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RUSH: Unless something of great magnitude happens, I have agreed to appear again on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, and this time we’re not going to tape it. They asked me to tape it at 3:30.

“I won’t be able to tape it 3:30.” I said, “The soonest I could tape it is five o’clock.” They said, “Let’s just do it live.” I said, “Fine with me. It’s more exciting when it’s live.” I said, “Chris, don’t forget my idea last time: Have me on as your guest, take a couple of commercial breaks, and have me back as the panel to analyze myself. It’s never been done on TV before. Have me on as the guest and you and I analyze what I said. And who knows? I might disagree with myself as I hear myself say something. It’s very rare, but…”

He laughed and said, “We’ll see you Sunday at nine.”

(laughing) It would be fun. You have to admit that would be fun.

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