks. Hillary, Bernie, we all gotta serve somebody. I heard this song on television the other day. I said, “Who’s this?” (Continued playing of song) That’s right. You’re gonna have to serve somebody. You know who this is? This is the message they’re sending Bernie. “Hey, Bernie, you’re not on your own, bud. You gotta serve somebody.” (Continued playing of song) That, ladies and gentlemen, is Bob Dylan.

So I’m watching a show on Showtime Sunday night called Billions, and there’s a great closing scene on this show where a guy and his wife think both are cheating. Well, he thinks she is. Not sure. He has just discovered — he’s the US attorney for the Southern District of Man. The guy’s a takeoff on Eliot Spitzer.

Anyway, they’re looking at each other. She just got out of the shower, he’s sitting at the foot of the bed, and this song starts. I said, “Who is this? What is this?” So I Shazamed it. I got my iPhone. I Shazamed it. Bob Dylan, Gotta Serve Somebody. So I immediately went out there and downloaded the tune on Apple Music, and I’ve been waiting for an opportune time just to squeeze it in here.

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