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RUSH: You know what, folks? Exactly as I predicted. I went back and looked. We went to the Grooveyard of Forgotten Sound Bites and found one back in 2014 in which I predicted what is happening now, and what is happening now is that young Millennial reporters and reporterettes, young Millennial infobabes who do not know Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton — they may know, but they are not mesmerized by them like Drive-Bys today are and the people that were adult reporters back in the nineties.

They just swooned when the Clintons came around and just thought they were the cat’s meow, the end of the world. Well, these youngsters, they weren’t old enough to be paying attention. The Clintons hold nothing special for them, and they’re now learning that Bill Clinton was a serial abuser and that Hillary joined him in impugning the women who came forward. So they’re out there asking Clinton about it. This has never happened. The Drive-By Media won’t touch it. The Drive-By Media, since the nineties, will not touch that aspect of Clinton.

Lewinsky, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, the entire cadre of women that James Carville referred to as “trailer trash” and the “bimbo eruptions.” These young Millennial reporterettes, they don’t care about the Clintons. They’re not mesmerized. They don’t think the sun rises and sets on Bill Clinton. So they’re out there asking. Clinton has never had to deal with it and he’s not doing it well, and I predicted this back in 2014. A lot of people have been predicting it in the last two or three weeks, but I, El Rushbo, predicted it all the way back in the fall of 2014. I said wait ’til these Millennial reporters get hold of this.

They’re not gonna find any of this funny or lovable or attractive. They’re not gonna marvel that Clinton got away with it. See, the Drive-Bys that were covering Clinton back in the nineties — and they’re still around. People like Andrea Mitchell (NBC News, Washington) or Howard Fineman. You take your pick of any of them. Back in the nineties when Clinton was doing all of this stuff, they marveled at how well Clinton lied. They wished they could do it as well as Clinton did. They marveled at how he just ran circles around conservatives and Republicans. They loved him for it.

Whatever he did he could get away with as long as he continued to make mincemeat out of the Republicans and the conservatives, and they marveled at how he did it. Well, these youngsters couldn’t care less about all of that. They come from the college campus “rape culture” and all that. Regardless if what they believe is accurate or not, they believe there is a serious abuse of women problem in America and they’re finding out that Bill Clinton was the leader of the club. And so they’re asking him. And Mrs. Clinton is out there… This is actually good example. Neither Clinton has actually ever had to face…

They would disagree with this, by the way. But they’ve never had to deal with an adversarial press. Now, they have, in their moments, commented on how unfair and mean-spirited, say, I and this program was to them, and they did have me on the brain. I was living rent free in Bill Clinton’s head. Probably still am. You know, blaming me for the Oklahoma City bombing in a speech. Blaming me. Accusing me of being a racist at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Openly complaining to the morning team at KMOX in St. Louis about me.

So they had opposition and they know it, but they never had mainstream media opposition. They have never had to deal with adversity from places like the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC News, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, you name it. All they got there was idolatry. They’re not accustomed to it and they’re not dealing with it well.


Okay, the last big segment of stuff here is the Clinton stuff. I want to take you back to this program December 5th, 2014. Now, everybody’s been saying it the last two, three weeks or month. But I just want you to know that you listen here and you are on the cutting edge. I want to remind you, fresh your memory what I said a little over a year right here on this program.

RUSH ARCHIVE: You wait until these Millennials find out how she enabled her husband to sexually whatever, abuse whatever, all of these women. They weren’t alive when that happened. They weren’t alive during Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, and Kathleen Willey. They weren’t old enough to remember it, Lewinsky and all that. Wait ’til they find out. Let me put it to you this way. Today’s Millennials, if, if, if — don’t misquote quote me on this — if they found out that Obama was running around serially involved in adulterous relationships and Michelle Obama was in charge of ruining the reputations of the women involved, you think the Millennials would put up with it? Well, wait ’til they find out that Hillary ran the bimbo eruptions. This generation of young people, gay marriage, all of this stuff, fine and dandy, feminism totally runs their show, you wait ’til they find out Hillary’s role in what she did to other women. I’m telling you.

RUSH: Exactly right, particularly with this, it may be phantom, but they still think there’s a giant rape culture on campus, and they think that women are being abused left and right, and they’re not tolerating it, they’re not putting up with it. And they don’t know this about the Clintons because until Trump started talking about it, nobody else had the guts to, nobody wanted to bring it up. But Trump is. You know, and Hillary started it. Hillary started it by calling him a sexist because he was talking about her in certain ways, and he just fired back (imitating Trump), “Oh, I’m a sexist? Really? You be very careful, Hillary, going there, given your husband and his past and the way you covered up for him. You better be real careful.”

And I think the Clintons are on the run from this now. Young reporterettes are asking Bill Clinton about this, and he will not answer it. He runs offstage or makes some excuse. Trump has even put together an ad. This is a devastating video that connects Hillary to Lewinsky and Weiner, Anthony Weiner, and Bill Cosby. Here’s the audio of the ad. Now, let me describe it. It opens here with an image of then President Clinton with Monica Lewinsky, and then an image of President Clinton on the cover of the Daily News with the headline, “Liar, Liar.” And next is an image of Hillary Clinton speaking with Anthony Weiner, and then an image of Anthony Weiner on the cover of the New York Post with the headline, “Weiner’s Rise and Fall.” And then there’s an image of Mrs. Clinton with Bill Cosby, and then the onscreen graphic says, “True defender of women’s rights, Trump, make America great again.” It’s only 13 seconds, the audio, but that’s the video that you see as you hear this.

HILLARY: Women’s rights are human rights, and human rights are women’s rights once and for all. Let’s keep fighting for opportunity and dignity.

RUSH: That’s it. Actually it’s an ad, it’s on Trump’s Instagram page, and with Hillary saying all this, the effort here, the point is to illustrate how phony it all is, that she’s not this great defender of women. You know, she’s out there saying, she said not long ago that every woman that comes forward with a story of abuse is required to be believed, you have a right to be believed. And it’s like tone deaf. Does she not know how that opens her up for people to talk about Juanita Broaddrick, who claimed that Bill Clinton raped her? Still claiming it, she’s 73 years old, she’s back on Twitter now explaining what happened and how she still hasn’t gotten over it, and Paula Jones. You have all these young Millennial infobabes who are just getting up to speed on this.

Yesterday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, at a Hillary event Bill Clinton speaking with reporters. During the Q&A NBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker and Bill Clinton have this exchange.

WELKER: Donald Trump is again today making an issue of your past transgressions. Do you want to respond and are you worried that your past could hurt your wife’s campaign?

CLINTON: I don’t have any response. If he wins the Republican nomination we’ll have plenty of time to talk about it, or if Hillary wins. I have no interest in getting involved in their politics or do anything except trying to help Hillary.

RUSH: (imitating Clinton) “I’m not gonna talking about it. I have no comment on it. I have no interest in getting involved in their politics. Not doing anything except trying to help Hillary, that’s why I’m outta here, babe, see ya,” and he’s off the stage. Vamanos. Here next, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This is the Daily Caller correspondent Kerry Picket and the NBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker and Clinton continued with this exchange.

PICKET: What’s your reaction to Juanita Broaddrick’s reemergence?

Unidentified Aide: Thank you, guys.

WELKER: Mr. President he says you’re (unintelligible crosstalk) hypocritical. Do you – you going to let him…

PICKET: What’s your reaction to Juanita Broaddrick’s reemergence?

CLINTON: He said a lot of…

PICKET: What’s your…

CLINTON: …things.

RUSH: “What’s your reaction to Juanita Broaddrick’s reemergence?” Folks, Clinton has never been asked about this. Now, there were reports on it. Lisa Myers, when she was at NBC, put together a good report on this. But, I mean, Clinton’s never been asked. They never confronted him with this stuff, questions like this. Certainly not from the media. Here’s David Axelrod, CNN This Morning. Alisyn Camerota says, “You know, you see Hillary Clinton there with Bill Cosby. You see her with Anthony Weiner, Monica Lewinsky. How effective do you think this Trump ad is?”

AXELROD: It is consistent with his approach in this entire campaign. He has no personal boundaries when it comes to his own rhetoric. And this is a reflection of that. There’s nowhere he won’t go. This is obviously something that is in the background when you have the discussion about the Clintons. I think there’s gonna be a potential backlash over this kind of approach —


AXELROD — if this were actually to become a meme of the Republican nominee whether it’s him or someone else.

RUSH: Nope. Nope. Not anymore. There would have been a backlash and there was. There were plenty of backlashes back in the nineties. It didn’t work. But this is a different group of people. There’s not gonna be a backlash. The Clintons are not held in any super-loved position. I mean, back in the nineties was a whole different ball of wax. The Clintons and the media, they had this love fest. The Clintons were on a pedestal, and they were untouchable, and they were adored. They were like Hollywood political celebrities.

That’s not the case today, not with this new generation of people — and it’s not possible for them to be. They didn’t grow up as part of this. They might have been taught various things about it in school but they did not grow up. So it’s not possible for them to have the idolatry of the Clintons that the media back then did. Here’s an example. Chris Cillizza in the “Warshington” Post — for those of you in Rio Linda. The Washington Post: “Donald Trump Just Threw the Kitchen Sink at the Clintons.”

He’s talking about this Instagram video, audio of which we just played for you. He can’t believe it. And the reason he can’t believe it is because it would not have happened. He was around doing stuff back then. He can’t believe it! It’s like, “Trump just threw the kitchen sink at them!” meaning the Clintons are finally getting the treatment every other candidate gets. That’s the thing they’ve never had. With all these transgressions, all of these risky behaviors, all these violations, the Clintons were never treated like other campaigns and candidates are.

And they are being treated that way, and they’re not prepared for it, and the media that sheltered and protected the Clintons are watching all this wide-eyed. And now there are stories, “Shocking Media Photo of Hillary Clinton Causes Stir.” It’s a series of very unflattering photos. I was the first to raise that question, too. “Do the American people actually want to sit around and watch their president age dramatically right in front of them in office?” This doesn’t even touch the FBI investigation. Bob Tyrrell, R. Emmett Tyrrell, American Spectator: “The Bells Toll for Hillary.” It’s a devastating piece. So it’s a different world. But Mrs. Clinton still thinks it’s the nineties. Bill still thinks it’s the nineties.

And it isn’t anymore.

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