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RUSH: I don’t have time to take the call, but I want to address Jim in Fairfax, Virginia. Jim, it’s a really great question. What will Trump do if he doesn’t win? This is something the party bigwigs need to ponder. Here’s the question. Let’s say Trump doesn’t win the nomination, do you think he’s gonna say, “Oh, okay, you know, it was a fun nine months or so. I’m heading back to Trump Tower, Mar-a-Lago.”

Or is he gonna realize he’s got a whole cadre of political people behind him? In other words, does this redefine, reconstitute the Republican Party? Does Trump hang around if he loses? If he wins the nomination but loses the general election, what does that mean? I guarantee you party elders, establishment types, they are thinking of all of this. There is much involved in this.

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