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RUSH: I was watching CNN. This is funny to me. I was watching CNN. I’ve got CNN and Fox on my monitors, and about half an hour before the program started, something drew my attention to CNN. It must have been the fact that they had five guests.

Five guests in five different camera shots surrounding the host, who was in the middle. And I said… Something was going on. It looked big. Breaking news, flashing light, sirens! I said, “What the hell? Did another helicopter crash in Hawaii?” I looked in. You know what it was?
They were having an orgasm. They were having an orgasm! They couldn’t contain themselves with joy because James Clyburn had endorsed Hillary. They spent 30 minutes on that.

That was the biggest news of the day, as though an endorsement from James Clyburn is all you need, that’s it; Hillary wins. “Bernie, you can go home.” James Clyburn, formerly of the Congressional… Well, he’s still a member of the Congressional Black Caucasians. He’s not the chairman anymore, but he’s a member. But he has a lot of power. He has a lot of integrity. He has a lot of sway in South Carolina. And here’s what he said. This was this morning in Columbia, South Carolina, at a press conference to announce he was endorsing Hillary.

CLYBURN: A few people speculated that my head was with one candidate and my heart with the other. That was not the case at all. My heart has always been with Hillary Clinton.

RUSH: Awwww.

CLYBURN: But my head had me in a neutral corner.

RUSH: Oh! Okay.

CLYBURN: But after extensive discussions with my wife, Emily —

RUSH: Right.

CLYBURN: — who is here with me today —

RUSH: Right.

CLYBURN: — our children and grandchildren —

RUSH: It took all that?

CLYBURN: — and other constituents and friends here in South Carolina and across the country —

RUSH: No kidding?

CLYBURN: — I have decided to terminate my neutrality and get engaged.

RUSH: I’m telling you what, the way they reacted to this on CNN the endless parade of guests, they’re worried, folks. They’re really worried! Even though Hillary has the game rigged with the super delegates, they’re scared to death that this old codger Bernie might run away with this. It looks like Bernie may win the Nevada caucuses. It looks like Bernie might do something big in South Carolina. It looks like Bernie… Bernie has shown up ahead of Hillary for the first time in a national poll. In fact, here’s a story from Breitbart News.

“Senator Bernie Sanders Passes Hillary Clinton Faster Than Obama did in 2008.” This is in the Fox News poll. “A national poll shows how quickly [Crazy Bernie] has edged in front of Hillary…” So when they had their orgasm here on CNN when James Clyburn endorsed her, you could just see the relief. You could see they had to share the joy. They had to get all these guests in here to analyze what it all meant. Oh, it just… It saved the day. It saved the week. I’m thinking, “An endorsement from James Clyburn can do that? Your people must really be scared.”

Now don’t get me wrong. Common sense would tell us that Hillary Clinton and her camp would be scared. This is not how it’s supposed to go. Bernie Sanders is supposed to be nowhere near this. It’s supposed to be another coronation. Instead, it’s playing out like the race in 2008 did. They’ve been there once; you see it happen a second time it starts happening. It really unnerves them. So look at Clyburn trying to make his endorsement sound bigger than it is. “My heart has always been with Hillary Clinton. But my head had me in a neutral corner. But after extensive discussions with my wife, Emily … our children and grandchildren, and other constituents and friends…”

This guy consulted the world about what he should do.

That’s how big and important it is.

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