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RUSH: I need you to grab a sound bite here. If I can find it real quickly. It’s gonna be… Sorry, I should have done this during the break but I was doing something else. Grab number 15, audio sound bite number 15, last night on the Fox News Channel, Special Report with Bret Baier, speaking with Dr. Krauthammer about Trump’s campaign. And Bret Baier says, “You look at the Democrats and their reaction to Donald Trump. It appears that some of them are getting a little scared about the prospect of facing Trump. If you look at the turnout rate so far in the Republican primaries, it’s exponentially higher.”

KRAUTHAMMER: He’s demonstrated the ability to bring out people who aren’t regular voters, aren’t regular Republicans. And he could alter the map. I think Democrats who thought six months ago that he was a joke — I thought he was a joke as a nominee for the Republican Party, and a lot of people thought as well, and we were all wrong. So he has the capacity to appeal. Democrats are beginning to think that this is not a slam dunk and this guy, he doesn’t play by the rules; he makes ’em up. And under a new set of rules, she could lose to him.

RUSH: So Dr. Charles Krauthammer at the Fox News Channel said last night he was wrong for laughing at Trump, that Democrats are worried, and that Trump is actually bringing a bunch of new people into the Republican Party, and the Democrats are worried. That is true. I don’t care what others tell you about where the Democrats are, but they’d be silly not to be. If they’re smart politically, they would have to be concerned, which they are.

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