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RUSH: Hillary Clinton. I mentioned earlier in the previous hour that she was stumped when asked to explain the difference between Democrats and socialists. It happened actually last night where Hillary was unable to explain the difference between Democrats and socialists. She said, “Uh, uh, you know, uh, you… you … you … you’d have to ask. I’m not one.” It happened on PMSNBC. It was Chris Matthews asking her what the difference in a Democrat and a socialist is and whether or not she identified as a socialist.

She said (summarized), “No, no, no, no, I’m not a socialist. You’d have to go ask one. I don’t know what a socialist is. I’m a Democrat.” So she’s fumbling the question. I mean, you would think somebody who is the presumptive Democrat nominee, smartest woman in the world, would have some kind of a retort, some kind of a quip, some kind of a response to this, some ability to think on her feet. It’s like Trump said yesterday: She needs the biggest teleprompters in the world when she goes out.

She’s worse than Obama at this stuff. She can’t speak off the cuff. She doesn’t have natural political skills. Hillary’s political skills are only useful when she’s out of sight, behind the scenes, manipulating things. But her public political talents are nonexistent. In fact the only reason Hillary Clinton is even in politics today is because her last name is Clinton and the Democrat Party thinks they owe her. But just her own resume, her own existence, her own talents, there’s nothing that says this woman is destined to be president.

There’s nothing that says this woman’s a cut above others. There’s nothing that says this woman’s smart, experienced, brilliant. None of that. This is anything but justified talent on display. So she’s sitting there, she’s fumbling the question. And Chris Matthews even gave her an out. He says, “Look, I’d say Hillary, you’re pretty typical Democrat. But is that a question you want to answer, would you rather not?” She said, “Well, I can tell you what I am. I’m a progressive Democrat who likes to get things done and who believes that we’re better off in this country when we’re trying to solve problems together, getting people to work together.”

That’s not what she’s about. There isn’t a Democrat in the world about that! This was exactly what I was talking about the first hour. This is the kind of spin that masks who they really are. They’re not interested in cooperation. They don’t believe in working together. They don’t even believe that their opposition is legitimate, and their objective is to eliminate opposition, not cooperate with it, not recognize that it exists. There is no other point of view that’s legitimate. There is no other way.

All there is, is a bunch of people standing in the way who have to be eliminated — in a political sense, of course. She says, “There will always be strong feelings, and I respect that from the far right and the far left, libertarians, whoever they might be. We gotta get people working together. We gotta get the economy fixed. We gotta get hold our problems, really ta…” What the hell have you been doing the last seven years? You know, another thing here that always fascinates me.

When we have seven years of a Democrat regime under the belt, here comes the next Democrat that wants to be president and they have to criticize what’s gone on here, and when they do there is nothing said about it. What is this? What does she mean, “We gotta get the economy fixed”? Why isn’t it fixed? We’ve had seven years of what Hillary believes in. We’ve had seven years of deficit spending. We’ve had seven years of the most irresponsible spending. We’ve had seven years of utopia. We’ve had seven years of the Democrats being unstoppable.

We’ve had seven years of the Democrats practically unopposed to do whatever they want to do. There should be this Promised Land by now, or there should be some sign of it. There should be utopia. At least it ought to be out there on the horizon. We ought to be getting close to it here after seven years unfettered, seven years unopposed, seven years unstopped. Where is it? Why does she need to “fix” anything? What in the world has gone wrong, and why?

To me those are valid questions that disqualify her and disqualify any other Democrat that wants to be president. If what they believe in — and I’m serious about this. If what they believe in is the cat’s meow, if the things they believe in are the things they have been doing the past seven years, her entire campaign ought to be, “Elect me so we can keep doing what we’re doing.” We’ve had the first African-American president elected; it’s historic. We’ve had the first national health care system impaneled. We’ve had the first nuclear deal for the Iranians.

We’ve had the first of a whole bunch of stuff. The border is wide open. What’s wrong? Why doesn’t she run promising to be Obama’s third term? Why doesn’t she promise that she’s going to continue everything that’s happened because it’s so superior to anything else we’ve ever done? Why does she feel compelled to admit things have gone wrong? Why does anything need to be fixed? Isn’t that what Obama did? Didn’t Obama fix 200-plus years of mistakes, 200-plus years of misery? Didn’t Obama begin to transform 200 years of racism, bigotry, sexism, homophobia, and all of that?

So what needs to be fixed? Furthermore, why is she the one to do it? Why aren’t people working together? Obama was gonna be the great uniter, the world was going to once again love the United States. And for you liberals out there, don’t start shouting, “Republicans, Republicans.” Republicans have not even raised their hand to try to stop any of this, when you get right down to brass tacks. The first two years the Democrats had every vote. The Republicans didn’t have a vote to stop anything, which is another point. If Obama really wanted to attack the Second Amendment, why didn’t he do it when he had the votes that could not be stopped? Why didn’t he do everything the first two years? Why didn’t he ram through all the stuff the first two years when the Republicans did not have the votes to stop, when the Republicans won the House and then won the Senate.

There still hasn’t been any push-back. There still hasn’t been any significant opposition. Do you realize there’s another vote in the House today on repealing Obamacare that does contain in it a provision to defund Planned Parenthood. Do you realize this is going to be the first repeal Obamacare vote that wins? Seven years in, we’re into the eighth year now, folks, and there have been I don’t know how many repeal Obamacare votes. The one today is the first one that’s gonna pass, in the House. Now, it’s gonna get vetoed, don’t misunderstand, but this is the first time, now into our eighth year, that there’s actually been an expression of opposition to this.

So my point here is, what in the world, Mrs. Clinton, has gone wrong? There hasn’t been any opposition to what Obama’s tried to do. There hasn’t been any push-back. Not really. I mean, you’ve had some Republicans out there voicing opposition, but when it comes time to put action to voice, there hasn’t been much. I mean, you people on the Democrat side have had an open road and free rail here. You haven’t had anybody move in seriously and try to stop you, so what’s gone wrong? Why isn’t she promising Obama’s third term? Why isn’t she saying we’ve begun to equalize things in the world. The Iranians are going to soon have a nuclear weapon. Up next we want to make sure that Bashar Assad gets one.

Why not continue what’s been started here? Why not promise to open the northern border the same way they’ve opened the southern border? Why not promise to open New York City as a point of immigration for illegals just like they have the southern border? If it’s all so wonderful, why not promise more of it? “Well, Mr. Limbaugh, you can see that the presidential polling data shows that many people think that we’re on the wrong track. Many people are not satisfied with the direction the country is going, the Obama approval numbers in the –” So what? That never stopped ’em before.

Why all of a sudden the American people know what’s going on? Why all of a sudden do the Democrats want to start listening to the American people? The American people are a bunch of Nimrods at all times. The American people are to be governed against when necessary. Why all of a sudden start paying attention to public opinion? Why not say public opinion’s rooted in racism, people just don’t like Obama because he’s African-American, and just keep doing what we’re doing? Bernie Sanders is. You know, his campaign, Bernie Sanders is saying, look, we got a good start on this, but we’re not going nearly fast enough as we move to the left. And Bernie Sanders is doing well out there. Much better than the Drive-Bys are telling you.

Bernie Sanders is actually competitive in New Hampshire and Iowa right now, and they’re not reporting that because nobody’s supposed to know that. The picture is supposed to be Hillary Clinton and nobody else even interested in running on the Democrat side. So she can’t explain the difference in a Democrat and socialist. And the reason she can’t is that there isn’t one. Not today. This is not the Democrat Party of JFK or even LBJ. This is the Democrat Party of the politburo, and it is no different than socialism. You know, I think I mentioned this on Monday. And look, it’s purely an academic talking point here. Why but even bother to collect taxes in terms budgeting? We’re $20 trillion in debt. Every day Obama’s announcing spending on this and spending on that as though we have the money, and we don’t. The fact that we don’t have any money offers no limitation of what we spend at all. The fact that we are $20 trillion in debt and every year have a massive budget deficit, they don’t have the money for what we’re spending it on. It doesn’t stop them.

So why even go to the pretense of collecting taxes? I mean, if you collect taxes to generate revenue in order to run the government, clearly these people don’t care about revenue to run. They’ll spend it when we don’t have it no matter where we don’t have it, no matter how we don’t get it. The amount of money raised in taxes is astronomically high. But it’s a drop in the barrel compared to what we spend.


RUSH: Sam in Durant, Iowa, really appreciate your patience, Sam. Thanks, and welcome.

CALLER: Oh, no problem. Thank you very much. Thanks for having me, Rush.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I have an opportunity coming up here very soon to go hear the great Hillary Clinton speak in fairly close quarters. Now, if you were me and you had an opportunity to ask her a question, obviously not being as recognizable as you, Rush, what would it be? Now, mind you, I have to work here, so I don’t want to come off antagonistic or —

RUSH: I have got the question for you. I don’t want you to ask her anything about Bill. I don’t want you to ask anything that her supporters are gonna sneer and snide and shut you up. I want you to ask her, if you really get a chance to do this, Sam, and I want you to practice the question after I give it to you here. When is her rally, tomorrow or Sat, so you have to a couple days to rehearse this, ’cause I don’t want you getting nervous and flummoxed. It’s not complicated.

You can just say something along the line, “Mrs. Clinton, I saw where you said that you want to be president because you want to fix the economy and other things that are broken in America. Mrs. Clinton, why is anything broken? You said you want to continue the great work that President Obama’s done. What’s broken? What’s not working? Why in the world do you need to fix anything, Mrs. Clinton? Why don’t you just run and promise that you’re gonna continue to do the things Obama’s done?” Just ask her that question. Some variation of that. And she’ll have to answer that. I mean, she won’t. She’ll give you a hem and a haw. But at least it won’t be rejected. You know, don’t go for Clinton and sex and Lewinsky or any of that in the question. They’re gonna be ready for something like that.

CALLER: Oh, I can handle that. The only thing that terrifies me about that is I don’t want to be categorized as an Obama supporter, but I do like the question. I can do that.

RUSH: Yeah. Depending on how far you want to take it. “Mrs. Clinton, it’s apparently a great thing that the border’s open on the southern border. Why not open the New York immigration, let anybody come in the country who wants, if that’s what makes America great, why stop anybody, why not let ’em all in?” Take anything that they support and ask them why don’t they do more of it? But the real thing to ask her is, “I thought Obama was a great president. You’ve said so yourself, Mrs. Clinton. Why does anything he’s done need to be fixed? Why don’t you just continue every great thing he’s done?” Make it as simple as that.

Whatever you do, do not expect an answer that makes any sense. You will not get one. In fact, you probably won’t even be able to ask the question because they’ll predetermine those. She cannot ad-lib or think on her feet. She’s gotta be prepped. They’re gonna not leave anything to chance here. So if you happen to be selected to ask a question beforehand, then be honest with them, “Here’s what I’d like to know,” and do not be confrontation or snarky in any way when you’re talking to them. Never know. But that’s what I would do if I had a chance.

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