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RUSH: Here we go! Here we go. This is exactly what happens. “Hillary Clinton: US Response to Brussels Must Be Consistent with Our Values.” You know, nothing offends me more — and that’s saying something — than to hear people like Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton or Barack Obama talking about “American values.” Because their definition of American values, I don’t recognize. And they always talk… Whenever there is an attack, whenever the bad guys hit the good guys, whenever the bad guys kill the good guys, “We must measure our response. Our response must be consistent with our values.”

What values?

What values is she talking about?

She acknowledged that Americans have a right to be frightened after San Bernardino, but that experienced military leaders say techniques like waterboarding are not effective. We do not need to resort to torture. Terrorists are not stupid. We’ve gotta work this through consistent with our values. So the first thing they think of, the first thing when something like Brussels happens, the first thing Hillary Clinton feels compelled to go out and say is to warn us that we better not waterboard again.

We’d better not behave like they do! We’d better not compromise our values in fighting these people, we had better remember who we are. Who are we? A bunch of wusses, in your world, asking, “Why do they hate us so much?” Asking, “What did we do to make them mad?” And then not having the guts and the honesty to answer that correctly? They hate us so much because we are not of the same religion as they are, pure and simple. It’s no more complicated than that.


RUSH: To the phones, Shannon in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.



CALLER: I want to talk about what you said about Hillary Clinton earlier.

RUSH: Yup.

CALLER: Her comments on the terrorist attacks in Brussels.

RUSH: Oh, yes?

CALLER: And you called her response… I think it was you said “wussy,” and you talked about how it was wrong for her to condemn waterboarding, like, directly after a terrorist attack.

RUSH: It is pointless.

CALLER: And, um, I would really like you to expand, um, more on your definition of American values, and I then have a conversation about what American values are, especially in relation to terrorist attacks.

RUSH: Well, everybody knows what mine are. What are you…? What do you think America should do? What are our proper values here in responding to a terror attack?

CALLER: Um, I think that we as a country, we have a lot of great qualities, um, and people generally want to… Even though there’s different — a lot of people have different opinions, people generally want goodness and peace. And so I think that we should take all of our good values and morals and not stoop down to what a terrorist country does. What — what goes on suicide bombing in any — really any terrorist attack, we can get a consensus it’s a horrible thing. It’s horrible. Like, there’s people dying and it’s horrible.

RUSH: Right. Right. Tell me what in the world does US have to do with any of it? Where are we culpable or responsible? Where is it in all of this that somehow it is us who have to prove ourselves to people? We didn’t blow up the place. We don’t do that.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: Except liberal Democrats do it here in America. I’m sorry, folks. I slipped. It does happen here with liberals do it, protesters and sixties, bank buildings blew up. It does happen here. But really your first reaction to this is we better not waterboard anybody, otherwise we…?

CALLER: No. I have been driving all day, so I was hearing your reaction and wanted to talk about American values.

RUSH: Here’s the bottom line, Shannon: If we leave it up to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, it isn’t gonna stop. It’s gonna keep on happening. There’s not gonna be any end to it, because Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are gonna find a way to make us somehow culpable and responsible. The headline: “‘Why Do They Hate Us So Much?'” It means, “What have we done to make ’em so mad?”

It’s not our problem.

We don’t deserve it.

We are not responsible for this.

We have to shut it down.


RUSH: No, no, no. There’s an explanation for it. Our young lady that called in the last segment, 21 years old? That generation has been raised to believe that all conflict is injustice. All conflict, even if we join it, that makes us guilty.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, the previous caller, that young woman from Chapel Hill, which is where there University of North Carolina is. That was a model. I think that was your classically educated college student circa 2016. And she was upset at my categorization of Hillary Clinton as a wuss, because Hillary’s first reaction to the Brussels bombing was to say, “The United States response must be consistent with our values,” waterboarding and so forth. And the young lady was perplexed. Why would we call Hillary a wuss, because she was right!

We need peace! We need peace. The United States must be peaceful.

It’s a delicate thing talking to people of that particular mind-set, because they have been educated and raised in many places to believe that all conflict, any conflict is injustice. Competition is conflict, disagreeing with somebody about something, anything, it’s conflict. And that’s disagree… So when the terror attack happens, to have an opinion about it that is in conflict with someone, that’s not right. That’s injustice. We should be more open and make blanket request for peace. Everybody come together, but don’t start affixing blame anywhere.

You don’t have the right to blame anybody!

We’re all guilty. We’re all victims. We’re all oppressors.

Whatever it is, any conflict is injustice because there should be unanimity in freedom. We should all be getting along. Now, the reason this has been taught this way, it is an adjunct to political correctness, the purpose of which is to silence anybody who isn’t a liberal from speaking up and saying anything, thinking out loud, speaking out loud. And so to categorize conflict (i.e., disagreeing with a liberal) is injustice, you see? I spoke out against Mrs. Clinton. That’s “conflict.” That’s “not productive.” It’s “injustice.” It’s “not fair.” It isn’t right.

And why would you call Hillary a wuss? Why would you…?

The way they’ve been educated, it literally does not compute that you would be critical of a Democrat, that you would be critical of a liberal. They’re taught that Democrats are great. They’re taught it by association of people. Conservatives are rotten not because they say conservatives are rotten; they tar and feather everybody who is. And they build up and celebrate and promote anybody who’s a liberal. They never use the word “liberal” or “conservative” in educating these kids. But the message is clear: If you disagree with a liberal — which is the normal.

“Liberalism is just what is. It’s as normal as water exists and air, and to disagree with it? Well, that’s just injustice.” That’s as far as it goes. There is no critical thinking involved here. All there is, is, “I can’t believe he said that. I can’t believe he said that about Hillary! You can’t do that. You just can’t do that,” and that’s what she was wanting an explanation of: How can you do that? Now, the answer… You really want to elect this woman president? She not only, in her first statement after this thing warns the United States about what it might do?

This is the woman who let Benghazi happen (four Americans dead) and then lied to everybody about why. There is nothing to recommend this woman to be president. If you’re a critical thinker, you have any understanding of the way things really happen. But that’s not how they’re raised. That’s not how they’re educated. All conflict is injustice. But from their standpoint, conflict is everything. Every conflict is, but disagreeing with a liberal is also conflict. That’s not supposed to happen.


RUSH: I mean, Hillary’s out there — let me tell you what she just did. She was just on CNN and she was talking about the terror attacks. It was a lengthy interview they did. And it happens every time. It happened after San Bernardino. It happened after Fort Hood. Even when it’s an attack that has nothing to do with Islam, like the Colorado movie theater shooting, but when it might be, when people think it might be, every time, after Brussels today, Hillary Clinton went out there and she said (paraphrasing), “Look, it’s a mistake to start criticizing Islam. We cannot go to war with an entire religion. We need to recruit Muslims to help us stop these attacks.”

Every time there’s an attack Hillary Clinton or Obama or your average Democrat, the first thing they do is stand up and tell us what we better not be thinking and what we better not be planning and what we better not do. And all of it adds up to you’d better not blame who’s responsible for this, because that’s not who we are. American values are not that. We are not going to blame who’s responsible for this.

Meanwhile, has anybody noticed what ISIS is doing? Well, I’ll tell you what ISIS is doing. ISIS is branching out. ISIS is no longer a localized Middle East operation. They’re taking their war to the West. They are moving their war, and they went to the seat of the European Union today and blew it up. This did not happen in Syria. This did not happen in Iraq. It did not happen in Libya. It happened in Brussels! There’s NATO, hell, everything we negotiate, the World Trade Organization, the World Court. I’m telling you, it’s the left’s utopia, and ISIS just hit them in their roots.

And here’s Mrs. Clinton (imitating Hillary), “We cannot blame an entire religion. We cannot betray our own values. We cannot be thinking of waterboarding.” We didn’t do anything. But as far as Mrs. Clinton is concerned, we’re on the cusp of also being culpable here unless we maintain our values. I’m telling you, these people are gonna get us wiped out. They are so conflict averse, except when it comes to us. They will happily and gladly be in conflict with us Republicans and conservatives 24/7 because apparently to them we pose a greater threat to them than ISIS does. You know why? ‘Cause they see us as wanting to take away their power. They see ISIS as some far off, distant little cult. They’re not taking it seriously. Obama still doesn’t take is seriously. This is Cruz’s whole point when he says that Obama won’t even call it what it is.

But there she was again, Mrs. Clinton, “We cannot blame an entire religion.” Who is? “Well, Trump is, Mr. Limbaugh, Trump is blaming –” No. Trump is not doing that. He’s simply saying when something like this happens you’ve got to put measures in place to make sure that these kinds of people are not getting into your country via some other program, the refugee resettlement program, the immigration program, or what have you.

Anyway, first thing out of their mouths is a warning to us: “You better not be doing what I know you’re thinking of doing. You better hold onto our values. You better not be thinking torture. You better not be thinking waterboarding. You better not be thinking of going to war with an entire religion.” After every attack. After San Bernardino, after this, after Fort Hood, take your pick. After the next one she’ll be out saying the same thing, warning us, who had nothing to do with it, what we better not be thinking, what we better not be planning, what we better not be doing. Meanwhile, ISIS is headed our way.

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