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RUSH: Here’s Mark in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as we start on the phones. Welcome, sir. Great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I just wanted to argue with you for a minute, if I could.

RUSH: Sure.

CALLER: I’m a long-term supporter and a Republican. And I just feel like that talk radio, you, a lot of folks, but we’ll just talk about your show, has been very divisive and has made the Republican tent smaller and smaller. It seems like any of us who might be Kasich supporters or Rubio supporters kind of almost start feeling like the enemy because it’s just a constant drumbeat of the establishment versus those of us who are somehow spiritually pure. And I don’t think that the folks who are the establishment, the folks like Karl Rove and those folks, or Charles Krauthammer, I think those folks are like me.

They’re genuinely scared of Donald Trump. We don’t think that he’s a real candidate. I think he’s a con man and a promoter. He was a Democrat until 2009. He’s been on almost every side of every issue. He’s tapped into a lot of anger. But I don’t think — you know, he scares me. If he’s the actual nominee, I won’t vote in the next election. I can’t vote for Hillary. I can’t vote for the communist. And I certainly can’t vote for Donald Trump.

RUSH: That’s what you’re gonna end up doing if you don’t vote.

CALLER: Yes, I realize that. I’m not —

RUSH: But I’m the problem —

CALLER: — one of those that voted for Ross Perot back in the early days, and I realize that’s throwing a vote away, but I cannot, in good consciousness, vote for a man that I think is just a promoter and a con man.

RUSH: See, that’s where I differ from you. I don’t think there’s anything on our side that comes anywhere close to threatening this nation like the Democrat Party does and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and John Kerry and anybody else in that organization. That party, their leadership, even their base voters scare the heck out of me. And I don’t think, no matter who we throw up, no matter who wins this nomination, there is no way they in any way scare me even close to what Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democrat Party make me feel.

CALLER: Well, Donald Trump does scare me that much. I don’t think that there’s a moral compass there. I very much think that he’s in this for the publicity and all of a sudden one morning woke up and said, “Hey, I’ve got a huge amount of support. Maybe I can win this thing. And then I’ll decide what my moral compass is.” I don’t think the man is well grounded. I don’t think he’s a conservative. He’s donated money to the Clinton crime foundation. He’s donated money to every Democrat out there.

He talks about being able to self-fund his own campaign, but you know he’s loaning the money to his campaign. And he is the special interest. He’s the special interest guy that bought every politician in New York so that he would have access. And this is not the kind of man that I want without a moral compass as the Republican nominee. I’m hoping that in New Mexico we’ll get a chance to vote and I’ll certainly vote for Ted Cruz because he is the most likely alternative.

RUSH: But you’re a Kasich guy, when it gets down to it.

CALLER: You know, my first choice was Marco Rubio. I think he could have beat Hillary like a drum. And I like the guy, but —

RUSH: You know, I said as much. If it weren’t for that Gang of Eight vote, all he would have had to have done was apologize. We are an amazingly forgiving bunch of people, are we not, Mark?

CALLER: Yes, we are. But you know, the Gang of Eight was actually an attempt to deal with illegal immigration, and I find that to be an adult point of view.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: And not dealing immigration I find to not be an adult point of view. So, you know, I’m not gonna mark him down for that.

RUSH: Well, the reason he didn’t finish is because other people did mark him down and then didn’t accept —


RUSH: — his explanation for it.

CALLER: But this is my point and one of the reasons I called. The reason he was marked down is because there was a constant drumbeat on talk radio about —


CALLER: — the Gang of Eight and how he has become the establishment.

RUSH: If you don’t understand something by now, you’ve got to learn this. The people do not need me or anybody else telling them about illegal immigration to oppose it. They do not need me to tell them how it is destroying this country. They know it. They’re living it. They’re not being guided in that. They’re the ones in 2007 that called me, “You better get in gear and help us stop this.” They’re not waiting for any leadership on this. They are the leaders on it. And that’s where Marco — all he would have had to do was apologize. That speech he gave getting out was awesome.

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