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RUSH: No, I didn’t forget. Here it is. You know, ten years ago Algore said that if we didn’t do whatever he said we had to do, that the end of the earth would have happened by now. January 27, 2006, he said in ten years, it was gonna be over. The earth was gonna be largely uninhabitable. Sea levels would have risen to the point that New York City would be underwater. It would have been just an abject, utter disaster — and, of course, nothing of the kind has happened because they’re all lying. They don’t… This is also getting tiresome.

All they’ve got are computer models, and young people who think that they are scientists and love sci-fi and high-tech and think Elon Musk is a god. They all believe this garbage because they think it’s high-tech super science, and they want it to all be true. They’re young liberals, and these are people that are convinced of the dystopian future, and that’s all part of it. But now the sea levels are not rising, just like the heat didn’t happen. Remember the story we had about three weeks ago claiming the ocean ate the heat?

The heat was there.

The last 15 years where there hasn’t been any temperature rise, it did rise! The heat rose. It’s just the oceans ate it. Somehow, the heat ended up 700 meters below the surface, and this is… Folks, this is gonna make sea level rise even worse because that heat, 700 feet down that the ocean ate, is gonna boil the saltwater, warm it up out there, and it is gonna be worse than freshwater boiling over, and it’s gonna make the sea level rise even worse than we thought, like 10 or 20 or 30 years from now! Like, wow! The ocean ate the heat.

No explanation of how. Just some scientist at some laboratory claimed he discovered it. So now what to do? Ten years came and went and we’re still here and thriving, at least the destruction predicted hasn’t happened and the sea levels have not risen. So what do we do? Well, the French News Agency reports that the reason the sea level rise didn’t happen was because there has been so much drought in the last ten years that the earth has parched, and it has become so dry that it is soaking up water!

It’s soaking up rainwater, it’s soaking up snowpack, it’s soaking up the water in aquifers, and it’s because the earth is basically just dying of thirst, which is part and parcel of all the heat that has happened with global warming. “Satellite measurements over the past decade show for the first time that the EarthÂ’s continents have soaked up and stored an extra 3.2 trillion tons of water in soils, lakes and underground aquifers…” This is in the journal Science, so of course it’s irrefutable. It’s in the journal called Science!

The earth is so thirsty, it somehow got so parched and to dry, it soaked up all the water and therefore the sea level rise has been temporarily delayed until the earth has soaked up more water than it can absorb and everything is mud, then the sea levels will start rising. “This has temporarily slowed the rate of sea level rise by about 20%, [the piece] said. ‘We always assumed that people’s increased reliance on groundwater for irrigation and consumption was resulting in a net transfer of water from the land to the ocean,’ said lead author JT Reager of NASAÂ’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.”

But, no!

That transfer from land to ocean didn’t happen, ’cause the earth is so dry.

Who knew?

That they cloud this stuff or present this stuff in Science is even doubly insulting.

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