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RUSH: Here’s Clem in McAllen, Texas. Clem, I really appreciate your waiting.

CALLER: Thank you. I appreciate you donating your life to the radio so we can get on and tell what we feel.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Yeah, well, I loved the Bush family, especially with Barbara, and I think G.W. was the best governor Texas has had a long time. And I think he was one of the best presidents. But the last seven or eight years has been terrible. And I think a couple things need to be pointed out by the Republican that’s running, and —

RUSH: Well, who are you for now, Clem? If you liked the Bushes, who are you for now?

CALLER: Donald Trump. I think he’s the only hope this country’s got.

RUSH: Wait a second. Are you voting…? You’re from Texas and you’re not for Cruz?

CALLER: No. I’m not for Cruz, and you shouldn’t be either.

RUSH: Oh, come on! This… Are you…?

CALLER: No. I wouldn’t vote for Cruz or ex-Governor Perry for dogcatcher, and I voted for ’em before.

RUSH: What in the world…?


RUSH: What do you not like about Cruz?

CALLER: Ever since his dirty tricks and lies out of Iowa and all the way up, and he’s still telling ’em every day.

RUSH: What dirty tricks and lies?

CALLER: I can’t believe you asked me. He told lies on Ben Carson to steal some of his votes, delegates.

RUSH: (groans)

CALLER: You know, a lie is a lie. When you catch someone in lies, no good the rest of the way. Finished with him. Never vote for him again. Voted for him before, never again.

RUSH: Clem? Clem, he didn’t steal any Ben Carson votes. He didn’t lie about any of that.

CALLER: (garbled)

RUSH: Marco Rubio did the same thing! Rubio did the exact same thing.

CALLER: Yeah, he’s a liar, too. Ain’t gonna vote for him for nothing, neither. Of course, I don’t live in Florida.

RUSH: That whole thing is traceable to a CNN story. What did he lie about? Forget Ben Carson. What’s he lying about? Cruz.

CALLER: (silence) Cruz?

RUSH: Yeah, what’s he lying about?

CALLER: (silence) What’s he told on Trump?

RUSH: What do you mean, “What’s he told on Trump?” You mean things he said about Trump?

CALLER: Yeah. Anything he said about Trump —

RUSH: Everything he’s said?

CALLER: — borderlines on lines or dirty tricks that don’t mean anything.

RUSH: This is Donald Trump language.

CALLER: You know it.

RUSH: This is Donald Trump language. It’s Donald Trump that’s calling him a liar —

CALLER: He is.

RUSH: — and a vote stealer and all that.

CALLER: Yeah, he is.

RUSH: He’s not! He’s one of the most honorable guys in politics!

CALLER: No, he’s not.

RUSH: Ted Cruz is not a liar!

CALLER: I voted for him last time, but he’s not gonna fool me anymore. He’s a liar.

RUSH: (sigh) Come on.

CALLER: One lie, and I’m finished with anybody — and he is a liar.

RUSH: Clem. Clem. You’re just… You’re just echoing what Trump is saying here. He’s not a nasty guy. He’s one of the most honorable people in politics that so far has not been corrupted by it. That Ben Carson thing, that’s so… Everybody’s acting like babies in that Ben Carson thing. That’s chump change what happened there, and it’s directly traceable to a CNN News story in the first place! I’m out of time here, but this is unfortunate.


RUSH: Clem, he didn’t steal no votes, my man. Ben Carson didn’t lose any votes. This is… That’s one of the biggest slabs of BS in this entire campaign season, that whole thing.

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