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RUSH: I’m sorry, you have to hear this. Yesterday in Villanova, Pennsylvania, Ohio Governor John Kasich speaking with reporters about Cruz and Trump. See, what happened was Fox News scheduled a debate, and Trump said, “I don’t need any more debates.” And from Trump’s standpoint, why debate? Cruz desperately — that’s part of the two-man campaign, part of winnowing the field and having a straight shot at Trump, you’ve gotta have debates because a genuine political issue debate, I mean, Cruz would just outclass anybody else in this field, including Trump. It would just be on the substance of issues, and Cruz knows it and has been waiting for it and it’s been part of his plan.

So Fox schedules a debate, and Trump says (imitating Trump), “I don’t want to go to a debate. There isn’t gonna be any more debates. I was told there weren’t gonna be any more. I don’t want to do any more. I don’t need any more debates. There’s nobody left here. What are we gonna debate? We’ve debated everything.” So then Kasich says, if Trump’s not showing up, I’m not showing up. And Kasich doesn’t want to debate Trump because Kasich doesn’t want to rip into Trump because Kasich’s got some grandiose plan he’s gonna be VP or postmaster general or something in a Trump Regime. But nevertheless, Kasich was unhappy because the debate of course is more national exposure for him. So in Villanova, Pennsylvania, talking with the Drive-By Media, this is what Kasich had to say.

KASICH: Neither of those guys can win a general election. So maybe they’re spoiling it for the Republican Party and for the conservative movement. So, it is unlikely that anybody is going to achieve enough delegates to avoid a convention. And for those that worry about a convention, it will be right in the open. I mean, there’s no closed rooms. There’s nothing but total transparency.

RUSH: Neither of those guys can win a general election. This is all about him. I mean, he’s won one state, and it was his home state, and he should have won it in a landslide, which he didn’t. He’s won one state. He doesn’t even have a hundred delegates, does he? Trump’s now over 600. Cruz in excess of 400. I mean, this is pure delusional, but it’s fun. I mean, we’re happy for it in one sense, because we all need things to laugh and be jocular about.

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