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RUSH: Now, one more possibility here, folks, about Iowa and the polling data. What if the polls were right? Remember, the last poll was taken like five days before. What if the last poll was right? What if at the time the poll was taken Trump was gonna win by four points, and then Trump went on the Sunday shows, and that’s when he started talking what he was saying about health care, and Cruz wanting people to die in the streets. He’s gotta save people, help people, can’t let ’em die in the streets like Cruz wants, got a big heart and so forth, Cruz doesn’t, start sounding just like Obama talking about health care. What if they had taken a poll after the Sunday shows? Wonder what that poll would have shown.

Then this whole business with the endorsement from Bob Vander Plaats back on December 10th, president of The Family Leader, popular evangelical leader in Iowa. He endorsed Huckabee, he endorsed Santorum in the previous caucuses, and they both won. Back in January, late January, Trump skewered Vander Plaats on Twitter calling him a phony and a bad guy because he endorsed Cruz. You know, these are things that Iowans notice. And I think there was a cumulative effect of things that Iowans noticed. I really don’t think it has much to do with the debate at all.

Back to the phones. Cindy in Asheville, North Carolina, welcome. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how you doing?

RUSH: Just fine. I’ve been to Asheville before. I just want you to know that.

CALLER: I’m sorry?

RUSH: I’ve been to Asheville before.

CALLER: Oh. Poor you. It’s a horrible place, very liberal.

RUSH: I know it is. I was just in there for a day.

CALLER: I actually live in an area called Spring Creek. But let’s get to the point. I love you. I have listened to you, and 34 years ago I met Ronald Reagan and I became a Republican, and that was in Bowling Green, Kentucky. And I had a business in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I played you, I was one of the first Rush rooms back then, years ago.

RUSH: Whoa.

CALLER: And I love you. And I do not agree with you now. I am a Southern girl, and I will tell you, Trump didn’t attack Cruz enough, as far as I’m concerned. I’m gonna tell you, somebody called yesterday, and they said they would never vote for Donald Trump. I will never vote for Ted Cruz. You can’t afford to lose me. I am the voter that this party does not need to lose.

Donald Trump has given me the energy and the heart to go on in this party when everyone else left it. I love him. And I’m proud of it. I’m proud of being a listener of yours for so many years just like I’m proud of being a voter for Donald Trump. But I think Ted Cruz, he’s creepy. The man is creepy. I mean, I don’t need a guy that’s gonna be a Jesus fish to get my vote.

RUSH: What? You don’t need a guy that’s gonna beat a Jesus fish to —

CALLER: Yes, or carry a cross on his back. I don’t need that to vote for Donald Trump. Donald Trump did not pander to the people of Iowa. I mean, I think he’s the first guy I ever saw in Iowa that didn’t wear a pair of blue jeans. I mean, he didn’t.

RUSH: I don’t, either.

CALLER: Well, I mean, I love Donald Trump. But, you know, with Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz for 15 months has been running for the president. And, you know, I mean, I look at Ted Cruz, and I mean that mailer he put out, that was like Heinrich Himmler. That mailer that came out —

RUSH: Time is dwindling here and I need to ask you some questions, Cindy. You want Trump to win, right?

CALLER: Oh, yes, I love him. I will vote only for Trump.

RUSH: Wait a minute, now. You’ve gotta understand that, as yesterday showed, there are a lot of Republicans, Reaganites like you, who like Cruz. If you’re gonna —

CALLER: Only Trump.

RUSH: Cindy, hang on.


RUSH: I’ll hold you through the break here.


RUSH: But you gotta understand a conversation is two people talking, okay?


RUSH: Okay, back for another stab at it here with Cindy in Asheville, North Carolina. I just want to run a couple of ideas by you here.


RUSH: I know you don’t… You’ve said you don’t like Cruz because you think you’ve got a —

CALLER: He’s creepy.

RUSH: It’s “a revival hour” when you watch him.


RUSH: Okay, I got that. Now, you want Trump to win.


RUSH: You gotta realize that Trump is competing in an arena of majority conservatives who make up the Republican base like you, Reagan-inspired type conservatives.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Now, it’s understood by everybody in a primary that candidates are gonna go after everybody. There’s a way you do it, though. I think Mr. Trump’s mistake in going after Cruz is not that he did it, but it’s not gonna be helpful to go after fellow Republicans in the same way liberal Democrats or establishment Republicans go after him when this is a campaign that’s anti-establishment from top to bottom. So —

CALLER: I agree with that. But I think he needs to go back, Mr. Trump does, and look at the 15 months. You know, I think, do the timeline. I think he needs to attack Cruz, and I think you need to attack.

RUSH: On what?

CALLER: I mean, he’s coming down here to the South.

RUSH: It’s not gonna help —

CALLER: If Cruz wants to come down South, we’re hot and ready for him.

RUSH: It’s not gonna help to say that Cruz is Canadian.

CALLER: I’m not saying…

RUSH: It’s not gonna help to say that Cruz doesn’t have a big —

CALLER: I’m saying, he assumed it.

RUSH: But that was the nature of the attack.

CALLER: Well, I think that he needs to attack him on the fact, and this bothers people. It bothers the people the way Mr. Cruz has ran (sic) his election. It bothered me last night with the fact with Mr. Carson how they told people that Mr. Carson was out. You know, he wasn’t running. I mean, that’s dirty. Now, that’s what liberals do Rush.

RUSH: Yeah, I saw that. I — I —

CALLER: Mr. Trump did not attack enough.

RUSH: Okay. All right.

CALLER: He didn’t pander to the Iowans. He did not pander to them. And you know that. You wouldn’t have done it, either.

RUSH: There you have it. We’ll put it out there, Cindy. We’ll have people talk about it. You think Trump wimp out when it comes to criticizing Cruz. He didn’t hit him hard enough. And obviously Cindy thinks Cruz got away with too much revivalism. There was too much Christianity going on out there, and Trump should have hit that. (interruption) That’s not what she’s saying? (interruption) Well… (snort) That’s what… (interruption) Look, non-Christians think that Christians come off as creepy. Or people…

Look, people who don’t wear it on their sleeves think that those who do are creepy. (interruption) Yeah, the fish comment and the cross on the back and what have you comments that she made. My only point is, I know these guys are gonna go after each other. It’s the name of the game. The Democrats do the same thing in their primaries, but they have unique ways of his doing it. I just think that if you’re gonna go after Cruz, just it isn’t gonna… It isn’t gonna help you to try to convince people he’s not qualified ’cause he’s Canadian, even if you’re trying to be funny with it.

And then say that he’s comfortable with people dying in the street ’cause they don’t have health care? Those are things that raise red flags for people who are supporting Trump, who think he’s an outsider running against the establishment. And when he ends up sounding like a member of the establishment… That’s all I’m saying: When he ends up sounding like a member of the establishment, some people in his group are going to have red flags raised.

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