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RUSH: Now audio sound bites. Up first, CNN’s Newsroom. This is Saturday night. Poppy Harlow, the anchor babe, is talking with Republican Party guy from Ohio Matt Borges about the primary race, and she says, “What about those who argue, ‘Where was Kasich? Where were the other members of the GOP establishment in the past few years as some in the party attacked the president, Obama, about false claims, talking about where he was born, all of that? Where have these people been?”


: All those things that you brought up were actually created by the Democrats, were created by Hillary Clinton in 2008, and some of the —


BORGES: — wild things that Donald Trump says —

HARLOW: What? W-w-wait. What did…? What do you…?

BORGES: We just don’t think are representative of our party.

HARLOW: What do you mean? (confused pause) What do you mean? What do you mean when you say those were created by Hillary Clinton?

BORGES: I mean those —

HARLOW: What do you mean?

BORGES: I mean the birther movement. I mean — I mean the birther movement. I mean the notion that somehow Barack Obama was a secret Muslim.

HARLOW: You’re saying Hillary Clinton is to blame for the birth —

BORGES: Those things came out of 2008.

HARLOW: You’re saying Hillary Clinton is to blame for the birther movement?

BORGES: Those things came out of 2008, the very ugly Democratic primary that went on on their side that lasted until June.

RUSH: Man, Borges is right. The birther movement, the Obama-is-not-an-American, the Obama-was-born-in-Kenya movement was started by the Hillary campaign in 2008, and she didn’t know it. Did you hear the shock in her voice? Here, there’s one more bite as she continues to react to this.

HARLOW: Can you clarify for me how you’re pointing to Hillary Clinton for starting the birther movement against the current president?

BORGES: It’s well documented that that was, in fact, where this all came from, the 2008 primary that the Clinton campaign started these rumors about Barack Obama, and they were still able to come together as a family for the Democratic Party. Our party will heal. And on Tuesday, when John Kasich wins the Ohio primary, we’ll start to set this election on a much different course.

HARLOW: (stammering) All right. Hillary Clinton… Just… We’re gonna move on, but Hillary Clinton never asked for the president’s, y’know, then-Senator Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Donald Trump led a lot of it, and a lot of people… And — and — and Mitt Romney wanted Donald Trump’s endorsement and got it at the time, when he was the leading candidate on your side.

RUSH: Now, this is classic. Poppy Harlow, I don’t know her. I mean, I know who she is when I watch her on TV. But I can tell you she doesn’t know anything beyond what she and her friends in her bubble of liberal journalists and liberal newsmakers talk about. In their world, Donald Trump is the original birther. In their world, Donald Trump embarrassed himself, embarrassed the country by demanding Obama’s birth certificate. She finds out for the first time now! Here we are in 2016, and she just learned Saturday night that the whole movement was started by Hillary Clinton. She can’t believe it.

“Wait, wait. Wait, wait. W-w-what? What?” (interruption) No, my point is is the Democrats start this stuff, folks. It’s the Democrats that get this in-your-face stuff moving. It’s the Democrats who encourage this kind of disrespect and violence. The Republicans didn’t start this. The Republicans were too scared to mention anything about Obama. The Republicans haven’t ever picked up on this. Not the establishment Republicans running for office.

So it’s clear while she is stymied and stuck here, she can’t believe what she’s heard. Somebody’s telling her in her here and to say and it is, “Well, we’re gonna move on, but Hillary never asked for Obama’s birth certificate! That was Trump! That was Trump.” She was clueless. I guarantee you after that segment was over, she said, “What the hell was that? This guy was blaming Hillary?” They have no clue, and it happened right in front of their eyes in the 2008 campaign in the Democrat primary, and it never even registered because Hillary Clinton can’t do any evil. Hillary Clinton can’t be mean. She’s a Democrat!

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