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RUSH: This is not gonna make Kasich happy, folks. This is not… I think we can expect fireworks. There’s a Fox debate Thursday, next Thursday. I think it’s next Thursday. Yeah, it’s next Thursday. So I… (interruption) Well, I’m convinced Kasich was hanging in there for a vice presidential nod from Trump, not Rubio. But now that Christie has joined the team with Sarah Palin… You have to assume that Christie figures that Trump is gonna be the nominee. Right? And then you have to figure Christie wants a job.

I mean, he’s love to be in the regime, the Trump regime, maybe VP, maybe attorney general. But it’s interesting; when Trump looks possibly to be in trouble — and I say that advisedly, because there are so many in the media who are so frustrated. You can’t believe how frustrated they are that nobody’s taken Trump out. They have, and it hasn’t mattered, and they’re all upset that candidates haven’t gone after Trump.

They’re so excited that it finally happened last night, and they’re worried that it’s too little, it’s too late. But they’re hoping. They’re hoping this means this is the implosion everybody’s been waiting for, this is the moment of explosion, of blow up that we’ve all been waiting for. Trump was exposed last night. So many of them are thinking it, so many writing it, so many hoping it, so many saying it. And the minute Trump appears to be in trouble, here comes Christie to endorse.

And so here you’ve got two fighters. You’ve got two no-BS guys. You’ve got one from New York, one from New Jersey. You’ve just gotta be careful. You know, Trump’s gotta make sure we get to October to keep Christie away from Hillary. That’s the only potential… (interruption) Well, it’s intelligence guided by experience. And other than that, it could be smooth sailing.


RUSH: You gotta hand it to Trump. He’s changed the narrative, folks. I mean, this morning it was all Rubio and it was all making fun of Trump and how successful Rubio and Cruz had been. And that’s all gone. It’s been replaced by, “Chris Christie has endorsed Trump!” Their press conference just concluded, and Christie’s approval number New Jersey last I looked was at 29%. I’m sure that’s not a factor here in the decision making that’s gone on, but it has changed the narrative. I mean, it’s done it pretty quickly. These are not rank amateurs on the Trump side. It’s a mistake people have made from the outset of this, one of many.


RUSH: Okay. So Trump is still going down there in Fort Worth, and he just said, “Hey, they say I’m not loyal. I voted for McCain. What’d we get? I voted for Romney, and they botched it so bad, I just said, ‘I’m gonna do it myself.'” And the crowd roared.

JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny south Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: Speaking of which, you know, this Christie endorsement? Would you say Chris Christie is… Before today, would you have thought that he’s part of the Republican establishment? I mean, I would. Republican Governors Association, head honcho. He’s a classic, in fact, member of the Republican establishment. And these guys just do not go outside the establishment. Chris Christie has gone way off the reservation doing this endorsement of Trump.

This is way off. I’ve been thinking this, and I would just… It happened. It was unexpected and I’ve been following it as it happens down there on commercial breaks and I was starting to think, “This is really…” I’m not talking about Christie’s stature within the establishment, just his membership. This is a major defection. This is the kind of stuff Romney was trying to stop by bringing up this tax problem. But this essentially… Now, there’s some caveats. It looks to anybody watching this like it’s over, that Trump’s gonna be the nominee.

So it’s not as though Christie broke ranks early on. It looks like he’s breaking ranks, but he is endorsing “the party nominee.” But you and I both know this is not what the party wants. They may have to act like it is by the end of the summer, but they don’t want this. They don’t want Trump to be their nominee. And they are still, I guarantee you, plotting ways to prevent this from actually happening. They may not be able to pull it off, but here.

Here’s the story right here: “Rubio Prepares For Contested Convention,” and this story actually leaked yesterday. It’s the one that talks about the 200 donors and Republican establishment RNC powerbrokers huddling, trying to plot ways to deny Trump the pathway to the 1,237 delegates needed. “Rubio Prepares For Contested Convention — Marco Rubio’s campaign is preparing for a contested Republican Convention as one option to take the GOP nomination away from [the Trumpster] and Ted Cruz, his campaign manager told top donors at a closed-door meeting in Manhattan Wednesday night. …

“Terry Sullivan, Rubio’s top adviser, used a Power Point presentation and took questions from attendees to lay out the two courses that Rubio’s quest for the GOP nomination could take in the coming months, two people present [spilled the beans to] CNN, speaking anonymously. The first showed the number of states and delegates Rubio would need to clinch the nomination outright before July’s convention.” Who are we kidding here?

“The second was the scenario in which none of the candidates gain the simple majority delegates needed to clinch the nomination before the convention, unleashing a messy and potentially unpredictable battle where multiple candidates are vying for the title.” The second course is the scenario in which none of the candidates gain the number of 1,237 delegates needed to clinch, which would unleash a messy and potentially unpredictable battle where multiple candidates are vying for the title.

So Rubio is the establishment candidate now. I mean, nobody’s denying that, and Christie has broken ranks and has now joined the Trump campaign. Let’s go to the audio sound bites of that. This is Chris Christie in Fort Worth at an event. This sound bite… This event is over an hour long, and it is still going on, and this crowd is still at max energy, going absolute bonkers, as Trump is laughing at Rubio, making fun of Rubio, praising Christie, even praising Cruz.

But he’s taking it to Obama, he’s taking it to Romney, he’s taking it to ISIS, he’s taking it to the border. He’s praising Joe Arpaio and all the brilliant people that are supporting him and so forth, explaining how life works in Palm Beach. He said Rubio got it wrong, that he inherited $200 million from his dad. He said, “I wish.” He said, “It was one million, wasn’t $200 million.” He even opened a bottle water and somehow that was related to Rubio, and he started throwing water all over the stage.

He was shaking up the bottle and said, “This is what happens with little chokers in my campaign.” He shook the bottle up, and, bam! Threw the water all over everything. Here’s Christie endorsing the Trumpster…

CHRISTIE: I am proud to be here to endorse Donald Trump for president of the United States. I’m doing this for a number of reasons. First is that Donald and I, along with Melania and Mary Pat, have been friends for over a decade. He has been a good and loyal friend to our family, as we have been to he and his family. And over the years, we’ve had wonderful times together. Secondly, I’ve been on that stage. I’ve gotten to know all the people on that stage. And there is no one who is better prepared to provide America is the strong leadership that it needs, both at home and around the world, than Donald Trump.

RUSH: Now, folks, do not doubt me. That is a shotgun aimed at the Republican establishment. Chris Christie has just said that this outsider, who has no political experience whatsoever, is better than anybody he knows to tackle all of these problems, both at home and abroad. This is… Well, I don’t want to make too big a deal of it because of the timing, but this is a break. This is exactly what the RNC does not want happening, and I still maintain this is one of the reasons Romney was out there throwing down on Trump’s taxes was to freeze this kind of stuff from happening. Here’s more Christie endorsing Trump…

CHRISTIE: The one person that Hillary and Bill Clinton do not want to see on that stage come next September is Donald Trump. They know how to run the standard political playbook against junior senators and run them around the block. They do not know the playbook with Donald Trump because he’s rewriting the playbook. He’s rewriting the playbook of American politics because he’s providing strong leadership that’s not dependent upon the status quo. And so the best person to beat Hillary Clinton in November on that stage last night, is undoubtedly Donald Trump.

RUSH: Well, let’s just screw it in even tighter on the establishment. Let’s just throw down even more. (summarized) “He’s rewriting the playbook of American politics. He’s rewriting it! Nobody can keep up with Donald Trump. Everybody’s backwards and behind times. Trump is so far ahead of the game that these political professionals have been devoting their lives to it, have no clue how to keep up with Trump.” And here’s even more…

CHRISTIE: The fact is that desperate people do desperate things, and I’ve seen it throughout politics, and so have you. And so the idea that Marco Rubio can get inside Donald Trump’s head is an interesting proposition, but one that’s really for the DC parlor game. What Donald Trump is about is about the people of this country. You know, you heard — I heard — some of Senator Rubio’s comments this morning. None of them were about the people of this country. When are we gonna start talking about them?

RUSH: All right, Rubio got to ’em. There’s no question. Rubio’s out there making fun of Trump, reading his tweets, making fun of his misspellings and so forth, and they do this deal that Trump’s still going on as we speak. So here’s Trump responding to all of this praise from Chris Christie.

TRUMP: They did speculate that he was gonna be my vice presidential pick. Now it’s obvious that he’s not going to be. I never even had it in mind. I don’t think he has the right temperament. I watched Chris do a number on him. I’ve almost never seen a meltdown like that in my life. And, you know, it’s interesting about people who choke. I’m — believe it or not — a good athlete. I’ve watched people choke over the years. And once a choker, always a choker. It never, ever changes. The guy that misses the kick misses the kick. When he misses the first one, you gotta get rid of him ’cause it doesn’t work. Once a choker, always a choker. And that was one of the epic meltdowns. He didn’t know where he was. I thought he was gonna die.

RUSH: It’s actually a question from a reporter. “Mr. Trump, a few days ago people were speculating that Rubio wasn’t gonna go after you and you weren’t going after him. Maybe you had a secret deal to be veep,” and that’s what Trump’s reacting to. “No freaking way! What did Vicente Fox say? N freaking way he gonna be my vice president!” But now, you know, Kasich has to be looking at this and gulping a couple of times, because there’s only one reason for Kasich to stay in. Well, there’s always more than one.

There’s fundraising. There’s the lecture circuit. There’s chance to earn money the Hillary Clinton way, by making speeches. But I think Kasich still does dream of maybe being on the ticket as vice president. And he’s gotta do it. Well, maybe doubting his chances now that Christie has officially endorsed, which might launch Christie ahead of Kasich in any kind of line of succession, so to speak.


RUSH: We’ve got Trump sound bites from the rally here where he mocks Rubio. I’m gonna… Folks, something happened here. I’m telling you this rally? I don’t think this was scheduled to go on like this. Rubio’s out there today, this morning, he’s in Fort Worth and he’s mocking Trump continuing what happened last night, laughing at him, making fun of him, reading his tweets, making fun of the fact that they’re misspelled. The audience is eating it up.

I think that what happened the debate last night from both Cruz and Rubio obviously hit a nerve in the Trump campaign, ’cause they are out there today reacting to this, not making it try to look like that, but they are reacting to it and they’re going at a thousand percent energy here — and Trump is just trying to destroy Rubio. Here, grab sound bite 35, real quickly, just to give you an example. I mentioned this in my own words about an hour ago, but this is actually Trump saying it.

TRUMP: I watched Chris take a man apart — and I looked him, and honestly, I thought he was going to die. Rubio, he was so scared like a little frightened puppy. And he kept saying the Obama phrase over and over. So then I heard it once, and I said, “That’s fine. Big deal.” I’m standing here; he’s right here. Chris is over here. And Chris is sort of cool, cause he’s like this. (laughter) I couldn’t do that, you know? I want to stand up sort of like straight, I don’t know.

RUSH: It wasn’t over, folks. It was just getting going here. Number 36. Three … two … one.

TRUMP: Just looked like Perry Mason, that’s what it was. And Chris started going into him. So he said the Obama phrase once; I was fine. Twice, I said, “Ah, he just said that. That was strange. But that’s okay, right, twice?” Then a third time. And I said, “It was like a robot,” and then a fourth time and a fifth time, and I said, “This guy’s cracking up on us,” and he was sweating so badly, I have never seen anything like it. It looked like he just jumped into a swimming pool with his clothing on.

RUSH: Now, I’m watching this on both Fox and CNN, and the CNN infobabe reporter (I don’t know who) is reporting on this literally with deer-in-the-headlight eyes. She cannot believe what she’s watching, and then she’s trying to tell viewers what they just saw, and you can tell she’s in shock. She’s never seen anything like this. And, of course, I can totally understand that. I mean, these CNN people are used to the buttoned down, white shoe caricature culture of pinstriped suits at Foggy Bottom at the State Department with everybody prim and proper and so forth.

And they deal with this, and they don’t know how to react to it, and they don’t know how to characterize it, and they don’t know how to report it, and so when they do report it, they cannot hide their fascination with it all. And Trump’s out there saying (impression), “You know what? It’s gonna go from now on? It’s gonna be ‘Merry Christmas’ from now on! No more ‘happy holidays’! Have I got it right, pastor? Have I got it right? The pastor, he’s gonna make me… He’s gonna make me hold to it.

“I promise it’s gonna be ‘Merry Christmas’! We’re gonna have greatest Christmas parties and we’re gonna have the greatest Christmases ever! We’re gonna have the greatest country! We’re gonna have the greatest borders. People are gonna get in, but it’s gonna be the right people. We’re gonna let ’em in. We’re gonna have the greatest borders. We’re gonna have the greatest trade deals.” It just never stopped for an hour and a half like that.


RUSH: And wait for it. Wait for it! The Politico is out already with an article on the seven times Chris Christie said that Trump was not fit to be president. (chuckling) Yes siree bob. The Politico’s already out there, and I guarantee you the rest of the conservative media’s gonna be out there with the long knives out for Christie as well. This whole thing just got… If it’s even possible, this thing got ramped up even more today and this afternoon, ’cause as the president of Mexico would say, “It’s nut-cracking time out there now, folks.”

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