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RUSH: I’ve got some sound bites I want to get to here. I’ve hyped ’em, and we’ll get back to your phone calls very soon. You have to hear this. This is Mrs. Clinton. She’s in Los Angeles yesterday at USC at a roundtable discussion on terrorism and Homeland Security. Audio sound bite number 10 here. This is Hillary and her plan to defeat ISIS.

HILLARY: We cannot give in to panic and fear. It’s not in keeping with our values.

RUSH: Oh, for crying out loud.

HILLARY: We cannot give into panic and fear. It’s not in keeping with our values. It’s not effective in protecting us. And it plays into the hands of terrorists who want nothing more than to intimidate and terrorize people, turn [people] against each other, which leads to radicalizing more people and creating even greater problems for us. I’m encouraged. I am hopeful that this kind of conversation will find a broader audience. We like to say in my campaign that love trumps hate.

RUSH: Oh, for crying out loud. So she’s gonna beat ISIS with love. You know, they have to have focus-grouped this phrase, this constant reference to “our values.” I mean, it’s every other sentence out of Obama’s mouth. “We must maintain our values. That’s not who we are.” You talk torture, whatever it is. It must be, ’cause they just overuse this. It’s got to be something their focus-grouping has shown them to be beneficial. It burns me up because these are the people that are single-handedly redefining and destroying our values.

I don’t even think that’s arguable.

The values these people are coming up with that now somehow define America are absolutely destructive.

Okay, we have talked in the past about this TV show that runs on Showtime called The Circus. It’s produced by Mark McKinnon, who also heads up a group called No Labels. It’s basically a bunch of liberal Republicans who don’t like conservatives, but they don’t want to be Democrats. They’re Republicans. So they think if they call themselves nothing, No Labels, that they can elevate themselves above everybody else. Like a lot of moderates and independents, they think that they can be perceived as a cut above, open-minded, not racist or bigoted, by not being defined by a labels.

McKinnon was the media guy behind the George W. Bush campaign 2000, 2004. So there’s this show that they’re producing on Showtime called The Circus, and McKinnon is one of the cocreators, along with John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, who have a TV show on the Bloomberg Network. And they have leaked, they’ve given a sneak peek of an upcoming episode, and it has to do with what happened in Brussels.

It was last night on Megyn Kelly’s show. Sandra Smith was filling in, and Trump was the focus of this episode of the show and various politicians, and their reactions to what happened in Brussels was the subject. And Heilemann is interviewing Trump in this sneak peek from the upcoming episode, and Heilemann says to Trump, “When did you learn about what happened in Brussels?”

TRUMP: I received a call in the morning, and then I turned on the television and saw what happened and said, “Here we go. Here we go.”

HALPERIN: You got the call from your friend this morning. You already were scheduled to do a bunch of morning show interviews by phone. Did you consult anybody about what to say? Did you talk to anybody?



“No.” So how do you…?

TRUMP: I don’t have to consult anybody. Look, I say it from my heart and my brain.

Halperin: Right.

TRUMP: It’s not just heart. It’s heart and brain. And that’s what I do. I say what I think.

RUSH: Now, their point here is that Trump’s reaction was the best of anybody out there, and it was instinctive with Trump. He didn’t call any consultants. He didn’t call any advisors. He didn’t test various things to say with public reaction. He just improvised it based on his own instincts, and as he says here his heart and his brain. McKinnon says that Hillary’s response was much different.

HEILEMANN: We are focusing this week on Trump and Clinton, and it just turned out that it was this week that the significant events happened. So we got to see the candidates, how they responded in real-time. It couldn’t have been more different both in style and in substance. The Clinton campaign, it was like a three a.m. phone call, and they called Brooklyn, they got the com team online, got the foreign policy advisors, and of course a lot of these pieces are in place, but they had a sort of methodical response with a lot of input. Donald Trump was just complete, spontaneous, and intuitive response.

RUSH: The point here is that they were dazzled by that. These guys come from a world where everything is scripted, everything’s planned, everything’s rehearsed, everything’s on a prompter, particularly something as momentous as this, you don’t go out and just wing it. Nothing off the cuff. It’s too risky. It’s terrorism. We still don’t know the extent of it at the time people are going out and speaking. So Hillary did what everybody thinks should be done. She got hold of her team. They ran various ideas back and forth. They tested things out. They scripted a response, and Hillary sounded as though it was scripted.

And Trump just heard what had happened, digested it, went out and reacted to it. They think his response was much stronger, much more focused, and they were dazzled by the fact — I find this fascinating, just as a personal assessment or a personal aside. These people in politics, actually, people in public life in many ways are just incapable of spontaneity. They’re scared to death of it. They don’t understand it. They’re scared to death of improvisation.

Everything has to be scripted. Everything has to be written, not from a proactive standpoint, but from a defensive standpoint. You make sure that you write down what you’re gonna say, and you do not deviate from the script because you don’t want say anything that can hurt you. You go very close to the vest, very, very tightly held. You take no risks, you don’t put yourself out there at all, and they don’t know how to react to a guy like Trump. They’re never seen it. It doesn’t compute. They don’t have anybody that knows how to do it. When in fact they do. They just don’t trust it.

Everybody has instinctive reactions to this stuff. Most people don’t have the guts to go with their instincts because most people are so self-conscious, many people don’t trust themselves. They need the feedback of others to find out what they think or to get affirmation that what they think is right, and Trump doesn’t. He’s confident. He has a reaction to things. He goes out there and says it, such as, “You know what? If we’d been doing a little bit more torture, this might not have happened.” They would never approve a candidate saying that, these guys, Halperin, Heilemann, McKinnon, would never, that would never get on any candidate’s teleprompter.

I don’t know. Here we are in the upper, the highest levels of American politics, and they are dazzled by somebody who’s just real. They’re dazzled by somebody who can just speak off the cuff, stay focused, say what he wants to say. They’re not accustomed to this kind of thing at all, which, when you stop and think that these people represent the pinnacle, they represent the best, and the best in their world can’t do it without coaching, without advisors, without rehearsals, without a bunch of people signing off on what’s gonna be said, it amazes me, just on a personal level.

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