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RUSH: Bill Clinton out there. Bill Clinton, David Maraniss — or maybe it’s Maraniss — one of Clinton’s official biographers, a former reporter for the Washington Post, was out there following Clinton around. He says it’s devastating out here. Clinton looks so bad. He looks frail.

There’s no gleam, there is no electricity, there’s no charisma, there’s hardly any life. The guy’s hoarse. He can barely talk. The only time he came alive was when Chelsea started talking about it, and that wasn’t very much. He just doesn’t look to be very with it, folks. It’s very… This is bad, folks. We want great health for Bill Clinton. We want Bill Clinton in just fabulously great health for the rest of the year and beyond. We do not want Bill Clinton to get sick. We pray for the great health of Bill Clinton. Don’t doubt me. You hear what Clinton said?

Speaking of which: In his last appearance before the New Hampshire primary, he was in Hudson in New Hampshire. Clinton said that he wishes sometimes that he wasn’t married to Hillary Rodham Clinton because then he could speak more freely. (impression) “Sometimes, you know, when I’m on a stage like this, I wish I weren’t married. Then I could say what I really think. I don’t mean that in a negative way! I’m happy. I’m happy. But (wink, wink), you know what I mean. (chuckles) If I wasn’t married to her? Oh-ho-ho-ho!” Probably some babes in the audience.

You know, there’s another story about this. The babes, the “bimbos” are all gravitating to Trump now. Because Trump’s got the vigor and the whatever it is. (interruption) The money? Well, yeah, but Clinton was getting the babes without any money. He had the White House, had the bedrooms. Cigars. But no money. It didn’t matter. Power trumped money in that case.

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