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RUSH: I mentioned earlier this Washington Post editorial: “The Utter Ugliness of Donald Trump’s Campaign Should Scare Us All — The stunningly handy wins by two anti-establishment candidates in the New Hampshire primary Tuesday are prompting conversation about similarities between New York businessman Donald Trump, the Republican victor, and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, the socialist victor on the Democratic side.”

The Washington Post says: “We think both men are dangerously if seductively wrong in their facile diagnoses and prescriptions. But Mr. SandersÂ’s platform is at least well-meaning.” Now, see, this is where I part ways with these people. “Well meaning.” Mr. Sanders is a staunch socialist who, for all intents and purposes, may as well be a communist. He has embraced the Soviet Union. He’s embraced Castro’s Cuba. He honeymooned in both places. Socialism, slash, communism, what Bernie Sanders loves, is inarguably responsible for at least a hundred million deaths around the world.

Socialism and communism has caused untold, endless human misery wherever it has been fully employed. People still literally die trying to escape it, as in Cuba. You don’t want to know what happens to people in China who try to get out. And the Soviet Union back in its heyday, they had to build walls in these places to keep people in. People died left and right trying to escape. And yet the Washington Post isn’t afraid of Bernie Sanders. No, no, no. Bernie is so well meaning.

But Trump, why, this is dangerous. “Mr. TrumpÂ’s proposals are pernicious as well as preposterous. There is no way to round up 11 million illegal immigrants and deport them — but no one should want to live in a nation that would attempt such a thing,” writes the Washington Post. Well, leave it to me once again to counter this. Presidents Truman and Eisenhower together deported nearly six million illegal aliens. You don’t even want to talk about what FDR did, another Democrat. Nobody complained about it at the time.

You know, you talk about the last 50 years and how socialism has suddenly now, in our face, overtaken much of American culture and almost all of American education. Nobody complained at the time when we deported nearly six million illegal aliens. And now the idea of doing something so inhumane, who do we think we are.

Now it’s gotten so bad that we think we ought to have open borders in order to be nice to people around the world, and why do people think that? Because they have bought the idea that somehow the circumstances in which people live around the world is our fault. That’s also part of the modern education system. It’s part of the Barack Obama ideology. The US is to blame for the misery of the world. We’re certainly not the solution to it.

“Mr. Trump is mocking the democratic process, not engaging in it. He feels no obligation to explain how he would implement his ideas, and he does not care whether his statements are true.” Actually, Trump has published a pretty detailed policy paper on immigration, and he has issued position papers on a lot of his other plans. It’s just that the Washington Post doesn’t care to notice or give them any credence.

But where are Hillary Clinton’s position papers? Where’s all the brilliance, where’s all the compassion, where’s all the wonderfulness that’s gonna come from Hillary Clinton? You listen to those people talk, I don’t know how in the world anybody can listen to either Hillary or Bernie talk and talk about how they’re well meaning. You talk about people that are obsessed with pessimism, doom, gloom. I’m sorry. I can’t avoid repeating myself from yesterday. I listen to these people and their acceptance speeches on Tuesday night. They have run this country expressly for the past seven years. They are directly culpable and responsible in every complaint they lodged.

To listen to these people complain about the health care system in this country? How dare they. They gave it to us. They set out to destroy the greatest health care system in the world. It has been taken over with something called Obamacare, and the little secret about Obamacare is it was designed to create chaos. It was designed to make it a mess because the long-term objective was to have the American people so angry and so frazzled and so panicked that they would ask the government to come in and fix it and take it over. That was the long-term plan Barack Obama had for socialized medicine: Make the people demand it.

How do you do that? Screw it up royally. That’s the phase we’re in with American health care now. Rising prices, rising premiums with rising deductibles. Still 29 million uninsured, which was apparently supposedly one of the reasons why we did this. Had that really been the objective, we could have done it for one-tenth the cost. But it never was the objective, to insure the uninsured. That was just what they said to sell it to these big-hearted liberals who don’t think about anything, they just “feel” it.

So they felt good supporting this stuff. “We’re gonna insure the uninsured! Affordable health care for all Americans!” And that’s all it was to them. Nancy Pelosi, the day Obamacare was signed, was running all over the country, “It’s such a great day! Affordable health care for all Americans!” It was over 2,000 pages that people hadn’t read. The one thing it wasn’t was “affordable,” and it also wasn’t for all Americans. But none of that mattered.

When Obama signed it, they were able to go out and characterize it however they wanted. “Affordable health care for all Americans,” and that gets reported, and that’s what everybody thinks. And point in fact, many low-information Americans thought it was going to be free, that that’s what the whole thing was about. That’s what Obama was going to do. He was gonna make it free. That’s how he was gonna make it work for everybody, because before Obama it was so expensive nobody could afford it. It was out of control and it was unfair.

And the doctors weren’t being fair! Nobody was getting the proper treatment or the diagnosis and tests. It wasn’t fair! And now it’s affordable health care for all Americans, and many of them thought it was gonna be free. Every complaint everybody had is worse by design. Even the insurance companies getting rich, people said back then… Just to relive a little recent history, people were asking me left and right, “Rush, you say this is designed to destroy the private sector insurance market.”

I said, “It is.”

“Well, then why are the insurance companies so eager to sign on to it?”

“The answer to that’s simple: They have been guaranteed by law that every single American, by law, is mandated to have their product. Every American is ordered by Obamacare to have health care, to have health insurance. And for a few years, you can only get it from a health insurance company via an Obama exchange. So they signed onto this because in the short term, they make out like bandits! They don’t even have to advertise anymore, because the law of the land is that everybody has to have it.”

Can you imagine such a law about skillets?

Can you imagine such a law about 4K TVs?

Pick any product you want, and imagine the federal government mandates that everybody buy one or else they get a fine. So the insurance company said, “Hell, we’re signing on to that! Where do we sign? Give me the dotted line! I want to sign right now.” And they took the opportunity here to make some big bucks real quick. It was easy to figure out. The bottom line with all this is it’s supposed to get so chaotic, and it’s supposed to be so expensive and so unworkable, that after a while we are all supposed to rise up en masse and beg whoever is running the country at the time:

“Would you please fix this! Please just take it over.” And somebody will come along and say, “I’d be happy to. Single payer is probably be the best way to make this happen. Don’t you think? We could really streamline this,” they’ll say. “We could simplify it happen you just have to go one place now. Go to your local government office. That’s all you have to do: Sign up, and you’re done. And we’ll take care of everything after that.” “Yeah, man! That’s cool. That’s the way to do it. Single payer! Yeah.

“Get rid of the insurance companies and all this other unfair stuff. Yeah.” That’s the objective. Just like Fast and Furious was designed to get everybody so ticked off about guns being purchased in American gun stores and being used by drug cartels, that we were supposed to stand up en masse and demand that Obama get rid of these guns. It didn’t work out in that case. And depending on who wins the presidency in November, Obama’s long-term plans in Obamacare might not work out, either.


RUSH: Here is Bob in Coronado, California. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Oh, thank you, Rush. I have a question. And it’s regarding your coming-full-circle discussion, and it pertains especially to college-age people in universities and so forth. I’m similar in age to you. You know, 50 years ago they were a pretty rebellious group. I was a little bit younger. I was only 12 or 13 when such things were going on in the campuses. But today, they’re the most compliant group, and I don’t understand that. I’ve always had a hard time figuring out, “Why is this group so enamored with the administration, the status quo?” ‘Cause that’s not the way it used to be.

RUSH: Well, but, see, this is the key. Even back in the sixties, the era you’re talking about, they were compliant. They were obedient. It’s just to a different kind of influence and different group of people. But your question, the answer to it illustrates the slow, steady stick-to-itiveness of the left. It’s taken them 40 years to bring about the reality that you just mentioned. And they have been very subtle and very patient. They have hidden the beauties and the fairness and all of the wonderful things of socialism in the curriculum and in the various new ways that education has taken place.

It’s not something that they, immediately, 40 years ago sat people down and started pointing in their faces, “This is socialism! You will love it!” They were conditioned slowly but surely like frogs in a pan of cold water when the heat gets slowly turned up. They stay in the pot until they finally realize it’s boiling — and it’s too late; they’re dead. This has been a very, very subtle, never ending series of events throughout their whole lives that have brought us to this point. The thing that amazes me is socialism has never worked. It has never worked. Neither has communism, and yet it remains the most seductive ideology. It’s the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on humanity, and it yet remains seductive like nothing else is.

But there’s another component here, to answer your question.


RUSH: I’m going to take another stab at this. The question was asked… It’s a great question, and understanding the answer to this, I think, is like understanding the answer to a lot of things. It’s necessary if we hope to reverse or fix it, whatever your frame of reference is. The question is, back in the 1960s the anti-establishment protesters were blowing up bank buildings and protesting government everywhere they could. They were protesting the Vietnam War; they were just radicals, and they were protesting what appeared to be…

This is the key: It appeared they were protesting centralized government, command-and-control authority. It appeared that they were protesting that. Now, the point is that all of those people, wherever they were — San Francisco, wherever they were in the country — were all being obedient to whoever it was that was riling them up. Where were they getting riled up? Who were they? They were students. Who was riling them up? Who was teaching them? Who was influencing them to oppose all of this command-and-control authority?

It was professors and the entire university system.

Now, the radical students of that era have ended up, in large part, where? Bill Clinton was one of them. A number of the people that Clinton populated his administration with were part of that SDS mentality, Students for a Democratic Society. They were all oriented toward communism even then. They were all oriented toward socialism. The Soviet Union was their utopia back then. The Soviet Union was the place that had all the answers. So they haven’t really changed. What’s changed is that they’re not outside the government protesting to be heard; they have taken over the government.

Many of the SDS radicals… Look at the Bill Ayerses of the world. Who do you think Obama is, folks? And where did he come from? He comes right out of this era. He regrets that he was too young to actually have been a street protester. But all of his formative experiences and friends in Chicago were of that era. Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn — and, to a lesser extent, Reverend Wright. He had his own radical agenda. It wasn’t actually SDS, but still, these people were all part of a giant, anti-America, pro-communist mind-set. And that has not changed.

The difference is now they don’t have to protest the government because they have taken it over, and now they are using it. The whole purpose… In every movement you’ve got the schlubs and the leaders, and there are two different agendas. The schlubs are the true believers. They fall hook, line, and sinker for all the seductive promises. They’re the ones that believe there is a utopia awaiting the other side of the protest march. The leaders are in it for an entirely different reason: Money and power. It is always money and power.

Whether you’re talking about a communist dictator or any other kind of leader, it is always power and money. Sometimes the quest for power and money is governed by morality and virtue, and that’s the United States of America from our founding. Other times, whatever it takes to acquire power and money. If you have to murder your citizens, if you have to plunder your own treasury and hide the money in Switzerland, you do what you do. But it’s always about power and money. And the power is the power over people.

The desire to have power to control people so as to ensure your place in the hierarchy that you have imagined or envisioned for yourself. Bernie Sanders’ voters are classic examples of these true believer followers who haven’t the slightest idea that what awaits them is total authoritarian, statist domination. They believe in the utopia. They believe in the sweetness. They believe in the light. They believe in the fairness and the equality and the sameness. They believe in the no suffering, no pain, no unhappiness. That’s what seduces them.

And that’s what Bernie (and to a lesser extent Hillary and every leftist) promises. Of course the exact opposite always happens, without fail, without exemption. There never is happiness and sameness and equality and fairness. There is misery compounded on misery compounded on misery as the reality dawns that all the promises are never gonna come true. Then anger and outrage sets in, and the leaders who have been taking these people along, then blame people like Republicans for their misery, which is Obama’s classic move.

You blame Republicans for standing in your way. You blame the fact that there is opposition to your desire for sameness, fairness, equality, everybody being nice, and everybody having something and enough. Whatever it is that you’ve defined as your nirvana, when it doesn’t happen (because it can’t happen unless you provide it for yourself), they blame others. If you’re waiting for other people to provide it for you, they’re gonna take care of themselves first and (raspberry) you and you’re gonna be left out. When that happens, your leaders come along and blame your political opponents and tell ’em they have no heart.

They tell you they have no heart, they have no compassion, they don’t care about you. When in fact, the very people you’ve been following are the ones who sold you out and have been lying to you from the get-go. That is where we are right now in this country. That is how Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders — after being in charge for seven years and ruining aspects of this country with the hope and desire to ruin even more — get away with blaming the Republicans, who haven’t had a single fingerprint on any of this, other than they haven’t tried to stop it.

And even at that, they still get blamed!

So there is an obedience that makes all of this possible, a follower mentality that makes it all possible. The misery and anger grows from the failure of the promise. And that’s where you end up with the sewer on Twitter, with all of these angry, anonymous people fed up that life has given them the raw deal. They should have had it all. They should have had everything. They’re the ones who gave it everything they’ve got, they think, but these invisible forces of powerful banks and rich billionaires have seen to it that they’ve got nothing.

They are perpetual, eternal victims. And over here is the continuing fraud of the promise of utopia. And as long as there is an able-bodied salesman for it, somehow it continues to seduce, particularly the young. One other component is very important, that in this era I think makes it especially sellable on the part of the leftist totalitarian leadership, such as Obama and the entire Democrat Party — and that is nobody has any money, folks. Look at the number of people that don’t have jobs: 94 million Americans are not working. Of the people who are working, how many of them are seeing stagnant wages?

How many of them are scared that they’re gonna lose their jobs?

How many of them think they’re barely holding on; that their savings, if they have any, are gonna be used up in surviving? People are coming out of college with six-figure debt. They’re coming out with absolutely worthless, unmarketable degrees, like Women and Earth Science Studies for the Preservation of the Spotted Owl Boot or some such thing. They don’t have any money. Many of them are still living with mom and dad at age 30? And I don’t care what all these people say… You know, it’s almost a virtuous thing for people on the left to say, “I don’t care for money. I’m not about money. I’m much, much further advanced.

“I don’t care about money. Money is yuck! I don’t need money.” And whenever anybody says that, know this: It’s only the money. I don’t care who they are, I don’t care what they tell you, I don’t care how convincing they are: Everybody wants money, and everybody wants more than they have. And if you know anybody who tells you that they don’t, the odds are it’s totally untrue because it’s necessary. But with the destruction of the private sector economy, how can it be otherwise? As this government has grown, how does it grow?

How does the government grow? How in the world does it get so big? It has to take from somewhere. Like one-sixth of the private sector economy is gone. The American health care industry is gone. One-sixth of it! There’s a lot of opportunity for wealth in that industry that’s now controlled by the government. As the government grows, as the government gets big, as the government spends money, it has to borrow it. There is this pretense of paying down the debt. And the government borrows money.

For every dollar the government borrows, that’s less in the private sector for an entrepreneur to borrow, to grow a business, or what have you. And this has been going on for a long, long time. Slowly and steadily the national debt’s gone from $12 trillion to almost $20 trillion under Obama. It may not have materialized in the government collapsing, but the manifestation of this is that there’s simply a smaller pie in the private sector where real wealth in this country exists. That’s where the opportunity for real wealth has always been.

That’s what set the American nation apart from every other ever in the history of mankind: the private sector pie. Call it the United States economy if “private sector” doesn’t sit well with you as a term. But as that shrinks — simple mathematics — as that shrinks there is less and less of that pie for more and more people to get their piece of. Now, the way America’s always dealt with that is that that pie has always grown. That’s what economic growth is, the pie getting bigger. And it’s the result of output, production, productivity, creativity, entrepreneurism, and the more government takes of it, the less it can grow. And that’s where we are.

Now, I don’t know how many of these people understand all that. What they realize is they don’t have any money. What they realize is they’ve got college educations that are not gonna get them any money. I am talking about career money. I am talking about the opportunity to create wealth. I’m not talking about millionaire wealth. I’m talking about incomes of 150, 200, 300, whatever. That’s all been condemned. How do you lump a $200,000 income with a $1 million income and claim that both are immoral? That’s another thing that’s happened here. You’re never gonna convince a family of four at 200 grand that they’re evil, the evil rich stealing from everyone. They’re barely getting by on their own ’cause everybody lives to their income.

But there’s no comparison, and yet there is. Two hundred thousand is said to be no different in terms of how we tax people and the way we think of people. But the point is the pie has shrunken. There’s no opportunity to really create wealth by virtue of hard work and a great career and the slow march that that’s always taken to age 40. You now either make it as a college dropout and become a billionaire or you don’t, in the eyes of young people. You either become a Zuckerberg or a Bill Gates, or you don’t. There’s no in between.

So how do you live? You have to eat. You have to have some sustenance. Government comes along, great leader like Obama promises you you’re gonna have health care. “Okay, I got that expense out of the way, I’ll support that.” Promises you you’re gonna have unemployment compensation for as long as you don’t work. “Fine, I need that, ’cause I can’t get a job.” And pretty soon you’re signing up for the government taking care of you because you don’t think there’s any other option.

You look around and you see other people doing well not feeding and living off the government. And you think it’s not possible for me because the salesmanship on capitalism and private sectorism doesn’t compare with the salesmanship of liberalism. That’s the Democrat Party versus the Republican Party. Answer to the question right there.


RUSH: In the 1960s, the students were protesting what? America. The students, the professors, everybody, America sucks, don’t believe your government, your government sucks. Those people now run the government. What’s their message? America sucks, America’s unfair, America’s unjust. They’re running it but it still is unfair and unjust.

Look at Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. They’re running the government. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, they’ve been running the government since the nineties. It’s still unfair, it’s still unjust, you’re still not gonna get a fair shake. Why? Republicans. You can’t trust your own country. The message hasn’t changed from the sixties to today. It’s just the leaders are in a different place. They were back in the classroom back in the sixties; they’re running the government today. And still running it down in every which way you can think of. And this opportunity, the creation of wealth, that has been so important.


RUSH: The American pie, the American economy has always grown. That’s how wealth has been created, with people trying to get their piece of it. It’s never been a zero-sum game. Somebody gets a piece, somebody loses a piece. It’s always been the pie grows, and it grows as Americans work hard and produce more, create more.

Well, that’s not happening. The government’s taking ever bigger chunks of that pie. Fewer people are working in that pie. It isn’t growing, and therefore whoever gets pieces of it, it’s becoming a zero-sum game, all brought to you by the American left and the Democrat Party. If they’re in charge of who has money, can you blame people for turning to them?


RUSH: Now here’s Trump. Trump’s explaining why we are in such dire economic straits.

TRUMP: Because we’ve let China take over our economy, as you’ve been hearing me say for a long time. We are very, very vulnerable. We are no longer controlling our own destiny. We are in the big sphere of other countries all over the world that control us, and they’re manipulators. They have a tremendous power of manipulation of their currencies, and we are entering that web, and even we’re not manipulators because we’re not smart enough to be manipulators. Believe me, our leaders are not smart enough. We are nevertheless in the manipulation business because of the fact that some of the great moneychangers of all time are people that, you know, we’re wedded with them. And China would be number one.

RUSH: That’s all well and good, but I’m sorry. I just gave you the biggest explanation for America’s economic woes in the previous half hour. It’s the Democrat Party. It is liberalism. It’s socialism. It’s big government expansionism. It simply cannot keep gobbling up pieces of the American economy, otherwise known as our pie. You can’t keep gobbling… You cannot continue to make it smaller. You can’t make it smaller while the government, which produces nothing, grows. The government destroys wealth and creates debt.

The government does not create wealth, other than with crony socialism or crony capitalism. But in that case, it’s the creation wealth for donors. It’s creating wealth for political simpaticos. It is not creating wealth for the government because the government can’t. It’s $20 trillion in debt. Now, the ChiComs are not our friends, don’t misunderstand. But this is a Republican presidential primary, and the opposition here is not the ChiComs. The opposition is the Democrat Party. I mentioned earlier that one of the reasons we’re in this plight is something no more complicated than salesmanship.

Liberalism has done a much better job selling itself to the great unwashed and to the low-information voter than capitalism has in selling itself. The Republican Party has sought to let capitalism speak for itself. They have not promoted it. They have not promoted free market entrepreneurism ’cause they’re afraid of being called conservatives if they do that. So there hasn’t been any competition. The left really hasn’t had to compete against any alternative ideas. There hasn’t been any salesmanship, except here on talk radio.

There has not been (coming from the Republican Party) any sustained message of how wonderful free market capitalism is, how it is the explanation for this nation as a superpower, how free market capitalism is the sole reason why we have the greatest standard of living known to exist ever in the history of humanity. Not socialism. Not communism. Not whatever other ism. Capitalism. But it has been denigrated, destroyed, beat up, maligned, impugned, every day on college campuses for 50 years if not more.

In junior high and high school classrooms, ditto.

On the Drive-By news every day and night for 50 years, ditto.

There hasn’t been any push back. There hasn’t been any competitive capitalist voice. In fact, the success stories in capitalism, they try to hide it so people don’t come and try to steal their money. The success stories in capitalism try to remain hidden. They don’t talk about how they did it. They don’t talk about wealth, because it’s thought to be insensitive and unfeeling. And so the success stories — i.e., the motivators, those who can inspire — shut up because they have been made the suspects. They have made suspects out of achievers.

We have made suspects out of success.

We have made suspects out of people who want to achieve. We have made suspects out of people who want to achieve and succeed at things. We have even denigrated hard work. (interruption) Oh, yes, we have! We have denigrated hard work. We have attempted to disqualify it and disclaim it on the basis, “Well, it’s not fair because not everybody has the time to work has hard as so-and-so does.” If you doubt me, go back to Half-Baked Moon Bay, California, where they tried to ban homework because not everybody had a home, or not everybody had a decent enough home in which to do homework.

It wasn’t fair.

The students who had nice homes could do homework so they would get ahead of students that didn’t have nice homes and couldn’t do homework. So homework was banned. Education was banned. Teaching — self-teaching, everything — was banned, under the supposed guise of freedom and equality. And that’s where we are. Capitalism doesn’t have anybody that wants to sing its virtues. Everybody’s afraid. Everybody’s afraid they’re gonna be attacked. Everybody’s afraid they’re gonna be maligned, impugned, maybe imprisoned. They’re gonna be called thieves, whatever else. So they just go about their business and shut up.

And then when they do become successful, what do they do?

They make excuses for it. “Well, you know, I lucked out! I’m just one of these lucky guys. I just happened to succeed.”

Instead of being used as role models to inspire others, to show how it was done, we make suspects out of ’em. It’s a horrible, horrible thing. Yeah, the ChiComs. But our biggest problem, the biggest obstacle to the creation of wealth in the United States of America is the Democrat Party. You want some names? Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, take your pick, John Kerry, Dick Durbin. The names are endless. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi. And note all of them have theirs. All of them have their multimillions. They’ve all got their business. Pelosi is filthy rich. So is Harry Reid. And they all do this on government salaries? Wonder how that happens?

Yeah. Bernie Sanders is right, the game’s rigged, but his party has been doing the rigging. “Are you saying the Republicans are totally blameless?” No. I’m not. The Republicans are off the playing field. The Republicans are not even trying to advance the ball for what they believe in. They’re trying to make everybody think they’re not who they are, they’ve been so successfully tarred and feathered.

But, yes, I’m here to tell you, liberalism versus capitalism, it’s hands down, liberalism is to blame for the plight this country is in. Socialism is to blame, communism, or the desire to be one of those isms, which desires are harbored by Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. They’ve said so. I don’t have to make it up. They say so, particularly Obama. He has not hidden his desire and admiration for all of those isms, if you just listen. We have aired many of the sound bites where Obama has said these things over the years.

Folks, we’re seven years into this Regime. If what they believe in had any element of truth, don’t you think there would be some signs that we’ve turned around and we’re getting better? Wouldn’t there be some job creation? Wouldn’t there be some economic growth? Wouldn’t there be some sign, wouldn’t there be some optimism out there, wouldn’t there be some indication that finally we got rid of the evils of the Iraq war and the Bush administration and whatever else went wrong there and we finally turned the corner, but no, they don’t even admit that. They can’t.

They still act like this country is in the throes of the Iraq war and the Republicans are still running it, after seven years of them being in charge. Listen to their campaign. Listen to Hillary, listen to Bernie Sanders. You would think that Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan are still running this country. Not Barack Obama, and not his Democrat cohorts who have taken this country and run it right into the ground the past seven years. You would not know any of that happened.

I wouldn’t expect ’em to admit it. But the education system is so, so inept, woefully out of whack, that people are unable to critically think and arrive at these conclusions on their own. It’s a sad, sad, sad, sad state of affairs.

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