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RUSH: We’re going to get to the Republican side here in just a minute, but you may not know what happened on the Democrat side because Donald Trump totally owned all media last night. He went out to Trump whatever it is golf course in Jupiter, that Jack Nicklaus designed and Paul O’Neill endorsed and Trump steaks and Trump water and Trump vodka and Trump wine were being given away to a readily acceptable media that couldn’t wait to get their hands on the stuff. And nobody knows what went on on the Democrat side, and it’s actually kind of funny.

Bernie Sanders, who, by the way — look at this Wall Street Journal. Wall Street Journal, they took out after me last week — no. When was it? Well, I don’t know. When I miss a day I lose track of what day things happened. I wasn’t here Monday. It was when Bret Stephens went on with somebody and blamed me for the fact that Trump is running away with things and I haven’t come out against Trump. Yet they have and National Review has and they’re unable to stop him. So I guess it falls to me while they admit they can’t.

Anyway, Wall Street Journal Gerald Seib — you want to know why the establishment’s got the problems it’s got? Here’s the headline of this story: “Angry White Males Propel Donald Trump — and Bernie Sanders.” Angry white males. How old is that? That goes back to at least 1988 when this program began. That’s how stale, that’s how old the degree of criticism is. But angry white males was never used before by the Wall Street Journal. It was only used by leftists, Democrats, the Drive-By Media to characterize you in this audience and others on the Republican slash conservative side of things. But now here’s the Wall Street Journal joining the chorus, that it’s angry white males.

I guess the establishment has no choice but than to unify here and to pool resources and come up with what they guess is their best ammo. And once again, what do they do? Go after voters, go after hosts, go after people other than themselves. The blame has to lay somewhere other than in their own backyards. You want to know why Trump’s doing well? I mean, I’ve spent how many hours on this program explaining it, analyzing it. Seems like the news every day somebody new, and combined with all those who’ve spoken previously, come out, “Don’t vote Trump, don’t vote Trump, don’t vote Trump, Trump sucks.”

You know where Mitt Romney was last night? The presidential, the revered, the respected, the severe conservative Mitt Romney, you know where he was? He was on Jimmy Kimmel Live reading mean tweets that he’s gotten since coming out against Trump. That’s really presidential. I mean, that’s really a cut above. So it’s full-fledged panic time now in the Drive-By Media.

There’s a Politico story: “GOP Establishment Creeps Toward Cruz — ‘Ted is the only possibility to stop Trump,’ says a Bush loyalist.” And they hate that. They hate having to coalesce behind Cruz. Carly Fiorina did today. In a surprise, she not only endorsed Cruz, she introduced him in a stem-winder. It was a great speech. It may be better than any speech she ever gave on her own behalf down in Miami just an hour or so ago.

Marco Rubio had another horrible night last night. The pressure’s on him to get out now. More on that in just a moment. I’m going to put all this together in a moment. But first on the Democrat side. The Drive-By Media and their polling units told everybody that Hillary Clinton was gonna beat Crazy Bernie in Michigan by anywhere from 27 to 30 points. And Crazy Bernie won. Nobody really knew because everybody was watching Trump. But Crazy Bernie beat Hillary last night anywhere from one and a half to two points. The polls, as I say, had Hillary up anywhere from 27 to 37 points.

This is one of the biggest polling misses in a long time. The previous record — I looked it up today — previous record for polling inaccuracy had been from 1984 when Walter F. Mondale was supposed to beat Gary Hart(pence) in New Hampshire by 17 points and of course Hart(pence) ended up beating Mondale. That was just in New Hampshire. But this Michigan polling fiasco doubled that error.

But here’s the thing. Bernie Sanders just cleaned up. You know what the real question about this is? Did Bernie just indicate that Donald Trump could beat Hillary in Michigan? Did Bernie beating Hillary — that’s the way you have to look at this, Snerdley. You have to look at this outside the boundaries they’ve set up for us. So Hillary gets creamed in a Democrat primary by Crazy Bernie. And here’s Gerald Seib in the Wall Street Journal with a story talking about all the similarities there are between Crazy Bernie and the Trumpster. And the commonality is angry white males. What that means is legitimately ticked off members of the white middle class who have depended on everybody in the establishment, in both parties they voted for, to make their lives better.

And as we’ve been chronicling for the past number of weeks, they’ve blown everything. They have screwed everything. They’ve ruined when a college education was designed to do. They’ve screwed up the American health care system. They have screwed up the budget. We’re $19 trillion in debt. The education system itself is if an abject mess. Before you even get to college, you don’t learn anything when you graduate, nothing worthwhile. And they’re fed up. And because they’re fed up, they are characterized, impugned as angry white men, but what they are is the white working class.

Thomas B. Edsall of the New York Times formerly, had written a piece in November of 2011 telling everybody working for the Obama campaign that we’re gonna write off the white working class and focus on demographic minorities, which they did. And the Republican establishment’s done pretty much the same as they track the same direction the Democrats go thinking they can’t win unless they shift their demographic appeal and attract more minorities.

So who’s been a factor? White working class voters. Call ’em Reagan Democrats, call ’em “angry white males” as the Wall Street Journal is now doing. But the point is they were the margin of victory for Crazy Bernie in Michigan, and Crazy Bernie beating Hillary means that Trump could as well. That’s the way you have to look at this. And Trump putting Michigan in play? Why is that relevant? Trump, he’s bragging about upstate New York and his popularity there, putting that in play.

And it’s important because there’s some pressure. It’s subtle right now, but there’s pressure right now on Trump to choose Kasich as his vice president. The only reason to do that would be if you think you need Ohio and if you think Kasich on your team get you Ohio. I think Kasich, if he’s gonna have a job in any administration, needs to be postmaster general. But if somebody’s putting him on ticket as VP, it’d be because they think you need Ohio. But if Trump doesn’t think he needs Ohio, there’s no reason for that.

By the way on VP, Trump said to Rubio, “I’m not gonna think of you, I’m not gonna even consider you as VP until you get out of the race.” But wait. I thought the conventional was that Trump wants as many people to stay in the race so that there is not this coalition coming together of anti-Trump votes against him. And the other side of that is, “Well, if that continues to happen, that means Trump might not get to 1,237.” Although I think last night indicates that’s… You know, that’s a long shot, too. That’s a lingering hope.

With Marco’s unfortunate showing yesterday, how do you go from that to winning Florida? I just don’t see it. There’s nothing that would create momentum or suggest to voters that there’s something there. It’d be just the exact opposite. Plus you have Ted Cruz setting up 10 campaign offices in Florida, not to win it, but to deny it to Rubio, payback for Rubio doing the same thing in Texas to Cruz. And the latest polling data has Trump over Kasich in Ohio by eight points or so. So really a week from yesterday will tell the tale.

But it does begin to look like the establishment has no choice, that if they do want to deny Trump, they’re going to have to coalesce behind Cruz. And I cannot tell you how much they hate having to do that. I cannot tell you that in the bowels of the establishment citadels, wherever it is they hang out and have their club dinners and so forth, they hate Cruz more than they do Trump. “Hate” is too strong a word. They don’t like Cruz more than they don’t like Trump. They know that Cruz means it.

They know Cruz is serious when he talks about constitutional conservatism. And with Trump, they’re not sure what he believes from day to day, and that makes them think that they’ll be able to work with him, “do deals” and this kind of thing. Trump for his part is urging everybody to unify behind him and let’s get going and beat Hillary. But the establishment, with the markers they’ve set down up to now, it’s gonna be very, very hard for them to do. But I’m telling you, don’t pay any attention to this conventional wisdom.

Because everything you thought was gonna happen in this campaign, hasn’t. Everything you thought was gonna happen, hasn’t. And things that you never believed would happen, have happened. And we’re not through with that cycle, so there’s still plenty of time for things that you didn’t think any shape, manner, or form to happen to happen.


RUSH: Dotting the I, crossing the T out of Michigan and the Democrats: Crazy Bernie erases a 37-point polling deficit. They were at 27% to 37%. The polls had him losing to Hillary. He beats her by a point-and-a-half to two points, and yet she walks away with a majority of the delegates because of the superdelegate arrangement they have and some of the other rigged aspects of the Democrat primary. Bernie Sanders wins Michigan, and all last night on TV and all today all of the wise men… That’s what I call the analysts and strategists that cable news network trot out.

The wise men, the analysts and so forth, they’re all saying, “This is just a blip! This doesn’t mean anything.” The Democrat strategists, even. “Bernie winning Michigan? Nah. Nothing to see here. It really doesn’t mean anything. Take a look at the delegate count.” Yeah, we are looking at the delegate count. How does a guy who wins the vote lose the delegates? Why are you guys even having a primary on the Democrat side? Of course we can answer the question. It’s pro forma.

It is to create the illusion that Mrs. Clinton had overcome opposition, won in a knock-down, drag-out fight and that it isn’t a coronation, that Mrs. Clinton’s had to fight for it. And that after she wins, she had earned it by virtue of fighting for it. And, of course, the whole thing’s rigged. And at some point Crazy Bernie and his supporters are going to have to get some satisfactory answers to how in the world they can make their guy win in the important state of Michigan, and Hillary still wins a majority of the delegates. Just how does that work?


RUSH: Here’s Julie in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s a pleasure to be with you today.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much for calling.

CALLER: I don’t often disagree with you, but I do disagree with your analysis of Michigan possibly going to Trump in the general election. I have many family members and friends who are very anti-Trump, all Democrats, and they went to the polls yesterday to vote against Donald Trump by voting for Kasich. There were robo-calls that went out from Mitt Romney, who is still very beloved in Michigan, asking people to vote for Kasich. And I think a lot of people took that to heart. It’s a very blue-collar state. There is no way that I can see this state ever going to Trump.

RUSH: Okay. Well, I didn’t say that I thought that was gonna happen. I asked the question as a possibility, given that Crazy Bernie beat Hillary and that Trump won the Michigan primary by — the polling data there was not quite right, either. So Trump winning that, I just asked, is it possible that what we’ve seen here is that Trump could win Michigan in the general.

Now, I know you’ve got your friends who would never do this or that and Romney is still beloved there and Kasich and so forth. But by the time we get down to November, Romney and Kasich are not gonna be factors unless they’re still out there trying to gum up the works. They’re not gonna be on the ballot anywhere and they’re not gonna be making calls. In fact, Romney, we just came across this. I mean, it was just before the program started today.

(playing spoof)

ANNOUNCER: Now, the Romney report with two-time presidential campaign veteran, Mitt Romney.

ROMNEY: Last night was another great night for Donald Trump and a terrible night for conservatives. And I should know. Once I was so severely conservative, I couldn’t sit down for weeks. It was awful. Yes, Trump won again with a mix of evangelicals, Reagan Democrats, independents, Hispanics, and African-Americans. And, yes, we can’t win the White House without non-Republican votes, but not those non-Republican votes. If Donald Trump is elected president, you can’t imagine what that would mean to Republicans all across our nation’s capital. It’s time for you people to get serious about picking an approved candidate or I may have to take matters into my own hands. Not that I’m interested in picking up the mantle from Jeb Bush to run myself, but remember the immortal words of Bob Dole: Third time’s a charm.

ANNOUNCER: The Romney report, brought to you by pickmitt.com.

(end spoof)

RUSH: All right. So is Romney really out of it? Romney is setting himself up for a draft Romney movement at the convention. Yeah, going on Jimmy Kimmel and reading mean tweets. But it’s Trump who is soiling and demeaning the political presidential process here.

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