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RUSH: We’ve got Hillary Clinton. We gotta add now this coughing spasm fit to the dog barking montage. We’ve done that. Audio sound bite number two, and then to the obscene profit time-out. Let’s hear it.

HILLARY: I don’t feel no ways tired! (coughing) I come too far! (cackling) Arf! Arf! Arf! (coughing) (screeching) We are Americans (coughing) (cackling) and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration! (coughing) (cackling) Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf! (coughing)

RUSH: Somebody needs to hit up Robitussin for a donation or something.


RUSH: On the Democrat side of things, there is outright panic — outright panic on the Democrat side — and I’m gonna tell you: The health questions involving Hillary Clinton? Do not doubt me on this. In addition to everything else that’s not going as planned, these recurring public instances of health challenges, problems, however you want to characterize it, have got people really worried.

The coughing spasms, the barking like a dog. She tried to impersonate Al Sharpton the other day with her “black accent,” and, I mean, this is worrisome. The coughing fits? The coughing really has ’em worried, folks. (playing of spoof) They are worried, folks. Terribly, terribly worried. Yesterday in Harlem at the Schaumburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Hillary Clinton spoke, and she was struck by a coughing fit.

HILLARY: Represent inmates… (coughing) Excuse me. (coughing) Too much to say. (coughing)

FOLLWOERS: Hillary! Hillary!

HILLARY: That’s been… (coughing) That’s been part of my mission.

RUSH: Right. (coughing) They’re really worried out there, ladies and gentlemen, about Mrs. Clinton. And they’re saying that she got choked up because the event was so meaningful to her. You don’t believe me? Grab audio sound bite number three. She just got choked up. This is Brianna Keilar, one of the many infobabes for Hillary, on CNN with Don Lemon within CNN Tonight. Lemon said (paraphrased), “Hillary Clinton’s speech, was it (coughing)…? Was it well received?”

KEILAR: This was… This was a very supportive crowd. In fact, actually at one point she choked up so badly that she struggled to speak for a few minutes, and they actually cheered to fill the time because it got a little awkward.

RUSH: Right, she “choked up.” She wasn’t coughing. She got choked up. She got choked up. What do you mean, “choked up”? Because it was such a meaningful event and it was just she cares so much about black culture. I thought I had here. I thought I had the sound bite where she’s out there impersonating Sharpton. I can’t keep up with my own brain sometimes. I think I see something and I forget where it was. Anyway, if we’ll find it, but there’s panic out there.

In fact, from the Political Wire, “The Clinton panic is palpable. Clinton spent Monday in Nevada and sent her husband to fill in at Florida events after her campaign clearly sensed the firewall buckling here. … There is a dearth of reliable public polling in Nevada, but no one on either side has asserted the race is not in reach for Sanders.” And he’s just not going away. Not only is he not going away, he’s gaining ground and she’s losing ground. And it’s still…

When you listen to the analysts and the experts talk, “Oh, there’s no question she’s gonna be the nominee. No question. I mean, we own it with the superdelegates.” They’re all saying, “Look at where it is. We own it. There’s no way.” Yet Bernie’s not going away. This is not what they had in mind when any of this was being planned way back when. So there is panic and Bill Clinton, of course, doesn’t hold the magic. He’s become — in the estimation of many of the people on the Democrat side — an obstacle to this. So, it remains fluid.

RUSH: Okay. Hillary Clinton, back to her, just a couple things, in Harlem, she’s back at the Schaumburg. Same place where the coughing spasm broke out. But before it broke out, this was said.

HILLARY: Some are even saying he doesn’t have the right to nominate anyone, as if somehow he’s not the real president. You know, that’s in keeping what we’ve heard all along, isn’t it? Many Republicans talk in coded racial language about takers and losers. They demonize President Obama and encourage the ugliest impulses of the paranoid fringe. This kind of hatred and bigotry has no place in our politics or our country.

RUSH: Never ceases to amaze me that these people never stop accusing us of that which they actually do. Encouraging the ugliest impulses of the paranoid fringe? The paranoid fringe they own. The paranoid fringe is way out there on the left, and here she is supposedly mimicking the voice of Al Sharpton. Yesterday political correspondent Annie Karni posted a video on her Twitter feed. Hillary Clinton’s meeting with Sharpton and the political correspondent says, “Reverend Sharpton, will you endorse Hillary Clinton?”

SHARPTON: You gotta watch her. She’s trying to ask whether I’m endorsing. I told only you know and you’re not telling.

HILLARY: My lips are sealed.

RUSH: My lips are sealed, she said. She said her lips are sealed. Did you hear that? She said, my lips are sealed. No megaphone whatsoever. Her lips are sealed. She was imitating Reverend Sharpton.

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