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RUSH: I talked about it yesterday in the context of this campaign, in the context of how everybody’s losing focus here, or a lot of people are losing focus, about what’s really important here, meaning the opposition to Democrats because of the destruction that’s taking place. The more people can learn this, the better.

The things going wrong in this country — and everybody’s miserable to one extent or another. I mean, there are pockets of people who are immune to normal, everyday media, normal, everyday economics, normal, everyday mediocrity and so forth. But for the most part everybody’s being impacted by this for a host of reasons, all of them traceable to specific policies implemented by the Obama administration and things that happened prior to Obama getting here.

But the point is, it was in the context of Millennials thinking that they just happened to be born at that unfortunate time in history where the best of America was behind them, and no longer can anybody expect that the next generation would do better than the current generation. And they think that in large numbers in the young generation, but they’re wrong about that, and even when they think it they do not correctly explain to themselves why it’s the case. They just think America’s best days are over. They just think it’s evolution, because nobody’s telling them that the reason they can’t find careers, the reason they’ve got massive debt — and there’s a story — do you know that 40% of college debt is going unpaid?

Now, who runs that? The Regime runs the student loan program now. That 40%, I’m just gonna warn you, that’s a campaign issue for the Democrat Party. If Hillary or whoever gets into big trouble, don’t be surprised if somebody proposes forgiving unpaid student loan debt.

Now, they’ll have problems with it because some people are paying their debt. Sixty percent are. Forty percent aren’t. So if you’re gonna forgive those who have not paid anything or who are not paying very much, what do you do with the people who have? But I’m sure the Democrats can come up with some kind of solution. Just keep a sharp eye on that.

Anyway, in discussing the overall state of the country, I come across this. “Americans Overwhelmingly Pessimistic About Country’s Path.” I said hot damn, something that’s gonna correspond with exactly the things I was talking about yesterday, click on the link, and nothing there. It’s a McClatchy story, they took it down. And that’s all I know. I asked a bunch of people, “Did anybody happen to click on this link before it was taken down? Does anybody have it cached?” I couldn’t find anybody who did. So we’re just left to wonder why they took it down.

Now, the natural thing to think is that it’s McClatchy, therefore it’s the Drive-By Media, therefore “Americans Overwhelmingly Pessimistic About Country’s Path” cannot possibly be good news for the Regime. So you add all those things together, they take it down. But there could be other reasons. Maybe whoever concocted the story got it wrong. Maybe whoever put together the data got it wrong. We won’t know, but it was a frustrating thing.

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