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RUSH: You know, it’s been awhile since I talked about a movie, but there is a movie opening today, and I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago. It’s fascinating. It’s called The Young Messiah. And it is about Jesus Christ, roughly age 7, during a period of time about which there’s little known. And so it’s filled with wide open possibilities, rooted in a book that was written by Anne Rice called Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt. It is unlike any Jesus movie you’ve ever seen.

Stop and think of the premise here. The Young Messiah. At what age did Jesus become aware of who He was to become? Well, the movie tackles it, based on Anne Rice’s book. Early miracles performed by 7-year-old kid that He doesn’t understand and nobody else does. Being able to restore eyesight, for example, being able to cure madness, as an example. Sean Bean plays a Roman soldier, legionnaire targeted with killing this young kid because everybody, including old King Herod, becomes scared and frightened. But it’s a fascinating…

Well, obviously it’s not a premise. It’s actually an attempt here to document what probably was, and… (interruption) They did. They did get permission from Obama for the title, The Young Messiah, yes. I was just asked if they got permission from Obama for the title. I’m told Obama granted them permission. Yes. Speaking of that , I read a couple of reviews of this. One of them is in Forbes magazine. The other one — well, Forbes website. The other one is the UK Guardian. And they savaged this movie. And it makes total sense.

The guardian is an ultraleft-wing publication. They just trash it as a total waste of time, unimaginative, boring. And surprisingly Forbes was the same thing way. But it isn’t. Particularly if… You don’t even have to be a devout Christian for this. You can just be historically interested. But the premise itself is fascinating. And, you know, I’m not an expert on somebody’s a good actor or whether the score is good or the cinematography. I think watch these things, and if they captivate me — if time goes by faster than I’m aware of — and if it holds my interest… And it did all that.

So it opens today, and I think it opens in a lot of theaters. It is actually directed and written by Cyrus Nowrasteh, who also wrote The Path to 9/11. Remember The Path to 9/11, which was the truthful… This was the prelude to the attacks on 9/11 and what all we knew and didn’t act on. And it wasn’t just an indictment of Clinton, but it was the only story that actually put Clinton in the loop, whereas many of the others try to blame Bush and his immediate advisors. Anyway, they aired the movie. It was a TV movie, Path 9/11. ABC allowed the Clintons to edit, remember, two minutes out of it.

And then they refused to take it to DVD, refused to sell it. So it only aired on TV, and if you didn’t DVR it, you didn’t have it. Now, I’m a powerful, influential member of the media, so I had a DVD copy. But nevertheless, they still haven’t put that on DVD. It was a one-time shot. The Clintons were allowed to edit two minutes out of it. So it’s the same guy. But I’ve never seen… Here’s something else. I don’t pay attention to this, but others do. Rotten Tomatoes? Do you pay attention to Rotten Tomatoes reviews? It’s got 100%, or did earlier in the week. I mean, that’s unheard of, 100%. That’s universal reviews, positive reviews. So it’s called The Young Messiah.

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