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RUSH: Mike in Raleigh, North Carolina, on Open Line Friday. You’re next.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I know how to beat Trump. You’ve got to use his own tactics. Ted Cruz’s main selling point is his integrity. So what’s Trump do? Calls him a liar, liar, liar. Well, what Cruz should say is: “How can we trust you to make America win again when you’re such a loser? Go on and sue, you loser.” There’s countless ways to characterize Trump as a loser. You just talked about it. His backtracking on calling Bush a liar. There’s so many ways. He lost to the little old lady in Atlantic City! He’s been bankrupt. He’s been divorced. He’s flip flopped. When you were for abortion, now you’re not for abortion, were you a loser then or are you a loser now? Countless ways to go after him, and that would piss him off. And, you know, that’s, I think, the way to do it.

RUSH: What’s the task at hand? The task at hand is to, what, take some of Trump’s support?

CALLER: Is to take Trump out.

RUSH: No, no, wait.

CALLER: To get some of his voters to cash out.

RUSH: You think you’re going to take Trump voters and convince them not to support him by calling him a loser?

CALLER: He’s a loser every which way you look at it. I mean, whether —

RUSH: No, no. Listen. You’ve got Trump supporters; you know who they are. They’re committed to the guy. Do you think by Ted Cruz running around calling him a “loser,” that you think he could convince Trump supporters to abandon him?

CALLER: I think somehow, some way reasonable doubt has to put in people’s mind because with him just saying, “I’m going to make America win again,” is working. So somehow there has to be reasonable doubt cast upon that.

RUSH: But, no. I’m asking specific: The word “loser.” Nobody’s going to associate that word with Trump. Nobody! You’re not going to peel off one Trump supporter by having Cruz running around calling him a loser. If your objective is to tick Trump off, you can do that, maybe. But you’re not… The objective if you’re Cruz or Rubio, you need Trump supporters to abandon him. And you’re not going to do it by calling him a loser.

The reason, one of the many, that Trump supporters are locked in, is because to them he’s a winner. And he’s going transfer that winning to the country and transfer that to them. They’re going to become winners! Trump to them represents an era of America that is almost over because it’s been under assault and under attack. I would call it the Era of the Standard Majority. It’s under assault, it’s under attack, and people who have not been in that majority are mad and they want to get rid of it and replace it.

Trump represents that to people who are very much aware of that, and he’s the bulwark. He’s not going to let the Era of the Standard Majority actually be taken away. Calling him a loser… I’m just trying to help you out here. I know that you love Cruz and you want Cruz to win and you think there’s ammo out there, and there may be. But it does not include calling Trump a loser. In fact, not only are you not going to take votes away, you may solidify the support that he’s got from people already if you use that term.

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