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RUSH: I want to switch just for a minute here to the Democrat side. We’ve alluded to it all day. But some of this stuff is just too good to ignore. First, I’m holding here my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a story from Salon.com. Salon.com. You want to talk about a commie organization? You want to…? I mean, this bunch is… I mean, they’re out there arguing over left-wing turf with those bozos at The Nation. The only redeeming quality Salon.com has is Camille Paglia.

But here they have a piece called, “This Is How the FBI Destroys Hillary: Ten Questions That Could End Her White House Dreams,” which Salon wants to happen. There’s a lot of people on the Democrat side that do not want this woman, for a host of reasons. Let me quickly run through the ten questions this organization, Salon, thinks that if James Comey were to ask her these questions, she does not have any answers for ’em, and it would present her insurmountable legal problems.

“1. What was the political utility in owning a private server and never using a State.gov email address?” Was there a political motive involved here? Were you trying to hide things from your own government about what you were doing with other foreign governments? Why? What was the political reason in having a private server? “2. Were all 31,830 deleted private emails about yoga?” That’s what she claims. They were 60,000 e-mails on her server. She said, “I deleted after of them. They were all about yoga or Chelsea’s wedding,” and we were supposed to accept that and just deal with the 30,000 that we got.

“3. Why didnÂ’t you know that intelligence could be retroactively classified?” She claimed that she didn’t know she was trafficking in classified data because she didn’t know that after she sent it that somebody made it classified. Which is an out-and-out lie. They’re told… They’re read the Riot Act! Every government official is read the Riot Act on this stuff. It’s part of their orientation, and she didn’t need the orientation. She’s heard it time and time again as first lady and as a senator”4. Why did you use a Blackberry that wasnÂ’t approved by the NSA?

“5. What did you say to Bryan Pagliano?” That’s the guy that set her server. He received immunity. What did you say to this guy? She’s cross-referencing what he’s saying, and by presumption he’s telling the truth. He can’t be prosecuted for what he did. He has limited use of immunity. “6. Why were 22 Top Secret emails on a private server,” Mrs. Clinton? And whatever her answer there is, it’s either gonna be one of ignorance or an out-and-out lie. “7. Was any information about the Clinton Foundation mingled with State Department documents?”

Well, the answer to that, everybody knows, is “yes.” So some of these questions would produce a process indictment, a process lie, a’la Martha Stewart. “8. Did President Obama or his staff express any reservations about your private server?” She wouldn’t touch that with a ten-foot pole. “9. Did Bill Clinton send or receive any emails on your private network? 10. How was your private server guarded against hacking attempts?” And the last of this piece: These questions could easily give Bernie Sanders the nomination.” Salon.com.

So she is not universally loved, adored, and celebrated. Now to the audio sound bites. Here’s Bernie. The New York Daily News website released an interview the editorial board conducted with Bernie. During the Q&A, a segment on Sanders’ plan to break up the biggest banks, one of the editors of the Daily News says, “If you look at JPMorgan, as an example — or you can do Citibank or Bank of America — what would it be? What would that institution be? Would there be a consumer bank? Where would your investigating go? What would you do to break up these banks?”

SANDERS: I’m not running JPMorgan Chase.

EDITOR: No, but you’d be breaking it up.

SANDERS: That’s right! And their decision is on what they want to do and how they want to reconfigure themselves. That’s not my decision.

EDITOR: You would, then, leave it to JPMorgan Chase or the others to figure out how to break themselves up? I’m not quite —

SANDERS: What you determine is if a bank is too big to fail, it is too big to exist.

EDITOR: Right.

SANDERS: And then you have the secretary of treasury and some people who know a lot about this making an active determination.


SANDERS: But if the determination is that Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase is too big to fail, yes. They will be broken up.

RUSH: Okay, we’re dealing with a total ignoramus here. We’re dealing with somebody who deals in cliches as substance. I mean, this is so easy to analyze, it’s not even funny. So Bernie Sanders has got it into his head, there’s a phrase out there: Too big to fail. “Oops! I’m a leftist; I oppose that. ‘Too big to fail’ equals ‘that’s why we’re in so much trouble.’ ‘Too big fail’ means ‘we bail ’em out.’ Too big to fail, too big to fail, too big to fail!” So when he’s asked, “Well, how you gonna bust them up?”

“I don’t know! I don’t work there.”

(chuckles) You’re the guy telling us you’re going to break them up!

“Well, if they’re too big to fail, then I’m gonna sic a bunch of agencies on them.”

Okay. How are you gonna determine if they’re too big to fail?

“Well, that’s what they gotta tell me.”


“Yeah! They do an internal study, and if they end up being too big to fail… Look, look, they gotta do it themselves!”

Can you imagine? You think the editors the Washington Post are scratching their heads with Trump? Can you imagine these Daily News guys listening to this? And this is just one question on busting up the banks. And this is a fundamental reason people are supporting this guy, that he’s out there telling ’em he’s gonna bust up the banks. These people hate the banks. They hate Wall Street. What they don’t know is… You talk about low-information voters?

These Democrats don’t have the slightest idea that Wall Street is funding the Democrat Party! Wall Street is funding the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. Wall Street, the investment houses, some of the hedge funds, the banks, are underwriting the Democrat Party — and the NAALCP, for example. Do you know it’s just been learned that the Soros Foundation is almost all of the funding of the NAALCP national chapter? The Soros Foundation!

As an aside (I don’t know what made me think of this), I met Ray Lewis last night at the cigar dinner, the linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens. I wonder how long it’s gonna be before ESPN fires him. You know what he’s done? Ray Lewis has produced a video. He didn’t tell me this last night. I didn’t learn this until doing show prep today. This did not come up last night. Ray Lewis apparently has produced a video that’s now been watched by two million people on Facebook. He takes on the Black Lives Matter movement.

He said (paraphrased), “Wait a minute. Do the black lives murdered by black criminals matter? ‘Cause I don’t see Black Lives Matter even talking about that, and the biggest problem that we’ve got is black-on-black crime. But when black lives are taken by black criminals, Black Lives Matter is nowhere to be found.” Well, that’s not politically correct. Black Lives Matter, these are the people that storm the stage and take the microphone away from Bernie. (interruption) Well, no, they won’t with Ray.

But will ESPN? You know, ESPN’s scared to death of anybody that’s not PC. Will ESPN say, “We don’t want this kind of controversy”? They’ll say, “We don’t do politics at ESPN”? There aren’t too many people who could say what Ray Lewis said. (interruption) Well, I don’t know. Mr. Snerdley says, “He’s African-American. They’re not gonna fire him.” If they can replace him with an African-American and say that they’re being fair. It depends on what kind of corporate heat they get over this. Look, I don’t know that they’re gonna get anything.

I’m just saying ESPN’s standards and practices and their experiences are, somebody comes out and speaks out wildly against PC this way, they’re in heap big trouble, like Curt Schilling, any number of people. But it’s not very many people anywhere, no matter the race, that say anything like this about Black Lives Matter. My only point is, here’s George Soros, one of the wealthiest men in the world, a banker, everything else he does, he’s a banker, and he’s underwriting the NAALCP.

All of these banks prop up the Democrat Party, and here’s Bernie, he’s gonna break ’em up. And his supporters, “Yeah, Bern, yeah, Bern,” ’cause these people think somehow the banks are destroying their lives. In an odd way they have a point in the sense that it’s classic establishment taking care of itself. Banks were in big trouble because of the subprime mortgage fiasco. You want to review that very briefly? I don’t have the time. I don’t want to keep backtracking here. But the facts the banks kept developing fraudulent packages of securities to sell to unsuspecting buyers, until they ran out of people that didn’t know what they were doing.

And then that precipitated the crash, when there are no suckers left to buy this worthless paper, repackaged mortgage-backed securities. People thought they were buying massive amounts of debt that was being paid off. They thought they were buying mortgages that had monthly income. They didn’t know they were buying mortgages given to people that had no income. They didn’t know they were buying mortgages that were given to people that could not pay it at all. They didn’t know they were getting in the foreclosure business. They finally ran out of people to sell worthless paper to.

So here came Hank Paulson and the rest of the guys saying we gotta bail ’em out, we got a worldwide financial crisis. We didn’t. We had a bank crisis, and they got bailed out. The establishment took care of itself so they got to keep their second and third homes out in the Hamptons or wherever they have them; and this is what the Bernie supporters instinctively know. So Bernie’s pitch is, I’m gonna break ’em up, meaning, I’m gonna hurt ’em. And all his supporters hear is that. And then they hear that he doesn’t even know how he’s gonna do it; he’s gonna leave it up to them. And all it’s gonna come down to is whether too big to fail. And what Bernie knows as a cliched liberal, “too big to fail,” that equals bad.

The depth of Bernie Sanders is probably not even a half-inch, as is the case with most liberals, when you get right down to it. So given that, let us move on. This is Gloria Borger on CNN last night, Election Coverage, Anderson Cooper: “Do you think that any of this is doing damage to Hillary?”

BORGER: I think that Bernie Sanders has gotten under Hillary Clinton’s skin a bit. But I believe that Hillary Clinton is a better candidate because of Bernie Sanders. I think she’s actually more in touch with the base of the Democratic Party than she was starting this campaign because of Bernie Sanders.

RUSH: Bernie Sanders, who doesn’t know most of what he’s talking about is now making her a better candidate? Because Bernie is helping Hillary get closer and more in touch with the base of the Demo? Why is that even necessary? I thought the Clintons were the base. I thought Clintons were the touchy, feely, sensitive, who knew how miserable life was for most Americans. I thought the Clintons instinctively knew what the Democrat Party base thinks and feels. Now we’re told that Hillary didn’t know any of that and it took Bernie Sanders being in the race to get her closer to the base.

So next, this afternoon on CNN, Chris Cuomo on Wolf Blitzer’s show. I don’t know where Wolf was. I guess he’s in the bathroom. Chris Cuomo’s talking to Mrs. Clinton.

CUOMO: Senator Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, said something very interesting, inflammatory on our air here, saying that the Clinton campaign, Secretary Clinton, they need to be careful not to destroy the Democratic Party merely in pursuit of her own ambition to be president. Very strong words. Your response to that idea?

HILLARY: (Laughing) Well, I mean, it’s just ludicrous on the face of it. You know, I have been campaigning for Democrats, fundraising for Democrats, recruiting Democrats to run and win for a really long time, I think about 40 years. And Senator Sanders, by his own admission, has never even been a Democrat.

RUSH: (Laughing) Hillary Clinton. And remember, Gloria Borger tells us that Hillary Clinton’s closer, more in touch with the Democrat base because of Bernie Sanders. A conversation between Chris Cuomo, who thinks communism is about improving people’s lives, don’t forget, and Hillary Clinton continued.

CUOMO: How much more substance does he need other than “I want to break up the banks, we’ll figure out how. I want to go after ISIS, I’ll figure out where I interrogate them.”

HILLARY: (Laughing) Well, it’s gonna be up to the voters —

CUOMO: A lot of people would say, secretary, it’s about what you want to do, you’ll figure out how later.

HILLARY: (Laughing) Yeah, well, that’s not the way I’ve seen it work over a lot of years and a lot of reading of history. I think the presidents who are successful know what they want to do and they know how to do it, and they hit the ground running.

RUSH: It is stunning. She’s not winning anything except superdelegates. I mean, Bernie, what has he won four, five in a row, or six of the last seven or seven of the last eight? (interruption) Seven of the last eight? Bernie Sanders has won seven of the last eight and still the news coverage is how Mrs. Clinton continues unaltered in her path to nail down the Democrat nomination.

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