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RUSH: Well, I was gonna get to that later. Snerdley says, “How are you to blame for this?” See, I don’t like this program being about me. I’ve gotten in the habit of saving all the stuff about me until the final hour so that people don’t think that I just do this about me.

There are three stories today… Well, did I even put…? Yes. Here’s one from TheHill.com. “Why Would Conservative Media Defend Trump?” And it mentions me and Fox News Sunday.

Rush Limbaugh said on Fox News Sunday that ‘I think with the case of Trump, there’s a much bigger upside than downside.’ But anyone paying attention would be hard pressed to agree. Limbaugh, who often touts his own speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2009 as a triumph for the cause, ignores Trump turning his back on the event — and thereby,” and they go on to rip me and some other people in there.

Here’s a piece by Michael Brendan Dougherty at The Week: “Why Talk Radio Coronated Donald Trump.” Maybe I’ll get into details of what these people say as we go down the road of the program here, but it’s basically an attempt to say that, “Well, you know, Limbaugh sees himself in Trump. Trump is talk radio and these guys love seeing the way they do things win politically,” or it’s about money or it’s about ratings.

I’ve been doing this 28 years, and even though I have gone into great detail about my passions and my interests, why I do this and how, it is amazing after 28 years that so many people who profess to study this still don’t get what I do and how I do it. But beyond that, Jonah Goldberg has a piece. (There’s three of them.) Jonah Goldberg has a piece in National Review today not mentioning me but other conservative elites who have abandoned the cause for Trump.

And he cites Stephen Moore, who used to be with the Club for Growth and Larry Kudlow, who Trump cites all the time as having praised Trump’s tax plan. And Jonah’s all worried and curious why this is happening, and he tries to explain it. But three pieces on the same day. And here’s my point about it. All these people… Let’s add the Wall Street Journal, whenever it was, earlier this week or late last week.

There are four pieces here in less than a week that essentially blame me and others for the fact that Trump has not been taken out, blaming me for the fact that Trump is still winning, blaming me and using whatever analogy they can — sellout, pursuer of ratings and dollars, whatever. The thing is, I don’t see any of them endorsing Ted Cruz. I don’t see any of them doing it. They’re out there ripping Ted Cruz as often as they’re ripping me and Trump. I don’t see them endorsing anybody.

In the case of the Wall Street Journal, as I mentioned yesterday (and the National Review, with a whole issue devoted to why nobody should vote for Trump), what do people think is gonna happen psychologically, particularly at this moment in time in our country? You have the average American, people I define as the people who make this country work, and here come these supposed betters, the elites, telling everybody what they shouldn’t do. “Don’t do this! Don’t do that! Continue to trust us.”

There isn’t any trust left anymore, and that group of elites continues to say don’t vote Trump. All they’re doing is sending people to Trump. Romney, it has been documented… Somebody actually ran some statistical data and found out that Romney’s speech among the people that heard it, converted 11% to Trump because people have grown weary of being told they’re stupid and don’t know how to vote or who to vote for until the establishment or people in that group tell them how to vote.

And their reaction is, “Oh, yeah? Yeah? You don’t think we know what we’re doing? Well, how do you feel about this!” And they go out and publicly announce their support for Trump. The same happened with Romney; it’s happening with all these people. While they sit here and criticize me for not taking Trump out, they admit they haven’t been able to do so, either. The difference is they’ve tried. They have tried to take Trump out, and they haven’t succeeded, and so now they scapegoat me. But I don’t see any of them endorsing Cruz.

I don’t see any of them extolling the virtues of the conservative movement over all these years. I see many — not all of them. Some exceptions here. The guy at The Week, Michael Dougherty. I think I’ve quoted him in the past and excerpted some of his pieces that I have admired, Michael Brendan Dougherty. So I don’t know where he comes down, you know, on the ideological ledger. But the Journal and National Review? I mean, these people? Even there that has been a — and you talk to anybody in the base about it.

The problem with the conservative media is there hasn’t been much conservatism to find.

There’s been an association with the party. There has been an agreement with the concept of open borders and amnesty. This is not a mystery why people are reacting the way they are. And so now, when all of the best and brilliant thinking in the world has not created a majority support for an establishment candidate. It was supposed to be Jeb, and here’s Trump. And Trump continues to dazzle and bedazzle and confuse and puzzle and tick ’em off. They turn to me as a source of blame for the fact that Trump hasn’t been taken out, despite the fact that they’ve tried.

But I don’t see where they’ve endorsed other people.

I don’t see where they have actually engaged in the behavior they demand that I engage in.

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