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RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites. The Drive-By Media obsessed with me, again, yesterday and last night. ABC’s World News Tonight, David Muir, the anchor, talking with their correspondent, Tom Llamas, about Marco Rubio. Rubio in the Saturday night debate.

MUIR: Tom Llamas joins us tomorrow tonight from a Rubio rally. And, Tom, some prominent conservatives are coming to Senator Rubio’s defense tonight.

LLAMAS: That’s right, David. Rush Limbaugh acknowledges the debate was not Rubio’s finest moment, but he says the line that Rubio kept repeating is a winning strategy for Republicans. Rush saying that President Obama, quote, “executed a plan to transform America into something it was not founded to be.” Rush says more Republican candidates should be saying that. David?

MUIR: Tom Llamas with us here in New Hampshire tonight. Tom, thank you.

RUSH: (laughing) Folks, I was the news. He-he-he. What I said was the news. Just goes to show you, it is true, and they’re worried sick more and more Republicans are gonna start talking this way. Folks, this is such a teachable moment. It’s stunning to me that more people don’t see this for what it is. Anderson Cooper 360 last night, panel discussion on Marco Rubio and me.

COOPER: Rush Limbaugh came to his defense. Take a listen to what Limbaugh said.

RUSH ARCHIVE: This is what I was talking about earlier when I say I think some of these professional media analysts — God bless them, and they do hard work, and many of them, they’re just fine people, but I don’t know that they have the ability to see these debates the way people watching the debates on TV see them. Meaning, I don’t know how big a faux pas this was for Rubio. Clearly it was not a positive. Clearly it was not his best. But I don’t think it ruined his chances and wiped him out like some in the media opine.

RUSH: Audio sound bite number four next is Gloria Borger reacting to this. Anderson Cooper says, “These polls, Gloria, we really have no idea what is gonna happen, right?”

BORGER: I agree with Rush Limbaugh. We really don’t know. But I think it wasn’t so much what Rubio said, which was, by the way, Barack Obama knows exactly what he’s doing, because that has been the thesis of his entire campaign. I think it is the way he said it, which was robotic, over and over again. And when Christie, to use Christie’s phrase, punched him in the face, he didn’t know how to respond to that.

RUSH: We’ve gotta take a quick time-out, but we have more, always have more.


RUSH: Continuing here with the audio sound bites. This is Nia-Malika Henderson. CNN Anderson Cooper last night, and she weighs in on me and the entire Marco Rubio circumstance again on Anderson Cooper’s show.

HENDERSON: I think it’s good for Rubio that he has Rush Limbaugh out there sort of blocking and tackling in front of that really big audience that Rubio’s gonna need if he’s to win this thing. And Rush Limbaugh has done that before, defending Marco Rubio. I think it’s notable that Rush Limbaugh’s come out.

RUSH: She’s a senior political correspondent at CNN. Jeffrey Lord from the American Spectator and the New Conservative and Conservative Review. He’s prolific out there. He’s also on CNN, and he weighed in after Nia-Malika Henderson.

LORD: In terms of Marco Rubio, I would say it’s always good to have Rush Limbaugh blocking and tackling for you. Maybe he over-messaged a little bit, but the fact of what he was saying is something Rush Limbaugh has been talking about for years. So to get to the point of what the audience hears, what Gloria is talking about, and what Rush is talking about, they are hearing this. This makes sense to them. So, you know, I’m not sure that’s as much of a negative as they think.

RUSH: Yeah. But Lord Jeffrey went on to point out I didn’t endorse anybody, and this is, just to repeat, for those who might have missed it, I haven’t, you know, blocking and tackling for ideas. Ted Cruz and Rubio are the only guys honestly, accurately describing Obama in this primary. And I think they all need to be. But, look, it’s old territory. I explained why the governors can’t. They can’t properly characterize Obama ’cause they’ve been working with him. So the only thing they can do is try to make the case that he’s a bumbling idiot, not qualified by virtue of his inexperience, which happens to be what they’re saying of both Cruz and Rubio.

But that whole thing’s blown out of the water. Obama, yeah, he hadn’t spent many days in the Senate, but his whole life has been devoted to undermining the American founding. He was raised that way. He was educated that way. He was promoted that way. He was inspired that way. He’s an Alinskyite. I mean, how much experience do you need? He’s got a lifetime of it, and he happened to get elected president not telling everybody what his true intentions were. So, yeah, he might be inexperienced in the Senate, but big whoop.

How much experience do you need to sign executive orders when Congress won’t work with you? How much experience do you need to know when your opposition party is scared to death of you, that there’s nobody to stop you? What kind of experience is needed to know how to take advantage of people who aren’t even gonna get on the field and oppose you?

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