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RUSH: So if you happened to be listening to BBC yesterday or last night, the British Broadcasting Company, there’s a show called BBC GMT, BBC World News GMT. It’s part of the BBC World Service. And they have a host of this program, a guy named Stephen Sackur. Maybe it’s Sackur. I don’t know. He was talking with Terry Moran, who is the “chief foreign correspondent” (Terry Moran of ABC), which means he has a really nice trench coat. All foreign correspondents have to have really cool trench coats.

Peter Jennings had one, and you have to wear it out there ’cause when you’re foreign correspondent, and you gotta smoke (fake herbal cigarettes or maybe the real things), but you gotta have the look. You spend all your time in bars after you’ve done the news. You find various exotic women to have affairs with. That’s what a foreign correspondent does, after your 30-second report on the weekly news or nightly news.

So Terry Moran’s talking to this guy at the BBC who’s trying to understand Trump. He’s trying to understand the American political system. So the host of this BBC show says to the foreign correspondent of ABC News, Terry Moran, “If Donald Trump wins the Iowa caucus, can you see any of the other candidates mounting real effective momentum, any kind of a serious challenge to Trump if Trump wins Iowa?” Sound bite number 24 coming up in three, two, one…

MORAN: This is a party that for a generation has been built for just such a candidate as Trump. Rush Limbaugh, the talk radio star for more than a generation, who has his own brand of blustering braggadocio and gleeful political incorrectness, has been one of the most powerful figures in this party for a long time. They have prized rudeness. This is a party that has been ready for Trump. He’s picked up something that was there and run with it.

RUSH: Do I need to translate this for you? According to the foreign correspondent at ABC, Terry Moran, I am Trump. Trump is simply following the lead of your host, Rush Limbaugh, “blustering braggadocio and gleeful political incorrectness,” and, of course, “prized rudeness.” There’s no rudeness on this program. I’m the politest host going. Rude? You know, a liberal thinks you’re rude when you criticize them. A liberal thinks you’re rude if you tell jokes about them. You are not supposed to laugh at liberals. You’re certainly not supposed to tell jokes about ’em.

And if you know what’s good for you, you won’t even criticize them. That’s all considered to be rude. But aside from that, if this guy Moran thinks this, then I will guarantee you a whole lot of other American Drive-By Media people are talking and chatting about this amongst themselves. “Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, Trump, this is what Limbaugh’s been doing for over a generation, 27 years! He gets on there, brags about himself — greatest this, biggest that — sits up there, criticizes us, makes fun of us, tells jokes about minorities and so forth.

“Yeah, this guy’s rude, man! He just paved the way for Trump. Trump sees what’s going on, sees how successful it is, and taps right into it.” So that’s one of these kind of little innocuous sound bites that runs 29 seconds and gives a very sizable indication of what these people trying to figure out the Trump phenomenon ascribe it to. Of course, they miss it totally. They haven’t the slightest idea. And, remember, they’re the smart ones, in their minds, with depth and nuance. And they haven’t the slightest idea what the Trump campaign or ascendancy means, in terms of insider versus outsider.

They haven’t the slightest idea.

They think it’s all showbiz-related stuff.

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