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RUSH: Remember the story we had yesterday that 17-year-old Trevon Johnson broke into a house in south Florida to steal things, money, whatever else he could find. The security system in the house alerted the owner, who came home, and the perpetrator, young 17-year-old Trevon Johnson was spotted by the owner of the house, a 54-year-old woman exiting through a window, so she fired once and the young Trevon Johnson was killed.

His cousin, Nautika– I forget her last name — was just appalled. How dare you, don’t you understand what it’s like for young kids in the hood? Where else is he gonna get his money for school and food? That’s what you don’t understand. He’s from the hood. What else is he gonna do? How else is he gonna get the money he needs? He’s a great kid. He loved learning. He was a great student. He was investing in his future. He had great plans for himself.

I read this and I thought this has to be a satire piece. I said, please, don’t let me fall for this. Don’t let this be a satire piece and me report this. So I dug in, and I dug in, and it was real. Was it the Washington Post or Washington Times that even had a story on it, you found? Well, then it was the local site that I saw had the quote from Nautika. But it was real. She actually said, “How else is he gonna get his money? You have to understand, he’s from the hood.” I mean, there’s two different worlds here. As though that’s perfectly acceptable and if you have it and somebody else doesn’t, and this somebody who doesn’t lives in the hood, you have to understand this is how they get stuff. And you’ve gotta be tolerant.

So where does that come from? Where does that kind of thinking — now, you might say, “Rush, that’s a one off. That’s not cultural.” Oh, I disagree, I profoundly disagree. I think, folks, I think our political system has corrupted so much of this country. It hasn’t corrupted just the politics. It has corrupted everybody who has become dependent on the political system. Everybody. And the Democrat Party is primarily to blame here. The Democrat Party pushes dependence. The Democrat Party encourages it.

The Democrat Party is who essentially tells people, “You don’t have a future without us. You aren’t capable. You aren’t competent. You aren’t smart enough unless we open doors for you, pave the way for you, take care of your benefits or what have you.” They promote that, they foster it, and they are causing the breakup of families. They’ve taken over the role of husbands in way too many families. It’s just a mess, and the political system is right in the thick of it in terms of responsibility.

I hold the American political system responsible for quite a lot. People already have a hopeful view of government. That it’s competent, honest, fair, and government lives off of that every day. They play on that. They take advantage of the fact that that’s what people want government to be, so in many cases they think that’s what government is. How else do you explain every one of these messes that government has made, by virtue of government programs? The War on Poverty, the Great Society, the gigantic welfare state we have has destroyed the lives of I don’t know how many Americans. It’s busted up American families.

So when all those messes happen, where do people turn to fix it? The very people who broke it, and so the problems continue to be compounded. And that’s why, folks, I have to tell you, I don’t have a lot of sympathy and patience for political people upset that some outsider may take over. Exactly what is there that the American political system, predominantly the federal political system in Washington, what is there to recommend it? The military, maybe, and then you look at this.

Remember the story where we had Obamacare, we had to come up with contraception, they had to include that in Obamacare. Even if churches disagreed with it, screw the churches, you’re gonna do it, you’re gonna provide contraception, you’re gonna provide abortifacients, you’re gonna do everything we disagree with, and we had all kinds of women running around doing fake TV commercials saying they couldn’t afford it, so you, we, all have to pay for their contraceptives. The government has to make everybody pay for what they don’t want to spend their own money to buy.

It’s one slam after another. And I don’t know how much our culture, the society, can take with this never-ending political corruption that doesn’t stay confined to the political process. By definition, it’s going to impact the people who are governed.

So look at this. “On two different occasions –” Judicial Watch story actually published yesterday on their website — “On two different occasions Congress has rejected laws to give ‘needy’ families government-subsidized diapers — in addition to free food and medical care — but President Obama is determined to make it happen, allocating $10 million in taxpayer money,” to the cause of free diapers. There’s actually an issue now called diaper disparity, that the government has concocted, and because there’s diaper disparity, we need free diaper laws.

They have failed to pass twice, but Obama’s coming back and if he has to he’s gonna do it by executive order. He’s gonna see to it that diapers become part of some government program where they are free and everybody else is going to be paying for diapers. “The multi-million-dollar initiative is being promoted by the White House as essential to eradicate a national ‘diaper divide’ and the goal is to abolish ‘diaper disparity’ by expanding access to affordable diapers for AmericaÂ’s poorest families.”

Affordable health care for all Americans. Affordable this for all Americans. Affordable housing for all Americans. Now affordable diapers. “Behind this high-priced mission is Cecilia Munoz, the White House Domestic Policy Director. A renowned open borders lobbyist in Washington D.C., Munoz was vice president of National Council of La Raza (NCLR) before Obama brought her on as White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs.”

So, what, diaper deserts, diaper disparity, diaper divide. So we now need diaper equality. Oh, yeah, its plenty of yucks. There’s all kinds of stuff to laugh at about it. But it’s also one of those things, “Come on, Rush, it’s $10 million, don’t sweat it. Why do you want to sound like you’re opposed to free diapers?” Because where does it end? (interruption) It doesn’t say whether it’s adult diapers or not. It just says diapers. This is diapers for America’s poorest families. I didn’t even think of the adult diapers. I should have, you know, Senator Depends and all that. Leaky Leahy, I should have thought of that, that’s a good catch.

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