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RUSH: Richmond, Virginia. This is James. Great to have you first today on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, thank you for taking the call. I’ll get right to the point. What I listened to all last night and most this morning on the radio is number two and number three. Everybody is talking about who came in second, and, amazingly, who came in third. But I think there’s an amazing story to tell about Trump. What he’s done. He’s never run for office before. He’s never held office. He spends less than any of the top three. He’s fought against the media. He’s fought against the establishment. He’s fought against the other candidates. He’s on top. He’s won 11 states, and no one is telling that story.

RUSH: Oh, yeah, they are, Trump is.

CALLER: No one in the media. Excuse me.

RUSH: Oh. Well, you’re right. I get your point. But it’s because of what I told you moments ago. You’re a Trumpist, obviously, and you’re taking it personally, they’re slighting your guy. You ought to be in the Cruz camp, if you want to talk about being slighted. I mean, Cruz can’t even get a dime’s worth of respect on TV last night. It’s like he’s not even there. Yeah, it’s either we gotta stop Trump and the way we do that, we gotta coalesce around Rubio.

Cruz is considered to be, you know, little thorn here that we have to dispatch. Cruz is the only guy that’s beaten Trump. Cruz is the only guy that has a legitimate chance to, but they don’t want any part of that. But they’re not going to tell the story you just told because that makes it look like it’s over. And they don’t want this to be over. There are advertising rates being set on this going into the summer. They can’t have this thing over in March like it was in 2008.

Don in San Antonio, you’re next. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Maha Rushie, how in the world are we doing?

RUSH: I’m doing just fine, sir. Thank you very much. How about you?

CALLER: Sir, it is time for you to stop with the humility and stop with not taking all of this as if you have nothing to do with all this. I think you got everything to do with this, Rush. And let me just say this is the reason why. Operation Chaos was implemented in 2008, I believe.

RUSH: It was. You’re right.

CALLER: And, sir, I truly believe the Democrats have taken a page out of your playbook and put it in the Republican Party. And they are trying to set up to where as Trump will be the nominee so that Hillary can meet Trump, and he will have an easier time of whitewashing Trump than the other candidates.

RUSH: You know, Don, can you hang on for just a couple more minutes? I have another obscene profit time-out I’ve gotta take.

CALLER: Of course, sir, any time you make money I will hold on.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that. That’s a man of superior understanding and awareness.


RUSH: Getting back to Don in San Antonio who thinks that I am not bragging enough about the role that I am playing in all this, that my humility is so thick that you can see right through it. What do you think? You think the Democrats have stolen Operation Chaos and are using it on us and we don’t know? We’re unsuspecting at this?

CALLER: Yes, sir. I surely do.

RUSH: Well, explain to me, Don. How is it…? By the way, I have a story to tell you about this after you finish. But how is it that the Democrats have been able to essentially put Trump in our race and then put him at the top of our race and make it look like Trump’s gonna win this thing if the objective is really to elect Hillary? How could they have possibly orchestrated all that, and when did they do it?

CALLER: Well, I think they did it… Two things that you did. It was interesting that you came on at the top of the broadcast and you said how when you were playing golf with Trump, Trump was asking you all of these questions concerning all of these things that are going on in our nation.

RUSH: He just want to know what I thought about things.

CALLER: Yes, sir. Yes, sir. It showed initially his point of view on all of those things were totally opposite of what the Republican Party stands for. They were. He talking about Planned Parenthood; he was all for it.

RUSH: Yeah, but he didn’t ask me about Planned Parenthood.

CALLER: Oh, okay. He didn’t ask about —

RUSH: No. He asked me why I left New York. It was a tax question.

CALLER: Yes, sir. Because he’s beginning to see what liberal politics were beginning to put in his own pocketbook. It was beginning to affect him. So, yes, he wanted to try to find these things out, and he actually was saying how Republican ideals — especially when it comes to less government, less taxes, giving the people more of what they already own — is more beneficial than anybody else’s.

RUSH: But the things that he’s talking about tax-wise are not in any way similar to Democrat policy beliefs on taxes.

CALLER: No, it’s not. But that was the thing that he actually was using. He has actually even said that he would like to raise taxes on people of his stature more so than anything else. To me, Trump is just a Democrat. And that’s the reason it also explains ’cause I am a black American here in San Antonio, Texas. It explains to me why a lot of minorities are also voting for Trump. To me, his policies as to how he actually was were no less than, as you would say, not a conservative, a Dixiecrat.

RUSH: Yeah, but, Don, hang on just a second here.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Tavis Smiley has come out today, or last night, and said you all ought not be surprised if you see a lot of the black vote signing up with Trump.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: But, Don, I have to tell you: That, to me, would make total sense. The Democrat Party has failed the African-American population over and over and over again. The Democrat Party has promised the African-American population, “We will take care of you. We’re gonna stop racism. We’re gonna stop discrimination. We’re gonna make sure you get equally hired,” and none of it happens. It’s worse now in Chicago or wherever you want to go. After last seven years of Obama, it’s worse than before Obama took office, but the Democrats have never delivered on any of their promises.

CALLER: True. But, remember Hillary and Bill? Bill was “the first black president,” remember that?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Don’t forget that. And Hillary is a part of that. Now, this is what really got me, though, Rush. The thing that I’m looking at — and this is really why I’m looking at Operation Chaos as being a typical part of this. When I asked some of my own black constituents why in the world we don’t have more people getting behind, let’s say, Ben Carson… “He’s a black man that’s running, a very successful black man. Why aren’t we getting behind him who happens to be a staunch Christian? Why aren’t we getting behind him?” The first thing that I hear is, “He’s just a surgeon. Huh? Sorry. What was Barack? Who was President Obama? Nobody knew anything about President Obama.

RUSH: It doesn’t matter.

CALLER: Exactly right.

RUSH: Here’s the thing. The race business in this country has been so corrupted — and by “business,” I don’t mean the industry, but the whole subject has been corrupted. The reason, when you ask African-Americans why they’re not gonna vote for Ben Carson, is, “He’s an Uncle Tom. He’s a traitor. He’s a Republican.” This is branding, this is news narratives, 50 years of propaganda that the Republicans and conservatives are things that they aren’t that the Democrats have succeeded in making African-Americans believe. And it’s not just African-Americans.

They’ve made the poor believe it. They have made Jewish people think that Republicans are the focus of evil in the modern world. They have succeeded in doing it. And nothing is a better illustration of it than how they have successfully… I mean, the KKK was a Democrat-sponsored organization. NPR just did a story on the KKK. One of the early missions of the KKK was to actually murder Republicans who were not going to vote the way Democrats wanted!

I mean the segregationists, the plantation owners in the South? This was all Democrats. There’s a reason that the Republican Party’s president, Abe Lincoln, ended slavery. The Democrats didn’t end it. But none of that matters. Because all that matters is 1964 forward and the Civil Rights Act. And even that wouldn’t have happened had it not been for Republican participation! A greater percentage of Republican senators voted for it than Democrats.

This is one of the greatest reversals of reality in modern times I have ever seen. That’s why this debate about it today on CNN that happened with Jeffrey Lord and Van Jones was just stunning, because you can see these young African-Americans, they have no clue! The idea the KKK… In fact, anybody you mention that to you at CNN, you’re gonna stop ’em dead in their tracks. They have never heard the history.

It’s just like the other day when we found out the CEO of Lands’ End, a young female in her forties, decided as major marketing push for this season was a portion of sales would go to Gloria Steinem and pro-abortion movements, whatever. The clientele at Lands’ End had a conniption and they wrote back and they said, “Screw you! They sent catalogs back. “We’re not buying diddly-squat from you.” The CEO lives in New York; had no clue. In her world, everybody idolizes Gloria Steinem.

In her world, abortion is something everybody wants to do at least once. It’s a life achievement thing! In her world, she doesn’t know anybody who doesn’t think Gloria Steinem is just the end of things. They live in this closeted, cocooned world. And these leftists at CNN — when confronted with the idea that the KKK might have been a Democrat/leftist organization — are speechless! They don’t know what to do with it. They never heard it.

Now, about your Operation Chaos theory, you know, I love having fun with people. You know me. I’m a fun-loving, jocular kind of guy, and at times I love to do bits. I what I used to call satirical parodies that I used to do on the program back in the early days. And I found myself recently in a conversation with some people who were, Don, just kind of like you, thinking that this whole thing stinks, that Trump running away with this. This can’t be real. This has to be manufactured.

There’s some conspiracy, ’cause none of this makes sense, just on the same basis that you said, Trump’s not a Republican, Trump’s this, he’s never been a politician, how in the hell does this happen? And in this conversation these people were telling me this is a sign of how the Republican establishment has just lost control of everything. And I said, “Wait. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe the establishment’s getting everything they want here? Have you ever stopped to think for a minute that maybe all of this is exactly what the establishment –”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, they want Hillary to be elected, right?”

“Damn right.”

Okay. So why not come up with a guy who they know and going to be loved and adored by the Republicans, some of them, siphon off a bunch of votes, guaranteed to get Hillary Clinton elected. What if this whole thing is nothing but a giant trick that the establishment is doing this on purpose, making it look like they’ve lost control, making it look like they’re in panic, making it look like they have no clue how to hold on. And in fact everything that’s happened is because of a grand scheme that they have set in motion?

And it stopped ’em dead in their tracks. And they started thinking, “You know what, oh, my God,” and they thought that I might have a brilliant point here, that I might really be on to something. And I was just making it up for the fun of it, just to illustrate to myself how easy it is when things don’t make sense, to come up with the wildest, most irrational explanation you can, and people will glom on to it because the simple explanation, the thing that’s right in front of ’em is so simple, so easy, it can’t be that.

And the establishment, you tell people, these are the most powerful people in the world. Do you really think they’re gonna sit here and let something like this happen to ’em? No. They’re behind this. Everything that’s happening here is designed to keep the establishment in power while everybody thinks they’re losing it. It’s the best of both worlds. And I had these people eating out of the palm of my hands on it.

Snerdley watched it happen. He said, “You ought to try this on the air.” I said, “No, to do this would be irresponsible, because if I did this for real without telling you about it the way I’m doing it now, I could start who knows what kind of panic that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near responsible for.” So my point is that what Don’s saying here, that this is a Democrat trick or an establishment trick, there will be people who believe it.

I got a little tweet here. You know the British House of Commons member that took America by storm a couple, three years ago, Daniel Hannan? Well, he tweeted something out, he says, “I know no one cares, but if only for the record, I want everybody to see the latest from the CNN poll.” And what he tweeted is Rubio 50, Clinton 47, Clinton 52, Trump 44. And there is, the latest CNN poll does show Rubio as the only one beating Hillary.

Now, his point is this, if you want to know why the establishment’s trying to circle the wagons and get Rubio is because they live and die by polls, and they got a poll that says Rubio’s the only guy that could beat Hillary. And, by the same token, Clinton, in this poll, anyway, Clinton beats Trump easier than any other Republican. I don’t think you need this poll to convince people the establishment doesn’t like Trump.

I’m not saying the poll is not a factor here. But I also don’t believe the poll. And I know you can selectively choose to accept and believe one part of it and not the other, but I’m selectively choosing to think that poll is a crock. Not a purposeful crock; I just think it’s wrong. I don’t think any poll taken right now on the presidential race, two man race, when we do not have the candidates, is worth its weight of the paper it takes to print it.

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