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RUSH: I checked the e-mail during the break and there’s some people ticked off at me today. Strange. Yeah. “What do you mean, the Democrat Party’s the most destructive force? You say this stuff all the time, you never back it up, it’s why you’re so inflammatory.” Okay. See, I think something like that doesn’t need, even on this program, explanation and detail, but I’m happy, I am more than happy to provide it.

This is my point here. I mentioned earlier that normally the desire here is just mock and laugh and make fun of these people, Hillary and Bernie in this debate, but the problem is way too many people really, really just believe the drivel and the bilge that these people put out. Look, I believe that liberalism, Democrat Party, whatever you want to call it, is the most destructive force in America, outside of weather calamities that are acts of God. It is an organized force. It has an active philosophy with a multiplicity of objectives, and together they are oriented and aimed at destroying and tearing down this country.

I don’t think there’s any argument about that. Isn’t that why the people that support the Democrat Party support it, because they want this country changed and transformed. They want aspects of it they don’t like destroyed? You know, you people can get all upset at me out there, but all I happen to be doing is properly identifying you. The Democrat Party is the most destructive force in America. The Democrat Party is hell-bent on destroying this economy, and they’re well on their way. They have ownership of it. We are seven years in. We’ve got 94 million Americans not working. And then they lie and tell us the unemployment rate’s 4.9%.

We have people’s hours, people who are working, their hours are being pared down because of the onerous, punitive nature of Obamacare to American business. The US military is one of the last institutions left that still hasn’t fully, totally been corrupted, and they’re on the way with that. It’s in their crosshairs. And there’s not even any pretense of it. They’re not even trying to camouflage it anymore. In the old days, liberalism, they didn’t even want that word used. That’s why they came up with the word “progressive,” cause “liberalism” was a death knell. Now not so much. There’s no pretense.

The media doesn’t hide their liberalism. The Democrat Party openly advocates it. Free market capitalism is the enemy. The system that has produced the greatest standard of living in the history of the world is under assault in this country on the basis that it somehow is unfair and rigged, and so it’s got to be blown up and replaced with what? A bunch of neophyte, no-experience little leftists commanding and controlling the economy and redistributing everything in what they claim is fairness.

But the real objective is to keep everybody dependent on them and government, thereby ensuring massive landslide election victories every two or four years. You have to make free market capitalism the enemy. You have to make rugged individualism the enemy. You have to make self-reliance the enemy. They’re on the way. They’ve been doing it for my entire life and longer. Massive taxes, tax increases. Did you see the stories — and they were abundant before the Super Bowl — Cam Newton was the focal point, but it was any of the players.

Cam Newton paid more in taxes than he earned playing the Super Bowl, because of the tax structure. California took their share. The Feds took their share. North Carolina, where he lives, took their share. And then Medicare and Medicaid, separate taxes, FICA, took their share. I think the losing share for a Super Bowl team — I’m making this up ’cause I don’t remember — let’s say it’s a hundred grand or something like that. It’s close to that. Cam Newton’s income tax on that income added to his income the rest of the year meant that he would pay more taxes on that income than what he earned.

It’s why I don’t go to New York anymore. I learned this way back in the nineties. It costs me X-number of thousands of dollars a day to work in New York. So I left New York in 1997. I’m audited every year, nevertheless. What they want to determine is how many days I work in New York every year. That’s why I don’t. I don’t want there to be any dispute about it. But there still is. I still have to prove 14 different ways where I am every day of the year.

They can claim, “No, you worked 50 days in New York.”

“No, I wasn’t there once.”

“Well, we say you were. You have to prove you’re not.”

So I hire a lawyer, go prove I wasn’t there. It can take years. When this all started, the way to settle this was to agree on a per diem amount per day that I worked in New York, and that’s exactly how sports teams are taxed. When the Los Angeles Dodgers go to New York, they pay New York tax for the number of days they’re playing games there. When the New York Mets or Yankees go to California, same thing, and it’s this way all over the country now. It’s called the duty day tax. And it’s these states wanting their share of whatever portion of a player’s income was derived on the days those guys were in town playing.

Well, it’s worked out for Cam Newton. He had to pay more in California, additional North Carolina, and all these other incremental taxes, it all added up, the income he made from the Super Bowl blew his taxable income up to an amount greater than what he was paid for working that day. There were all kinds of stories about it. It’s gotten so bad that some players are determining where they’re gonna live in free agency now, what teams they’re gonna choose. They’re choosing teams or places to live where there are no state income tax. That’s how they escape all this.

My point is that we owe this to the Democrat Party. What was that governor’s name? David Paterson. Some reporter at a press conference told him, “You know, Limbaugh left New York because of your tax policy.” He said, “Really? Well, if I’d a known we could have gotten rid of Limbaugh earlier, I would have raised taxes sooner.” And chuckles came from the media, and they laughed and so forth. But the Democrat Party is right in there raising everybody’s taxes, taking away money from people who earn it and produce it to redistribute it to others. It’s all part of their transformation and their economic reorganization, which I call destructive.

And last night, the debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was the equivalent of quack doctors extolling the wonders of untreated cancers. These people actually had the gall to sing the praises of the Cuban health care system to us. But it’s not just Cuba’s third-rate health care system that the Democrats want. They want the whole nine yards. They want an economy-killing centralized government that claims a monopoly on virtue, compassion, and intelligence, promises of revolution and prosperity while the middle class craters and careers are transformed into part-time jobs.

And that is the history of the last seven years under Barack Obama. Then you add to that students graduating with six-digit student debt, student loan debt, with worthless degrees that are not gonna help them recoup what they’ve spent for their education and then get ahead. Last night was a naked power grab by two unaccomplished, old dithering fools both nearing their dotage, if you ask me, justified by lie after lie after lie when it comes to mathematics and economics, a complete ignorance of history. It almost forced me to turn the TV off last night. I couldn’t handle the lies anymore. One lie after another. It became intolerable.

John Podhoretz of the New York Post has written about it: “Apparently We Should Get on a Boat and Leave America ASAP — The two candidates for the Democratic nomination spent most of two hours arguing over who was the better diagnostician of the moral diseases, ideological calamities, spiritual infirmities, racial injustices and downright evils that are being visited upon the suffering 320 million who have found themselves through no fault of their own trapped between two oceans in a dystopian oligarchic hell they call America.”

That’s exactly how this country was portrayed last night and the previous debate and every other Democrat debate or every Democrat campaign appearance. This place is portrayed at hell on earth brought to you by George W. Bush, the Republicans, and the Iraq war (in the modern incarnation). The America they want to save us from, the America from which they want to liberate us is not George W. Bush’s. It’s Barack Obama’s. But they don’t ever say that. They blame the Koch brothers. Nobody knows who the Koch brothers are!

The Koch brothers can’t do, don’t do diddly-squat. The Koch brothers never enforced a regulation on somebody. The Koch brothers never raised anybody’s taxes. The Koch brothers never sent anybody’s kids off to war. The Koch brothers haven’t done diddly-squat because they can’t. They’re not in government. The government does all of this. But in the Democrat Party, world, it’s the evils of private citizens who are wreaking and meting out all this havoc.

It’s the government — ever expanding with more power to dominate and control — which must come in and clean out the vipers and the cesspool and the landfill and the utter sewer and garbage that this country is. And I can only take so much it for so long, particularly when I’m listening to people who have been in positions of power while all these complaints they register have occurred. Bernie Sanders says there is massive despair all over this country — and there is massive despair. But the massive despair felt by the majority of Americans is despair over what the Democrat Party has done in its quest, its destructive quest in this country.

That’s my explanation for it, and I could keep going if you want me to.

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