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RUSH: Sylvania is up next from San Diego. Hi, Sylvania. Glad you waited. You’re up next on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I was a big Trumpster from the get-go. The way he caught my attention was when he started saying “make America great again” and we’re going to “win” again. For me that was the keyword, winning, because I was absolutely exhausted and tired of losing seven years. I wanted to win. So I was with Donald Trump from the beginning.

But then also Ted Cruz kind of started getting my attention. And I was thinking and looking at both guys and debating. And then Iowa happened. And what we saw in Iowa was that Ted Cruz took on the ethanol lobby and he said “no subsidies.” And he was the only candidate that did that. Donald Trump actually caved there. The ethanol lobby spent a lot of money against Ted Cruz and the governor in Iowa actually said: Please vote for anybody but Cruz. And Cruz held firm and he won.

So when you had that caller before saying, “Well, I’m with Donald Trump because he’s a fighter and he fights. And Ted Cruz, I’m not sure that he can fight.” I say you really need to look at the things the way they are, not the way you want them to be. Because right now I see Ted Cruz standing firm and strong.

RUSH: You’re one of the — I’m trying to remember how many, it’s not very many. You’re one of the few committed Trumpsters that I’ve ever encountered who has decided to leave and go somewhere else, in your case for Cruz. Was it really ethanol that did it for you?

CALLER: Well, there were some things, but definitely it was ethanol. You know, the statements that he was making that made me think that perhaps he doesn’t really understand separation of powers between judicial, legislative, executive branch. Then I really don’t think that he understands — I like to have a separation between the states. For example, that 9/11 moment in the debate in Iowa, when Ted Cruz said he has New York — hello?

RUSH: Yeah, I’m here.

CALLER: When he said that Donald Trump has New York values, I really — (phone cuts out) — Trump said 9/11 are our values. To me it was almost an equivalent to Barack Obama using a race card to stop the conversation.

RUSH: All right. I gotcha. I gotcha. I think you had call waiting and somebody is calling you and you thought I was hanging up on you. By the way, do we still have our Dittocam signal because I lost my feed on my monitor here. We’re up and running? Okay, well, now, that’s interesting. I have not talked to too many Trumpsters who have seen the light or abandoned Trump or whatever. She’s got two different reasons there. Ethanol and — I never said separation — I think she’s talking about an observation that Donald is not particularly ideological. In other words, who is liberal and who is conservative, that doesn’t register with him. He sees things in different ways. Not a criticism. Not a criticism. An observation.

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