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RUSH: “Ben Jealous, the former head of the NAACP, will endorse Bernie Sanders… The endorsement is a potential boost to [Crazy Bernie] who has struggled to gain traction among African-American voters, though he has made small gains on” Hillary Clinton. He’s way ahead in New Hampshire, but after that he’s nowhere, right? Crazy Bernie owns New Hampshire, at least right now. It looks like it. But you get out of New Hampshire, move on down the campaign trail, and Bernie Sanders is with the chuck wagon. Sayonara. Not there.

Well, yeah, for now. I know.

Well, I tell you: I was right about Hillary. I knew this was gonna happen. She’s having all kinds of trouble with women in this campaign and specifically young women, the Millennial women, and it was exactly as I forecast. And admittedly this is not a tough prediction to make. But these young women of millennial age — who have been raised on the fact that everybody’s out to rape ’em on campus and men are predators and society doesn’t care — when they see what Mrs. Clinton’s role was in supporting her husband, the sexual predator?

And when they find out what her role was in destroying the women who came forth with allegations that her husband was mistreating them? They’re not gonna put up with it. They don’t have any rock star connection to the Clintons. They don’t go back to the nineties and think the Clintons are the end all of American politics or America. They’re not gonna like it, and they don’t. Am I the only one who predicted that? (interruption) No, come on. There have to be others have seen that. But Snerdley says…

I don’t know why I’m the only one to predict it. It was flat-out easy to spot. All you have to do is examine the rape culture on campus today and the general state of feminism today. And then you realize that when these women, in the nineties, were either not even born or not old enough to have any memory whatsoever, so they weren’t affected by the national love affair that the media had with the Clintons and all this. I mean, there’s no connection to them in that regard.

And there’s nothing. In the current culture, there’s nothing worse than a woman whose role is to make it easier for men to behave in their predatory ways. She was an enabler. She was an enabler of her husband. She knew that she was being cheated on. She’s the most cheated-on woman in America. These young women… This is not something they’re gonna end up respecting, and they don’t.

You know, there was a point in this thing last night that I thought was really telling about Hillary Clinton, and it’s one of the reasons why I think she can be beat in the general election — and I first started pointing it out during her book tour. I still can’t believe she got 14 million… I can believe it. You know, I know how were you people in the establishment work. This $650,000 to do a speech for Goldman Sachs? Now, let me explain the connection to you. Goldman Sachs, the former CEO there (one of many) is a guy named Bob Rubin, Robert Rubin.

Robert Rubin happened to be the Treasury secretary during the Clinton administration, first year, first term of it, and that’s all you need to know. All of these former CEOs at Goldman Sachs are a club. You got Lloyd Blankfein. You got Jon Corzine. You got Rubin. And they’re all a club, and they all exist to perpetuate what their predators were doing. So the Clintons know Bob Rubin. They added to his resume by making him Treasury secretary. He was able to parlay that by going back to Citibank after he left the Clinton Regime.

When Citibank was in big trouble, and didn’t help — he was not able to save it — he did not add to his resume. But it didn’t matter. The resume had already been etched in stone. So at that level, people don’t fail — and when they do on the Democrat side, they fail up. Like Jimmy Carter. Worst president ever, and he’s one of the big stars of the Democrat Party these days. And you really do fail up in that party. They herald their failures. They put ’em at the top of the totem pole.

So, anyway, there’s the connection. So Goldman Sachs wants Hillary to come make a speech. They don’t want to hear Hillary make a speech. That’s not what this is. They want to figure out how to get $650,000 to her. Campaign donations? That’s tough. There are limits, reporting and all. “Hey, I got it! Let’s have her come give a speech.” So they have her come give a speech. Nobody pays attention to what she says. It doesn’t matter what she says.

She’ll come, show up for 10 minutes, and talk about knitting. It doesn’t matter. The whole thing was nothing more than a ruse for them to be able to give her $650,000, because that’s what happens in the establishment. That’s how they take care of each other and scratch each other’s backs, and how they make sure each other stay rich. And Goldman Sachs was just one of many funneling money to Bill and/or Hillary Clinton in this matter.

So, anyway, the question was brought up last night. Anderson Cooper said, “$650,000 do a speech? How’s that?” And Hillary looked at the audience and kind of shrugged her shoulders. “Well, that’s what they offered.” That’s not “what they offered.” That’s not how it works. Nobody’s gonna offer her 650 grand to hear her come talk! She will put you to sleep. She’s a screeching bore. There’s nothing charismatic or enigmatic about Mrs. Clinton would make you want to listen to her talk, certainly not $650,000 worth.

Trump might be able to get that after all this is over, but she never could. Her book deal, $14 million? Another example of how it all works inside the establishment. People want to take care of Mrs. Clinton ’cause she’s gonna remain in power. So here comes the publisher: “Here’s $14 million. Please remember us, Mrs. Clinton, when you become president,” and so forth and so on. She didn’t sell any books. When it’s time for the book tour, nobody shows up.

She couldn’t draw a crowd. And the reason is, she doesn’t have any readers. She doesn’t have a connection with her audience. Like Jeb Bush. Did you see this yes? Begging people in the audience to applaud. Begging people to clap. “Could you please clap?” Because there isn’t a connection. Look, I’m not mentioning this as criticism of anybody. It’s just the way it is. Whatever you want to say about Trump, he has this connection with his supporters. There’s a bond there. There is a connection.

Jeb doesn’t have it.

Hillary doesn’t have it.

Any number of people don’t.

Lindsey Graham didn’t have it. Chris Christie doesn’t have it. It’s rare. It’s what makes performers or candidates, officeholders, successful. It’s what you sets them apart. You really have a connection. Bernie has it to one degree or the. Yeah, Bernie has it. There’s a connection. Mrs. Clinton doesn’t. And it was illustrated last night. This was, to me, stunning. And I think this is one of the reasons why I think she can be beaten. A man in the audience asked Hillary a question about end of-life decisions.

He said he had colon cancer, that it was terminal, that he was gonna vote for her, and he said that he came to the town hall to ask her if she would speak broadly on the subject of terminal cancer and end-of-life decisions. And she didn’t know what to do. Because she’s not a warm, in-touch person. She doesn’t know how. She’s cold. She is distant. At the end of the question, she thanked this guy… He was an elderly gentleman. She thanked him for his question, said she hadn’t thought much about the issue, but it was really great that he was bringing it up.

Now, here you had a dying man, an admittedly dying man standing right in front of a woman who says that she is and wants to be the champion of everyday Americans. This was akin to the… It’s a little different, but it was kind of like the question Michael Dukakis got, what he would do if his wife was raped and murdered. Remember that? Bernard Shaw asked, and Dukakis sat there and gave this clinical, left-wing textbook answer about protecting the rapist’s rights, civil rights and legal rights and making sure that he didn’t go off the handle with emotion.

Bernard Shaw couldn’t believe it. (paraphrased exchange) “Governor Dukakis, I just asked you a hypothetical if your wife has been raped and murdered, and you didn’t even raise an eyebrow at the prospect? You can’t even get emotional?” No. He had to answer it from the playbook. “Well, Bernie, we must consider the rights of all involved in a circumstance like that, the rights of the accused. Of course, the accused is only the accused in our society, and I want to make sure the accused was not denied his civil rights.”

People were appalled that there wasn’t one syllable of even attempted fake outrage, in the hypothetical about his wife. Well, that’s what this reminded me of. The Dukakis question was from a journalist, Bernard Shaw. Dukakis, he didn’t talk about the inhumanity of the crime, that he was to imagine perpetrated on his wife. He just was a disaster. So here’s a guy with terminal colon cancer who decided that he would travel to a town hall and ask Hillary Clinton a question. He’s standing just feet away, several feet away.

Now, most people watching this had to be filled with sadness and sympathy. The guy was reaching out. He got out of his bed to go see her. He thinks that he has such respect for her. He wanted to know… He was seeking some comfort, that what was happening to him was going to have some meaning to the country at large in the hands of Hillary Clinton as president. And Hillary Clinton — you could tell — she was fumbling around, concerned that she wasn’t prepared with a policy answer.

She was looking for a policy answer like Dukakis was, from the policy playbook. She hadn’t even dreamed of a question like this. She didn’t have a canned answer. She didn’t display any heartfelt emotion for the guy. She didn’t talk to him. She didn’t empathize. She didn’t ask him a single question. She didn’t ask if she could speak directly to him as a human being. She didn’t ask if there was anything she could do for him.

She did not make a human connection with this guy who walked all this way to tell her he’s dying, and he’s gonna vote for her because he thinks that what’s happened to him has happened to a lot of people, that she can take his experience and make something of it and help other people. And Hillary is sitting there trying to conjure up a policy-related answer. She didn’t ask him any questions about his family. She didn’t ask him what his life was like. She didn’t ask him how he was dealing with it.

She wasn’t mean. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying she was Nurse Ratched here. She just didn’t know how to handle a stranger sharing his personal tragedy with her. She was clueless, folks. She hadn’t the slightest idea. And I think it illustrated phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roller hype that liberalism itself is. Liberalism, supposedly, is where all of this compassion is and where all of the understanding and the big-hearted love is. She was clueless. She hadn’t the slightest idea. You could tell she was worried if she didn’t come up with the right policy answer, it would hurt her.

That was stunning to me.

RUSH: Not enough time to be fair with another… Here’s the way to look at that Hillary thing. Can you imagine if Bill Clinton had answered the question?

He would have walked over to the guy, he would have hugged the guy, and you would have seen a tear come down his face. He would have made some connection to health care and how it isn’t right and how the Democrats are the ones to fix it. I mean, Bill Clinton would have owned that. Can you imagine? Everybody would be crying. And here’s Hillary fumbling around in her memory for some policy answer. You know, “What did Alinsky say? What am I supposed to say? What’s Alinsky book on this? What do the Rules for Radicals say when somebody’s…? My God, he’s not a Republican. What do I do? What do I do?”

She was stumped.


RUSH: We have the audio of the exchange between the colon cancer guy and Hillary Clinton. I just want you to hear this. The guy’s name is Jim Kinhan, and here’s his question to Hillary…

KINHAN: I’m walking with colon cancer with the word “terminal” very much in my vocabulary, comfortably and spiritually. But I wonder what leadership you could offer within an executive role that might advance the respectful conversation that is needed, uh, around this personal choice that people may make as we age and deal with health issues or be the caregivers of those people, uh, to help enhance and — their end of life with dignity.

RUSH: Well, you see what this is about. I mean, this guy has terminal cancer. He’s looking to Hillary to pick up this cause, and he wants to be involved in the expansion of this national discussion, death with dignity, end of life. And listen to this. This is just classic disconnect, inability to relate, to have any kind of just commiseration whatsoever with this poor guy.

HILLARY: Well, first of all, thank you for being here. Thank you so much for being part of this great New Hampshire primary process, and thank you for your support. And I really appreciate your asking the question. I have to tell you, this is the first time I’ve been asked that question. I don’t have any easy or glib answer for you. I think I would want to really immerse myself in the ethical writings, the health writings, the scientific writings, the religious writings. I know some other countries — the Netherlands and others — have a quite open approach. I’d like to know what their experience has been. Because we have to be sure that nobody is coerced, nobody’s under duress. And that is a difficult line to draw. So I thank you. I thank you so much for raising this really important, absolutely critical question that we’re all gonna have to do some thinking about.

RUSH: It was just… You talk about talking past the guy? That’s why I say it was almost akin to the Dukakis rape-murder question. And something else popped into my mind as I was listening to this that it was akin to. And it popped out of my mind just as quickly. But it… (interruption) What? (interruption) It was! That’s exactly it! This woman at a televised pro-Obamacare seminar at the White House — an average, ordinary American. A woman comes in and asks Obama about her hundred-year-old mother who wants a pacemaker, and talks about her will to live.

And will we be making exceptions for people based on their will to live? Obama says (summary), “No, no, no. We can’t get into such things as will to live. No, no, most cases we’re really just gonna have to think about giving them a pill.” It was just… Look, that whole thing blew my mind: A citizen asking a president if mother can get a pacemaker. The president’s business. “Thank you for your question. Thank you for your support. I need to examine the writings. I need to examine the scientific writings, the ethical writings, the health writings, the religious writings. I want to look at what they’re doing the Netherlands,” for crying out loud?

“Thank you so much for coming, and thank you so much for your support, for something we’re all going to have to think about at some point in our life.” Mrs. Clinton is never gonna get to this point. You know damn well she’s never gonna have this question. These people have gotten away for too damn long with the supposed ownership of big-hearted compassion and understanding for the downtrodden and the little people, and they have the slightest idea how to even relate. “Thank you for your support?” That’s not why the guy showed up! It’s what these politicians do. Everything has to be about them. It’s just striking.

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