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RUSH: Over on the Democrat side, there is upheaval. It’s unexpected — and you might even say over there, it’s unprecedented. Bernie Sanders is literally mopping the floor in New Hampshire with Hillary Clinton. It has got people totally perplexed and wondering if it is real. The New York Times put together a compendium of quotes from a number of Democrat elected officials intended to frighten every registered Democrat voter to flee from Bernie Sanders immediately. Claire McCaskill, Missouri, said, “The Republicans won’t touch him because they can’t wait to run an ad with a hammer and a sickle,” meaning Bernie’s a communist.

You know, I have to laugh. These Democrats who embrace communism wherever they can find it, are suddenly upset that one of them in their midst might be elected president: Bernie Sanders. Jay Nixon, the governor of Missouri: “There would be a meltdown all the way down the ballot.” That’s exactly what Bob Dole is saying about Trump! The two party establishments, folks, are being turned upside down and inside out.

Now, I understand the Republican establishment being in dire straits and existing in grave consequences. The Democrat establishment, the kook fringe of the Democrat base, I’m not surprised they’re sick and tired of having Hillary Clinton forced down their throat. They didn’t want her in 2008, they don’t want her now, and so they’re turning to whoever they think is as much more viable than she is.


RUSH: It is Iowa. Bernie Sanders 51% support in Iowa, Hillary Clinton at 43, so it’s an eight-point lead for Bernie Sanders. Clinton led by 18 last month, 18-point lead in December, now down to an eight-point deficit. Now, the Iowans who participated in the 2008 caucuses, survey found those people Clinton leads Bernie 55 to 38. So apparently his lead is with new caucus members. Of course, if you listen to the experts talk, all these polling numbers in Iowa may not really matter, because here comes the conventional wisdom.

Iowa’s a caucus state, and you don’t just show up and vote. You have to show up in the evening, and you have your coffee and you sit around and you chat about it. You caucus, you discuss, and then you vote. And they’re saying the same thing about Trump. I mean, yeah, are his voters gonna show up and do this?

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