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RUSH: Anybody on the Republican side who wants to maintain that they’re perfectly fine with Hillary Clinton being elected, it’s gonna be very tough to defend ’em when the left makes a move on ’em. It’s just as irresponsible as anything in a campaign I can recall.


RUSH: This is Jody in the Long Island. Great to have you on the program, Jody. Hi.

CALLER: It’s a great honor speaking with you.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Gotta take my father off the floor after he hears my voice on the radio.

RUSH: Ha-ha-ha. I know the thrill. Yes, I do.

CALLER: What I was calling about was that the people… Well, Hillary Clinton is in New York now, and she came here and she’s patting Pious II on the back about the minimum wage increase, and I wanted to say whoever does it is not aware of New York; that it’s going to destroy us. And if she should get into office, that’s what’s going to happen. She does not care about anybody else but herself and her whatever you want to call him.

RUSH: By “Pious II,” are you referring to the governor, Andrew Cuomo?

CALLER: Yes, I am.

RUSH: Son of “Mario the Pious”?

CALLER: Yes. He’s the gift that keeps on giving. She was there. Well, she just showed up in New York about eight years ago, and everyone said, “She’ll never get elected,” and she did. And no one’s like, “Okay, you gotta be kidding. She wasn’t there long and went and did the whatever.” And it’s just she’s a joke in my eyes, and people who are evangelicals, I understand their values and everything. But we need someone that’s going to beat her, and the only one that I feel strongly enough is Trump because he can put her right in her place and wipe the floor with her.

RUSH: Whoever it is, whoever it is needs to beat Hillary. By the way, this $15 an hour minimum wage, Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown in California has admitted that it is not any good, but he’s gonna do it anyway because it’s liberal orthodoxy. Andrew Cuomo’s gonna do it because it’s liberal orthodoxy. It’s another one of these things. They think the minimum wage is gonna go up 15 bucks and everybody making it from whatever it is now, is gonna make 15 bucks.

It’s not what’s gonna happen. Employers are gonna have to fire people. There is not a pile of unused money in small businesses that the owners are hoarding or buying yachts with instead of paying “a fair wage.” They’re gonna have to lay people off. It causes job loss. I’ll tell you what it also does. It’s a magnet for more illegal immigration. “Fifteen dollars an hour?” they say. “Oh, wow,” and the floodgates open even wider. Thanks for the call, Jody. We have more.


RUSH: No, it’s fraud. It’s not “mistaken science.” These people… The Obama administration is warning that a heatwave 14 years from now will kill an additional 11,000 people? That’s fraud, folks. They get away with it. The Democrat Party gets away with fraud after fraud after fraud. If the things the Democrat Party does and says were open to allegation in civil court, they would be broke. It is just stunning. They get to say something like a heatwave in the summer 14 years from now is gonna kill 11,000 people, all to push a fraudulent climate change notion that isn’t happening?

I mean, the more I think about that, the more agitated and angry I get, and especially, you know, each time I hear — and it’s a lot of times. You do, too. You hear elected Republicans saying it. There are certain conservative groups made up of media members and bloggers who are saying that they would just soon have Hillary as Trump, and they’re trying to make it look they’re for Cruz when that’s just not their primary thing; they’re just anti-Trump. I mean, anybody — anybody — who would knowingly do anything that helps this bunch of people stay in power need to seriously have their heads examined.

That just borders on irresponsibility like I haven’t seen in a long time, and it tells me how personally people are taking all this. They’re taking it personally that people support Trump, taking it personally that people don’t want Trump, taking it personally that people support Cruz, taking it personally that people don’t support Cruz, as though just because you have a blog or just because you have a column or just because you have a guest appearance on Fox, that you ought to be able to convince everybody to agree with you.

And then when they don’t you get mad at ’em and say, “Okay, fine! Well, if it takes it, I’m gonna support Hillary if you don’t see it my way!” What is that? But there’s a lot of it going on out there, and it’s on the Democrat side, too, except I don’t hear any Bernie supporter saying, “You know what? I would vote for Trump!” I don’t hear any Bernie supporter saying, “You know what? If I didn’t get my way, I’m voting for Cruz.” I don’t hear any of that on their side. There may be saying it.

Somebody may be able to show me where some wacko Democrat’s tweeted it or something, but I haven’t seen it. Not nearly… I mean, I see it as a badge of honor from people on our side. The more you learn about who these people are? We already know! We don’t need to learn anymore about who Hillary Clinton is. Anybody who wants four more years of the last seven years, has got to be in this for themselves, while trying to make it look like that’s the last thing they care about. This is just… People say, “You know, we’re in a crisis here! We’re about to lose the country.”

Then how in the name of anything can you actually admit that you would vote Hillary Clinton?

“‘Cause Trump… Trump will destroy the Republican Party!”

You think Hillary Clinton being elected won’t destroy the Republican Party?

Hey, I got news for you: The Republican Party’s already undergoing a major transformation. This would be the time to move in and try to take it over if that’s what you want to do.


RUSH: Here’s Reena in Orlando. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you. Thank you for taking my call, I’m nervous. I came from India and I lived in England and I moved here 30 years ago, and I stumbled on your radio station about 15 years ago by mistake. And since then my life has changed. I’ve become conservative. I’ve become Republican. I voted Republican straight ticket all this time. Last four years, I’m so disgusted with the Republican establishment. They have given us $19 trillion in debt. They have —

RUSH: Well, they’ve helped. They’ve helped. They haven’t stopped it.

CALLER: They didn’t do anything, they didn’t stop anything. Our military’s been decimated. The police and CIA has been demoralized. There are rules and regulations on businesses which destroying businesses, small businesses. They have not done anything. So I believe Donald Trump is the only person who I believe is strong enough to take care of the destruction that has been done. Now, the reason I believe that he’s a strong person is because he reminds me of you. I compare him to you. The media tried to take you out, and this administration tried to take you out, but it is because of your strength the rest of the media is still surviving. And second, I believe that Trump is a doer. He’s a businessperson. He has created jobs. He knows how to take care of the things. He is not a debater. He is not a politician. He doesn’t debate, debate, debate, because in business, other businessperson who do things and will take care of things and we move on.

RUSH: Okay, look, look, look. I appreciate all of that and you’re part of a large group of people that support Trump. You bring an international perspective to this, and quite an ingrained understanding of American politics. I appreciate it. I’m just out of time here, Reena.

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