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RUSH: Salon.com — Salon magazine, left-wing extraordinaire — headline: “Hillary Clinton Just Cannot Win: Democrats Need to Accept That Only Bernie Sanders Can Defeat the GOP.” Salon is — I don’t know — demanding, advocating, editorializing that Hillary get out of the race. They are suggesting that she surrender. She can’t win. She can’t beat Trump or Cruz or whoever. Only Bernie Sanders can. Salon.com: Wacko, leftist, extreme radicals to you and me; mainstream Democrat thought to them. I’m going to have to make a note because I’m not going to have time to develop this today.

But, folks, it is a… We sit here and we laugh at Bernie Sanders and that whole campaign over there. We laugh at Crazy Bernie as this doddering man running around. You realize a frightening, frighteningly large percentage of Americans think Bernie Sanders is a rock star. And it’s because of what he’s saying. It’s not personality. It’s not. It may be cultish, but it’s because Bernie Sanders is promoting socialism. It’s right there what we’re up against, and the one thing the Republican presidential primary does not hit on is that.

And I think they should. That’s what we’re ultimately up against. Now, I understand the immediate task at hand for Republicans is to win the nomination, to win the primary fight. But I think part and parcel of doing that is letting everybody know you know who the real opponents are, the real enemy is, and what we’re going to do about it. Because this is a significantly large number of Americans that can’t wait to elect this guy. They’re not a tiny minority of 20%, folks. And they are rabid.


RUSH: I’m telling you, Salon.com is not insignificant. They may not be the Huffington Puffington Post. Although they may be. I really don’t know, to be honest, who your average, ordinary, left-wing radical, thinks is their most credible website out there, who they rely on, who to them is gospel. A lot of them think Salon is. Some of them think Huffington Puffington Post. Some think it’s The Nation. But I’m telling you: When something like Salon comes along and thinks Hillary should surrender because she can’t beat the Republican, that only Bernie Sanders can and that they love Bernie and they don’t like Hillary?

They want her gone?

This is not insignificant.

And, again, to me it is a very sobering reality to see how many Americans think what Bernie Sanders is talking about is heaven: A 90% tax rate, “free” everything — and that’s what he’s promising. Everything is free, and he’s going to punish everybody who has succeeded at anything to pay for it. He’s going to punish every achiever. He’s going to punish people trying to achieve. He wants to tax “Wall Street speculation.” That’s anybody who buys or sells a stock! He wants to tax every level. He wants to tax the attempt to succeed.

Even in his world, the attempt to succeed makes you a suspect, and you have to be taxed. Free college. Free food. What good is free college? What is…? The theory is that everybody needs an education, free education, to make it fair so that you can go out there and get a job and do well. But if you’re also trying to wipe out competition, why should anybody have to have an education to succeed? Why won’t you just mandate success and define it as X number of dollars a year and give that away?

What is this going to college? Why do people need an education. What are they going to use it for? They’re going to use it to improve themselves? Well, that’s competition! You can’t have that because then you’ll have some losers. See, the libs are get hung up every step of the way, even in their utopia, because you’re going to have losers — and that’s what’s they can’t abide. They can’t abide that they’re losers. Any system that makes people losers is unjust and immoral and we’ve got to get rid of it.

Except they’re not going to get rid of themselves so what are they going to do here? What’s the point of an education? Particularly when the number of jobs available are dwindling or is dwindling because the government is taking over more and more of them. What’s the point of an education if it’s not for propaganda and brainwashing, which I think is really what they mean by education. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I don’t think when Bernie Sanders talks about “education,” he’s talking about preparing people to do well in life.

Because he can’t mean that because that means they then gotta go out and compete. And competition, that’s one of the biggest sins in all of “progressivism.” Even if you want to compete you’re bad. That means you want to win. Not cool! If you want to win, you want losers, and then you’ll taunt them. That’s really bad. No. No losers and by definition no winners, because everybody wins. So, Bernie, don’t give away college.

Just establish what you think is a fair annual amount of money to live on. Don’t call it an income, because nobody is earning it, in your world. Just establish what it is. If it takes 100 grand, give it to everybody — and I guarantee you, he’s going to have people vote for him on that basis, folks. That’s what’s happening now. That’s what they think he’s promising. Hell, that’s what they thought Obamacare was going to be. A large number of them. It’s a scary, scary thought.

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