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RUSH: Now, remember another thing here, folks, as you watch the Drive-Bys on all this. It is in their interests for you to think this isn’t over or isn’t close to over. They want to prolong this for ratings and interest for as long as they can. And if that means propping Rubio up when he really doesn’t have a chance, they’ll do it. If it means propping Cruz up when nobody really wants him to win, they’ll do it. If I may be honest, it’s why we did Operation Chaos back in 2008. Back in 2008, the Republican primary was over by this time.

McCain had wrapped it up.

There was no drama left on the Republican side.

But over there on the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton still had a fleeting chance. So I, El Rushbo, instituted Operation Chaos. And little did I know, this so discombobulated the Democrats, they made a couple of movies about it. One of them was called The Ides of March with George Clooney in there. What Operation Chaos was, is I urged Republicans in states that the Republican primary didn’t matter anymore because McCain already wrapped it up, to, if they had to, change registration temporarily and vote for Hillary just to keep her alive, just to keep Obama from winning that thing long before the summer came.

Just so that we would have… Well, it was fun to toy around with them, and it was nice to be able to say that I was able to be bipartisan and do some things that were helpful to Mrs. Clinton in her race with Obama. And it was, according to the critics. Operation Chaos actually made a difference in two states. That succeeded in prolonging the Democrat primary. It required superdelegate commitments in June to vanquish Mrs. Clinton. And so the same thing here. The Drive-Bys do not want this over.

Plus, you know, depending on which Drive-By you look at, they have an equal distaste for Trump or Cruz or what have you. Now, here’s the delegate count. Right now Trump is at 316, Ted Cruz is at 226, Marco Rubio at 106, Kasich has 25, and Ben Carson 8. Now, here: The different way to look at this is Trump 316, Cruz and Rubio 332. The establishment says, “See? See? There are more Republicans voting against Trump than are voting for him. We need one of these guys to drop out!” They want Cruz to drop out, which is silly. The silliest thing.

They want Cruz to drop out, thinking that that every Cruz vote’s gonna go to Rubio. That’s not gonna happen. But that’s what they’re dreaming. And then if you further, if you add Kasich and Carson to this, you have a total of 365 delegates other than for Trump and 316 for Trump. Now, it was theorized by some political scientist (I forget his name) that if Trump ended Super Tuesday that 300-delegate lead, it was all essentially over. And Trump does not have a 300-delegate lead. He has basically a 90-delegate lead over Cruz.

And again, the four states coming up this weekend are closed. And we’ll see if the establishment theory is correct, that when it’s only Republicans voting, there’s a greater likelihood that Trump will not win them or maybe not win them as big. But what you see is reality, and the reality here is that Trump is leading by massive numbers in pre-election polls. And he’s pretty much performing to the polls. He was underperforming in a couple places, but this looks daunting.

But if you allow yourself to get lost in the Drive-By coverage, you can actually end up being convinced the thing is whisper close, it’s nip and tuck out there, and that Rubio is on such a roll, he’s just moments away from winning this thing! I mean, if you watch Fox News last night or if you turn over to CNN — depending on the time and who the guests were — and if you didn’t know anything had happened, you could have concluded that Rubio had one hell of a night last night. If you didn’t know vote totals, if all you heard was analysis

Because everybody’s got their horse in the race, and nobody wants the horse to lose. Everybody wants everybody to think their horse is still in this with a viable, legitimate chance and that nothing’s over here. That’s what you have to trust your instincts — and, of course, trust me. Now, we’ve got a lot of people that want to get in on this on the phones today, and we’re going to have a lot of focus on that.

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