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RUSH: We had Hillary at the American-Israel political action committee meeting today. She dumped on Trump, Trump’s a bully, there can’t be any neutrality whatsoever in dealing with Israel and Palestine. And, you know, my reaction to that is, she said America can’t ever be neutral when it comes to Israel’s security or survival. And yet, doesn’t this woman support our deal with Iran?

How in the world can you support the Iranian nuke deal and be pro-Israel? That’s the question.


RUSH: I want to remind you again, you know, Hillary Clinton’s out there trashing Trump on his stance of neutrality in negotiations between Israel and Pal… By the way, there’s a big poll of Israeli Jews that shows Donald Trump is the most popular American politician, or Republican. I don’t have it in front of me. (interruption)

What is he? He’s clearly the most popular Republican running in the race, among Israeli Jews. I don’t know if it’s all politicians or just Republicans, but he’s got good poll numbers there is the bottom line. Hillary at AIPAC today said that she would in no way be neutral. You can’t be neutral and support Israel and so forth. My reaction to that is, “You can’t support the Iranian nuclear deal and be pro-Israel,” which, of course, Obama and John Kerry have. And I think that’s a far greater indication of what you think of Israel, you know, whether you do a deal granting the Iranians nuclear weapons.

So much mind-boggling going on.

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