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RUSH: I’ll tell you, this is getting painful to have to watch this stuff. The Democrat debate. You know, ladies and gentlemen, after watching this thing last night, I do not understand why in the world the Democrat Party wants to let more immigrants into this country. This country sucks so bad, this country is so horrible, this country is so decrepit, why in the world would they want anybody to come here and live here? It’s a mind-boggling thing to listen to these people talk about this country, and then to try to outdo each other.

Here we have Grandma and Grandpa gumming it up last night again, trying to outtalk each other. And depending on where you look, I’ve seen both sides represented. I’ve seen analysts who think that Hillary was just formidable, unstoppable, outclassed Crazy Bernie. And other people think she looked listless, lethargic and barely even there. I don’t think it matters. The Democrat game is rigged with these superdelegates. I told you from the get-go that Bernie is not gonna be the nominee, and Bernie even knows that, and Harry Reid, Dingy Harry, they interviewed him about all this, and Dingy Harry had a couple of interesting things to say. Dingy Harry said, look, we have to do superdelegates. We have to do superdelegates. And I would love it if we get to the convention and we didn’t have a nominee until we get to the convention. That would be fun, I would love to go to those days.

Then they said, “Harry, why do you have to do superdelegates?” He said because 97% of the population of Iowa is white and 96% of the population of New Hampshire is white. We can’t have people in those states with such an overwhelming advantage choosing the nominee in the first two races out of the gate. There aren’t any black people that live there. There aren’t any people of color that live there that are voting. It’s totally unrepresentative of the country. It’s unfair. So we have to do the superdelegates to kind of balance it out. So the superdelegates can represent the minorities who do not live in Iowa or New Hampshire.

And just off the top of my head, stream of consciousness thoughts, I’m watching these people go on and on and on about immigration. One of the points they both kept making was, as they push the idea of amnesty, that the Republicans and anybody else who opposes them, all they want to do is split up families. We can’t allow that. We can’t allow families to be split up. Why, the family is crucial. It’s a crucial structure, and one of the reasons that we should not be deporting anybody here is that we’re breaking up and busting up families, and it’s just unconscionable.

Don’t you just love it how these two people, the Democrat Party at large, is so concerned about the importance of illegal immigrant families, but they never stop to think, do they, of the demise of the black family brought about by their very own destructive policies. I’m gonna tell you, the Democrat Party’s one of the most destructive forces in this country. We’re all dealing with it, but the black family has been seemingly targeted by Democrat Party because the Democrat Party has no problem becoming “the husband” in the black family structure, meaning they’ll provide for the family if the husband is no longer around.

Bill Clinton comes along, and he is the reason so many African-American men are in prison, and here’s his wife up there saying what she’s saying about it. Nobody ever calls her on it; nobody ever asks her about it. So they tell us that we must not deport these illegal immigrants because we cannot destroy their families. Yet no mention of the total destruction of the black family by liberalism. By the way, I’m not the only one saying that. I’ve had African-Americans call this program for 27 years who have made that claim, made that charge. There doesn’t seem to be any attention paid to the black family.

Whether you want to agree with me or not about whether liberalism has destroyed the black family — and I don’t think it’s arguable. When the federal government is willing to take on the role of husband, the husband doesn’t need to hang around and doesn’t, it’s not arguable, folks. But nevertheless, we never hear the Democrat Party talk about the family structure at all except in the context of illegal immigrants. Even when talking about nonminority family members, what does Hillary Clinton say? It takes a village to raise a child.

The whole concept of the family unit is under assault. The Children’s Defense Fund, all of these Democrat programs designed to take kids away from fathers who may not be qualified to raise their own children. The desire by the Democrat Party under the auspices of the federal government and state governments to come in, child and family services, and take the kids away on the basis that the parents are not qualified, not competent. And we all know the reason for this, the indoctrination of these young kids. ‘Cause the Democrats don’t trust the families to do this because the Democrat Party doesn’t trust the average citizen, holds the average citizen in contempt as being incompetent and incapable.

But when it comes to the illegal immigrant families, why, the Democrats care about them. They don’t seem to care about the black family. They don’t care about anybody else’s family. They’re not worried about the busting anybody else’s family up. They’re not worried about the federal government taking on the role of parent in any busted-up family that they have made possible. But the illegal immigrant families, why, they matter somehow. That’s something of great importance to them. Bernie Sanders says that one in four African-American men have a chance ending up in prison.

You know what stat he did not mention?

He did not point out that those same mythical African-American young men — one in four have a chance to end up in prison — half of ’em don’t even have a chance of being born. The abortion rate in the African-American community is 50%, folks. The Democrat Party, why do you think they care so much about illegal immigrants, immigration in general? They need a permanent underclass, and the Democrat Party’s aborting a significant percentage of its own future voter base. They gotta get ’em replaced somewhere.

The overall take on the debate…

We’ve got an audio sound bite here of a montage. It’s just… It’s striking, folks. Let me give you a summary: “America’s a terrible country. We’re just down right horrible. We may be one of the absolute worst places with all the phony, false promises and the rigged systems of any country on earth. The economy’s in horrible shape, especially for minorities, especially for women, especially for ‘Mooselims,'” as Hillary calls them, “especially for the LGBT crowd. And America is really unfair to criminals who are behind bars, who face discrimination at every turn.

“Nobody has any hope. Nobody has a chance. Iraq, Nixon, and Henry Kissinger have rigged the game.” I’m not making it up. That actually came up last night: Iraq, Henry Kissinger, and Nixon. And half of the Democrat audience said, “Who’s Kissinger? Who are they talking about?” They don’t even know who Henry Kissinger is. “Women are underpaid routinely because of sexist American men who hate them. Racism has gotten worse,” under Obama, except they don’t ever say under Obama, “and every one of these problems, Hillary and/or Bernie can fix.” And again, it’s striking.

Seven years into what was supposed to be utopia, nirvana — seven years — and the Limbaugh Theorem is on full display. These people are running around complaining about all these things that have happened as though they’ve got nothing to do with it. And it’s all on them! And the poor LGBT people? Oh, lesbian, gay bisexually transgender. You know how bad it is for them in America? They get married on the weekend, and if that’s discovered at work, they get fired on Monday when they get back to work because America sucks, because America discriminates.

Not only that, a bakery will likely not bake them their cake, and not only that, a photo studio will likely not show up and take pictures of the wedding. But still, they go ahead with it. They get married; they have the party. The boss finds out about it, and they go to work on Monday or whenever the honeymoon’s over, and, bam! They’re zapped, they’re out of there, because America sucks. “Mooslims,” as Hillary pronounces it, face a difficult life in America. They are routinely discriminated against, despite being on the front lines in the post-9/11 world.

They’re doing some of the greatest work done in America — they’re some of the greatest citizens, some of the most devoted, some of the most loyal — and they are some of the most screwed because America sucks. Health care? Health care’s so bad, it isn’t working. It is an absolute disaster, despite being fixed by Obamacare. Health care needs more money, health care needs a total overhaul, health care needs somebody who actually cares — and all of this is stated, folks.

I’m not making this up. This is all stated. You’re sitting there saying, “Wait a minute. We just ‘reformed’ health care. The government just took it over. The government just took over one-sixth of the US economy under the pretext of fixing it all.” That happened in 2010. It’s 2016. Five, six years later, it’s worse than ever, if you listen to these people. America is a vast prison. Oh, yes! No matter which direction you look, north, south, east, west, up, down, American is a prison, with innocent people locked up for petty infractions — and, of course, minorities hardest hit.

Illegal immigrants? They’re not illegal! They are the victims of discrimination, xenophobia, racism, and bigotry. They’re not illegal. We need to encourage more of them to come here. Especially poor women and children. We need more poor women and we need more poor children to come here because America sucks. Why do we want them to come here? After going through all that’s wrong with America — and it’s not a pretty picture. There’s nothing positive, folks. There wasn’t one positive thing.

Why would you want anybody to come here to live in this hellhole? Unless you hated ’em and wanted to get even with them for something. No, I’m not kidding. Even though our economy sucks, even though we have no jobs, even though there’s no health care and health care is not working — and when you add to it that the Republicans don’t like ’em — why would you want them to come? What kind of compassion is that? Would you invite somebody over to your house that’s leaking, that stinks, that has animal feces the all over the place and half the population’s ex-cons?


Why would you invite them to your country when you see it that way? The rich, they’re the only ones benefiting from America. And all their money. Every dime they’ve got has come from wealth transfers from the poor and the middle class. The rich have what they have because they’ve taken money from the poor. I’ve never understood the math on this. How billionaires become billionaires by taking money from people that never had it. But that’s what they told us last night. That’s what Hillary and Crazy Bernie told us.

Bankers, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Box Retail, they’re all corrupt. All institutions are corrupt. The only pure people in America are Democrat politicians. They’re the only ones unsullied, the only ones uncorrupted, the only ones capable of true compassion and caring. The truth is, they’re the architects of all this, as you well know. Here’s our montage that somewhat summarizes all this. And keep in mind as you listen to this, these are the architects of the misery they are whining about here.

SANDERS: …aligned with a corrupt campaign finance system is a rigged economy…

SANDERS: …working longer hours for lower wages…

HILLARY: Americans haven’t had a raise in 15 years.

SANDERS: The very rich are getting richer.

SANDERS: Our wastewater plants, our rail, our airports are disintegrating!

SANDERS: The highest rate of childhood poverty of almost any major country.

HILLARY: …really systematic racism…

SANDERS: …low wages and high unemployment….

HILLARY: …inhumane treatment visited upon families, waking them up in the middle of the night, rounding them up…

SANDERS: We judge a nation not by the number of millionaires and billionaires it has, but by how we treat the most vulnerable and fragile people in our nation. We’re not doing particularly well.

HILLARY: Poison in the water. Poor minorities who are being left out. LGBT people who get married on Saturday and get fired on Monday. We have work to do.

SANDERS: We have a lot of work to do.

RUSH: There it is.

“LGBT people who get married on Saturday and get fired on Monday,” don’t get a wedding cake, and don’t get any wedding pictures. We laugh at this stuff, but you gotta realize: 40% of the country, minimum, eats this up. Forty percent of the country buys this hook, line, and sinker.


RUSH: I think Hillary Clinton, given the way she and Bernie Sanders describe America — it’s unkind, and it’s certainly not compassionate, and it’s exploitative. Look at how she’s pushing for all these poor immigrants to come to the US, and why does she want them here? All she wants is replacement people for the people the Democrats are aborting. She needs a permanent underclass. She is willing to bring poor, uneducated, unskilled people into a hellhole of a country for her own power and personal benefit, and every other Democrat is the same.

I am not exaggerating and I am not just trying to make a point.

After describing this country the way these two did last night, why would you want anybody to come here? Why wouldn’t you want people to be able to escape this? Certainly you wouldn’t want people to come here and be thrown into this mess, unless you wanted to exploit them, unless you don’t really care about them, unless what you really want is just their votes, unless you want to make them your dependents. You don’t really want to improve their lives. You just want to turn them into dependent on you. This is the height of insult.

This is Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders admitting that all they care about these people for is to use them.


RUSH: Here’s Mike in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Mike, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Man, you rock. I’ve been listening to you since 1991.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that. Thanks. Thanks much.

CALLER: You bet. Listening to the debate last night, I was laughing because I’m thinking of the Clintons and how they basically got Bernie. The leadership of the Democrats got Bernie to run so that they could make Hillary look centrist. And I just see this totally backfiring on her because the fake centrist that she is, she can’t outleft the leftist.

RUSH: Let me ask you a question. You know, you make it sound like Bernie’s campaign is all planned and is —

CALLER: (laughing).

RUSH: Well, no, sir. I’m asking you. Do you think —


RUSH: Do you think Bernie’s really not serious about this and he’s agreed to be a placeholder to make Hillary look better or tougher?

CALLER: He’s a true winner here, ’cause here’s why. Way back when this is all being planned out, you gotta think that the president, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and the Clintons are sitting there asking, “What are we gonna do to win this? You know, let’s put Bernie up there! He’ll make Hillary look centrist,” which I believe you need to get elected. So Bernie’s standing there going, “Why? You gonna use me.” And they say, “Sure, but you get to legitimize your views to more people in our country and move our country — the body politic — in your direction.” So it was a win for him, too. Whether or not it was realistic for him to become president, he gets his goal.

RUSH: Yeah. I understand all that. What I’m asking you is do you think that Bernie Sanders was approached and told, “Bernie, we want you to pretend to run for president. Be who you are, try as hard as you want to win, but you’re there to make Hillary look a little bit more moderate or centrist.” Do you think that happened, or did he decide to do this on his own ’cause he really wants to be president?

CALLER: Well, I think he really wants to be president. He’s putting everything into it. But I think, yeah, the leadership came to him and put this on a platter for him. And why would he say no? I think it’s, in his heart, just the same. I think he believes our country is ready for this approach. I mean, he wants to give away more than Hillary wants and really do it.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: So I think he’s a true believer, and he wants —

RUSH: Look, there’s no question he’s a true believer. I don’t doubt that. But my question is: How serious is he really? This… (interruption) No, because the superdelegate thing, that’s where this game is rigged. He blew her away in New Hampshire, and she ends up nine more delegates? He couldn’t beat her more decisively than he did. Nowhere else could he beat her more decisively. If he got 60% and she got 38%, and she wins delegate count by nine, you’re telling me this isn’t rigged? It’s obviously rigged, and that’s what the superdelegate process is for.

The superdelegate process on the Democrat side is for the leaders of the party to guarantee the person they want gets the nomination no matter what happens in these primaries. It would take an utter collapse on the part of the Hillary Clinton. Now, what’s happening — you’re right — is Hillary is blowing this. If there’s a strategy here to make her look like a centrist, if the strategy is to have Crazy Bernie be crazy wacko leftists so that Hillary can look unlike she’s that and more moderate and more reasonable?

She’s getting into an argument with him over who can be further left.

If that’s the strategy, she herself is blowing this, because she has entered the fray as, “I’m a better liberal than Bernie. I will go farther left than Bernie will.” Whenever Bernie scores with some wacko liberal point, Hillary is right in there saying, “I’m the real progressive in this race, and I have done what Bernie says he wants to do, and I’ve been there and I’ve already made it,” blah, blah, blah. So she’s not taking advantage of here to occupy the center. She’s in a knock-down, drag-out with the guy to own the left. Now, this, to me, represents just a golden opportunity for the Republicans. Whether they will seize that opportunity, that’s a whole ‘nother question. But it certainly is there.


RUSH: John in Daytona Beach, Florida. John, glad you waited. You’re next on Open Line Friday. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Mega dittos. Longtime listener back from beginning of your show. And longtime conservative and I’d like to just mention my son, the lieutenant colonel in the Army. He’s a lifetime listener, also a lifetime conservative, and I’m real proud of him. Anyway, my reason for calling is I listened to Debbie Wasserman Schultz this morning on Fox News making excuses for the purpose of these superdelegates —

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: — to make it fair to Hillary Clinton because there are so many white people in Iowa and in New Hampshire.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah.

CALLER: Wouldn’t be fair, right? That’s what they claim. Yet it makes me think of the superdelegates situation when she gets to South Carolina where she claims that’s her “firewall” that’s made up of so many minorities that’s gonna give her an advantage. So how is that fair to Bernie Sanders, if the superdelegates give her —

RUSH: No, no, no, no, no. See, that’s… No, no, no. You’re listening to carefully to them. This is what… You’re kind of a guy that the Democrats hate ’cause you actually listen to what they say and then you’re able to throw it back at them. You’re not supposed to think about any of this. You’re supposed to say, “Oh, South Carolina’s a firewall. New Hampshire and Iowa were lily white, and it was not fair to Hillary. That’s why we needed the superdelegates. South Carolina, that’s where we make it fair.”

“Wait, no, you just made it fair with the superdelegates. What do you mean she’s got a firewall? Isn’t this unfair to Bernie?”

“No! Bernie’s not gonna win this anyway. We can’t tell you that, but Bernie’s not gonna win it anyway. It’s all been structured so that Hillary wins no matter what Bernie does. Don’t ask me anymore.”

That’s the way to deal with it.

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