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RUSH: Oh, I did want to mention something. This is a great thing.

You know, I never tout RushLimbaugh.com. I just don’t. I should, ’cause it’s so good, but I don’t for reasons I have previously outlined. It’s that I have a qualm about just constant, “Hey, folks, go to my website! Hey, folks, go look at what I did here! Hey!” This self-promotion, this hucksterism, every time I see it done by others, I cringe. I imagine other people do, too. But what’s happening here, this campaign is creating a new tune-in factor on this program rivaling those in the past. We are having expansion here by geometric proportions, and it’s bleeding over to the website.

People are going there and liking what they are seeing and are signing up. We have two sides. We have a pay wall and we have a free side, and RushLimbaugh.com is a veritable encyclopedia. You know, you have these people that write down what they think once or twice a week. I got 15 hours of spoken words every week, three hours a day, documented in transcripts, audio, video. It is a veritable encyclopedia. I was thinking the other day that if I wanted to put together a…

You know how these columnists put out books now and then of their columns over the years? What if I did a book that published many of my monologues over the 27 years? How many volumes would it require? It could be bigger than the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. That’s how much content has been created here in 27 years. Remember, there are very few guests (statistically zero).

And yet everything is transcribed and ends up being published at RushLimbaugh.com. And I tell you, for people who find it, they don’t see anything like it because of the volume, because of the content — and, of course, it’s not just me. Everything I talk about is linked to as well. So it is encyclopedic, and it’s exciting when people find it and sign up on their own without any sort of promotion, which I guess I’m kind of doing here now.

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