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RUSH: Provo, Utah. This is Richie. It’s great to have you on the program, sir.

CALLER: Hi. Mega dittos, Rush. I have got a question, or a comment on how Trump just kind of dismissing primary. (audio glitches) I see Trump as a Drive-By candidate. He fires a couple shots at Cruz for being a Canadian; then steps back and says, “Hey, it’s not me. I’m not concerned about that.” And then he makes a stink and fires a whole bunch of shots at Cruz about stealing the primary, and then today he steps back. “Oh, I’m fine with that. It’s water under the bridge.” But I think… I know you’re not in the tank for anyone, but I think your impartiality or friendship with Trump is kind of making you miss things like that.

RUSH: Haaaaa! (chuckling) No, no, no, no! No, no, no, no. In fact, I don’t know how long you’ve been on hold. I announced my theory for why Trump is doing what he’s doing today. But did you miss that?

CALLER: Uh, I heard you say that he was kind of it’s… It’s in the past. It’s… (trails off)

RUSH: No. It’s because I yesterday chided all these guys for acting like children and to straighten up! I mean, this is politics, for crying out loud! To get all… We’re on the verge here of wresting control of the Republican Party from the establishment, and we’re about to open a circular firing squad here over a CNN tweet! It was just silly. But, you know what? I like your analogy here, Richie, that Trump is a drive-by candidate. Let’s explore this. So your theory is, he comes out of Iowa; he was expecting to win it. Thirteen polls had him winning it. But he didn’t. So he’s naturally upset. He’s a winner, doesn’t like losing. So he sees this thing happen to Carson and he decides, “You know what? I’m gonna glom on to that.” So he starts leveling all these allegations at Cruz and gets the media on it.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: The media starts focusing on Cruz, and then after a couple days Trump backs up and says, “Fine with me,” knowing full well the media is not gonna give it up. They’re gonna stick with it. Trump will move on to other things, thereby satisfying people on his side who get nervous when he does that stuff. He’ll get back to the issues — the wall, whatever it is — while the media continues to take out Cruz. That’s your theory?

CALLER: Exactly. You know they’re not… He knows that the media is not gonna let it go. He knows that Cruz supporters are not gonna let it go, and Trump supporters — his own supporters –are not gonna let it go. They’re still gonna attack Cruz for that, and I think he can do a lot better things. He’s done the Drive-By Media candidate thing here.

RUSH: Are you a Trumpster?

CALLER: I am not a Trumpster.

RUSH: Who are you for?

CALLER: I prefer Cruz. Maybe Rubio.

RUSH: Cruz or Rubio. Okay. All right. Well, I like your theory. As one who has invented the whole concept of Drive-By Media, I can see where you would pick up on that with Trump. You may have a point. There may be something to this. One thing we know is that Trump is not insane; he’s not stupid. He loves keeping people off balance; he loves having people sort of on guard trying to predict where he’s going to do next, and he loves being able to fool people into where he’s going next — and he is a super pro at manipulating and owning the media.

So you may have a point.

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