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RUSH: A housekeeping thing. Yesterday on the program I reported — I don’t remember the source, but I reported on a secret meeting in New York consisting of political operatives, partisan political operatives and fundraisers and consultants, the RNC, the purpose of which was to strategize on a contested convention. And we got a note today from the communications and research director at GOP.com. His name is Marlon Bateman.

He took over as press secretary for James Hewitt, and he said, “I wanted to address your comments yesterday on an RNC meeting we had Monday. This was not a secret meeting among the establishment types. We had numerous representatives from both the Trump, Cruz, and Kasich campaigns. We want to keep the process as transparent as possible. Please reach out to me if you have any questions regarding issues.”

So I wanted so correct that, but this meeting that was — I guess it’s the same meeting. But when we get something wrong we are the first to jump in there, correct it. Most people would do this at the end of the program and whisper it so nobody would hear it. But we do it here at the top.

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