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RUSH: Now, folks, before the previous hour ended, I got into a little bit of a discussion on the overall decline of much of what holds us together and defines us as a country, as a superpower, as an exceptional nation. And I asked the question, and it’s about this FBI investigation of Mrs. Clinton and her e-mail story, the server and whether or not she was trafficking in classified documents. There have been so many people.

We’ve had Joe diGenova, who worked at the DOJ, his wife’s worked at the DOJ, any number of people of that stature who claim to still have friends, contacts, if you will, in the FBI and at the DOJ who have said — and it’s too many of them having said it for there not to be something to it — that the FBI has collected reams of evidence, overwhelming evidence that Mrs. Clinton and her e-mail server are in violation of the law. That she has been trafficking in classified data. And that it now really comes down to whether or not the Department of Justice will indict.

The FBI can’t indict; they can request an indictment. But only the DOJ can indict. And it really boils down to, how many people do you know when you’re getting together with anybody, going through your day, and the subject comes up, how many people do you know who really have faith that the DOJ will indict Mrs. Clinton or that she will be held accountable? I would venture to say that most people, “Nah, they’re never gonna take out one of their own. They’re not gonna indict Hillary. She’s the presidential front runner. They’re not gonna.”

Essentially nobody — this is a really, really problematic, sad thing — nobody has any faith in the rule of law in this country anymore, when these people, today’s Democrats, today’s leftists, are encharged with enforcing it. Nobody has any faith.

The rule of law is the glue. Respect for the Constitution, respect for the law is what holds us together. People ask constantly, “Rush, we’ve been around over 200 years and the Constitution has prevailed, how?” I said, “Because people have respected it.” Every president, there may be a couple exceptions, but for the most part people have respected it; they’ve honored it. They have been truthful when they took their oath. But all it would have taken is one despot to essentially tear it up. Have the power of police and military to enforce his decision, and we can forget kind of a country we are. It’s the rule of law that holds all this together, and if the rule of law is only applicable to certain people based on political considerations, it essentially is vanished.

There’s a piece here by Roger Simon of PJ Media: “James Comey and Loretta Lynch Hold the Whole Country in Their Hands.” And he’s troubled by this like a lot of people are. I don’t want to read the whole thing to you, but give you a couple of pull quotes here.

First one is: “This is far and away the most important issue of election 2016. All others pale compared to it. How our government — FBI and DOJ — resolves this investigation will affect the very backbone of our country: the rule of law. No democratic society can exist without it. No person, no matter how high, can be above it. Without the rule of law, the United States of America as we know it does not exist.”

And that’s exactly right. That’s the whole point of this. And if the ruling Regime can simply choose not to apply it to their own members, well, this would cease to be a representative republic. And it’s become something else. Gotta be careful with the terms you use because you can turn people off, like banana republic or whatever. But certainly we cease being a representative republic when certain people are above the law simply because they’re a member of the correct or certain political party.

Next pull quote from Mr. Simon: “So when I write that FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch have the whole country in their hands, I mean it. Whatever conclusions they come to, assuming they come to the same ones, somehow the vast majority of our citizens must be convinced they have reached those conclusions honorably, fairly and correctly. This won’t be easy, no matter what hints or leaks occur, but somehow that information must get out to every extent possible, because the public must be reassured.”

Well, it works the other way, too. You can’t have all of these leaks, and nobody’s denied them, other than Mrs. Clinton. (imitating Clinton) “Oh, that’s not gonna happen. I’m not even gonna answer the question. That’s not gonna happen.” There hasn’t been any denial of these leaks. No denial, no official denial of the reams of evidence that’s been collected. And I don’t think very many people doubt it. Too many people have come forward and explained how they couldn’t get away with this, and they’re in government now, or have been.

So a significant number of people, those paying attention, already think Mrs. Clinton is beyond the edges of the law here. So if nothing happens to her, by definition, respect for the rule of law just goes by the wayside. It becomes something that is totally dependent on your political party affiliation or your political standing. I mean, this is exactly — you want to say hello, Donald Trump? This is exactly why so many Americans look at the political establishment and think it’s corrupt beyond repair and needs an infusion of decent, different people who don’t have any career whatsoever as part of all this.

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