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RUSH: Yeah, I’m sitting here thinking about Chris Christie. This is another one of these things that won’t go away. They’re making fun of the guy. They’re literally destroying the guy. And I’m sure that Christie, when he endorsed Trump, I think he probably thought it was gonna be heralded, you know, a great move, courageous move. Here’s an establishment guy and a former chairman or president, whatever they call it, Republican Governors Association. And instead he’s standing behind Trump last night on the stage not knowing how to do it.

I mean, he’s not a guy that stands on the stage. He commands the stage. He was ordered to stand on the stage behind Trump for a long time. What do you do with your eyes? Do you dart back and forth, do you smile, do you not smile, do you react to Trump, or do you look like a security guard scanning the area for problems. What do you do? There aren’t any lessons for this. So the media there, everybody’s tweeting pictures, Christie being held hostage in a hostage video or whatever else they’re saying.

You know, it just reminded me of something, a life lesson essentially. When you try to elevate yourself by association, it generally doesn’t work. When somebody, because of their own achievements or whatever, is basking in a very warm glow of hot light, there’s a lot of people that want to stand next to the person so they can be seen in the light. But they really haven’t done anything to be there.

I’s like all these sycophants who want to hang around the Kardashians or it’s like all these sycophants that want to hang around the celebrity of the moment, or the hot politician. You can make book, you can find these people, I call these suck-up hangers-on. That’s not what Christie was doing. He’s actually looking forward to a political career. He’s term limited in New Jersey, he’s finished when this term is over. His effort to become president with the Republican nominee failed, so hitch your wagon to the guy that’s going somewhere, maybe be attorney general or vice president or what have you.

But poor Christie, it just hasn’t worked, this elevate yourself by association toward Romney, and then there was the Obama hug, that didn’t work out. Letterman during the Bridgegate thing. You know, I really felt so bad for him when the Springsteen thing imploded on him. I mean, here’s a guy who, like many people in the country, just thinks Bruce Springsteen is great, just loves Springsteen, greatest guy and he’s a New Jersey guy and so you want to be a Jersey guy like Springsteen was.

And Christie told everybody when he finally got to talk to Springsteen, he cried, and that Obama had set that up. It was a phone call. Obama did that for him. He was talking about the day he got to talk to Springsteen. And then during Bridgegate, what happened? Springsteen goes on Jimmy Fallon and creates new lyrics for some famous Springsteen song making fun of Christie. The poor guy can’t catch a break here. Well, it’s like Dawn would say, “It’s just very sad, it’s very sad.”

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