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RUSH: Did anybody see the cover of the New York Post this morning? You did? I love it. The headline: “This Weekend Will Be Whiter Than the Oscars.” Big snowstorm (laughing) — not supposed to laugh, right? It sounds like a hate crime of some sort on the front page of the New York Post. Maybe another argument for global warming. Snow is racist.

Anyway, the big news about all this is that the mayors of Washington, DC, and New York City and so forth, other officials, can’t wait to be first to close schools. Big blizzard coming. So schools are gonna be shut down. And you know what else is going to shut down? The federal government is going to shut down. (gasping) Oh, no. Yes indeed, another government shutdown, this one brought to us by God. God must be a Republican, then. Well, it’s an act of God, force majeure, this is an insurance language, something like this happens, they call it act of God.

Never hear anything terrible about how a snowstorm shuts down the government. We never hear about how people can’t function. I mean, federal workers are praised to the hilt for trying to get in, and we are told to respect their efforts and so forth.


RUSH: By the way, folks, if you want to chronicle, if you want to observe… This only applies to those of you, let’s see, what, over 40, maybe 45. If you want firsthand evidence and illustrations of how this country is changing, I want you to watch how the media and the citizens in affected areas react to the weather forecast of the upcoming blizzard. You’re going to see grocery stores ransacked and looted. Well, not looted. What’s the word when everybody goes in there and…? (interruption) Hoarding. You’re gonna see warnings all over the place about you better not shovel or you’re going to get a heart attack.

If you do get a heart attack, how to get to the hospital in the snow. It’s gonna be incredible. And you’re gonna wonder, if you’re 45 or older, “What has become of people?” One of my favorite stories is the Donner Party. You know the Donner Party? The covered wagon gang that was traveling to California through Nevada. They went over the Sierra Nevada in winter and it got so bad that, to survive, they had to resort to cannibalism, and they later found a journal from one of the members of the Donner Party who kept a journal, and the only reference to the weather they found was, “It was an especially tough winter.”

There wasn’t a bunch of whining. There wasn’t a whole bunch of moaning. There wasn’t a bunch of, “Oh, my God, we’re gonna die!” Just one reference: “Wow, this is a bad winter.” (interruption) Yeah, you can see the difference in toughness. Of course, back then there weren’t too many options. The Donner Party couldn’t head to the airport and get on an airplane, or head to Florida. They had to deal with it, of course. But that’s the point. You watch. You’ll see. Of course, this is just a weather forecast now. You’ve got all these weather agencies hyping this.

And then you throw the global warming people in, and the El Nino people in. By the time everybody gets through with this, this gonna be the absolute worst… This may be a snowstorm that could cause the earth to lose its balance on its axis and forever go out of its orbit with the sun. I mean, anything’s possible here. That’s how boundless the hysteria and the panic will be. You mark my words. I remember they played a football game in a blizzard in Denver. The San Diego Chargers. They had 25 inches of snow and they played a football game.

The players loved it. In Philadelphia, they canceled the football game at a forecast of eight inches of snow some years ago. I remember being in New York there were two or three 25-inch snowfalls. Yeah, the weather forecast. But it didn’t cause panic and hoarding and all this — and the cabs ran and everything. (interruption) What’s this? What’s this? Oh, Snerdley with evidence that I’m already right. What is this from? (interruption) “NBC News Washington: States of Emergency Declared in Virginia, DC, and Maryland.”

Yep, here we go. It isn’t gonna be long before you get round-the-clock weather forecasts on the cable news networks and all that. They’ll have reporters standing out there in two-inch deep snow, four-inch deep snow, three-foot deep snow or whatever telling you not to do what they’re doing — and not to shovel. You might have a heart attack. I know what you’re saying. “Mr. Limbaugh, are you so insensitive that you’re not even concerned about potential suffering?”

No, not at all.

People are looking for evidence of how the country’s evolving and changing, and it’s gonna be right in front of our faces, whether you want to admit it or not.

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