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RUSH: And I have another pregunta. (A little Spanish lingo there for “question.”) So Robert Dear, the guy running around shooting up Planned Parenthood, the only words he mumbled that anybody could understand was “no more body parts.” So immediately the left runs around and starts assuming, “A-ha! It’s a bunch of mad, insane, lunatic right-wingers!” My question is, is it only conservatives offended by the selling of body parts?

Are Democrats not offended by that? Is the left not offended by the selling of body parts? Apparently not! Apparently when you start talking about chopping up babies and selling body parts, the only people bothered by it are quote/unquote “right-wingers”? You mean to tell me there’s not a single Democrat out there that’s bothered by that? The media is so certain of that that when you hear about somebody going nuts because they’re chopping up babies and selling body parts, “Ah, it has to be a right-winger upset by it! It has to be a conservative! You know, those lunatics, they are not tolerant at all.”

Oh, okay.

Let’s head to the audio sound bites. Dingy Harry aiming at me again this time from the floor of the Senate. We have a couple of sound bites here. Here we go with number one.

REID: (whispering) No one is safe from this Republican vitriol. Republicans demagogue women seeking health care through Planned Parenthood. Republican candidates use women, infants, and children seeking refuge from terrorism to fearmonger. Over and over again Republican candidates have resorted to hatred over appealing to the highest sensibilities of the American people. We all know that on race and other controversial issues, Republicans have long practiced subtle bigotry. The Republicans now simply say out loud the many things which they used to merely hint. Words have power, and when spoken by influential leaders, they infiltrate every corner of our society. And we know how exaggerated and untruthful and unfair the film that was put together as some B-grade movie has so maligned Planned Parenthood.

RUSH: What a joke this man has become. What an absolute joke. He’s an embarrassment to the United States Senate. He’s an embarrassment to the human race. He’s an embarrassment to the state of Colorado, and he — Nevada. Well, Colorado’s probably embarrassed, too. And he ought to be embarrassed of himself. “And when spoken by influential leaders…” I wonder who he could be talking about.

REID: (whispering) Instead of recognizing the concerns of communities riddled by decades police brutality and racial injustice, Republicans have vilified the Black Lives Matter movement, which has drawn attention to these disturbing inequities. (pause) Rush Limbaugh (pause) has gone so far as labeling the protesters a hate group — a hate group — for trying to bring equality to our system. Just a few weeks ago some supporters of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump attacked a Black Lives Matter protester on video at a rally. Instead of condemning the violent display by his supporters, Donald Trump encouraged it.

RUSH: Notice how he paused before and after my name to make sure everybody understood who he was talking about? “[T]he Black Lives Matter movement, which has drawn attention to these disturbing inequities. (pause) Rush Limbaugh (pause) has gone so far as labeling the protesters a hate group…” We’ll get to what I said about them in just a second. I want to go back to sound bite number one. “No one is safe from this Republican vitriol. Republicans demagogue women seeking health care through…” This is all made up!

The man is an embarrassment, and I know that there are still many people in the Democrat Party and the Drive-By Media and the low-information crowd that when this guy speaks or when it gets… Actually, they don’t listen to him. They see what he says as reported. I understand that people still carry some influence. Folks, I frankly think that this stuff is not universally accepted and believed as it used to be when these Democrats like Reid get up and start spouting this stuff. Just a couple of things.

Robert Dear, the shooter at Planned Parenthood, has no connection to the Republican Party. He had no connection to the pro-life movement or to anybody! He was a loner. He was a lunatic. He lived like the leftist Unabomber, in a shack with no running water and no heat. And isn’t it interesting? You know, I’m amazed by something here. When we are hit by Islamic terrorists or when Islamic terrorists conduct a terrorist strike or terrorist attack, what do we first hear? “This is not Islam! This is not who they are. That is the religion of peace.”

And then we hear, “We’ve got to be very, very vigilant to make sure there is no backlash,” right? So when militant Islamists attack, the Drive-By Media and the Democrat Party get into gear to try to tell everybody, “It’s not Islam. It’s not anything but a religion of peace, and these people conducting terror attacks, they’ve got nothing to do with Islam, nothing to do with the religion of peace!” When an oddball lunatic like this guy in Colorado shoots up Planned Parenthood, all of a sudden he represents the entire pro-life movement and the Republican Party combined.

Isn’t it amazing? Real acts of terrorism are excused and said to have nothing to do with Islam, and you’re a bigot if you think so, and you’d better not overreact because there better not be any backlash against them. This guy goes nuts and all of a sudden, there’s Dingy Harry: “It’s the entire Republican Party to blame and the pro-life movement.” As I pointed out, the pro-life movement is peaceful. The numbers of these incidents pale, they are infinitesimal compared to the number of terror attacks carried out by militant Islamist jihadists. Not even comparable.

On this Black Lives Matter business, this is a real stretch to bring me into this. This just demonstrates that Dingy Harry and whoever it is that’s informing him here believe that all you have to do is mention my name and you have effectively blanketed the entire opposition of the Democrat Party. I have come to represent that. I represent in totality the opposition to the Democrat Party, so you invoke my name. What did old Dingy say here?

“Republicans have vilified the Black Lives Matter movement, which has drawn attention to these disturbing inequities. (pause) Rush Limbaugh (pause) has gone so far as labeling the protesters a hate group — a hate group — for trying to bring equality to our system.” Well, did you see what happened to Martin O’Malley and poor Bernie Sanders when they tried telling a group, “All lives matter”?

They were the victims of a terror attack while they were on stage at their own rally, because all lives don’t matter! Dingy Harry, it’s not about equality, it’s not about inequity, it’s not about anything. But let’s go back to the archives, the grooveyard. Back on September 1st. This is what I said — what I actually said — about the Black Lives Matter movement. What I actually said was, “Maybe somebody will allege that Black Lives Matter maybe is a hate group.” Here’s what I said compared to what Dingy Harry has accused me of saying.


RUSH ARCHIVE: People wonder, “Gee, I wonder why all these attacks on the cops.” Anybody remember “hands up, don’t shoot”? All this Black Lives Matter? Somebody will allege that Black Lives Matter maybe is a hate group or whatever, and people erupt, “How can you say that! They’re a peace-loving protest organization. What do you mean, a hate group?” Well, I’m just listening to what they say. But you remember “hands up, don’t shoot”? It didn’t happen. Do you know how many people in this country still think it did?

Do you realize how many people in this country still think that the Gentle Giant was murdered in the back, that he was trying to surrender, that his hands were up and he was shouting, “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot,” and he was running away and the cop came out of the car and shot him? Do you know how many people still believe that crap, and you know why they do? M-e-d-i-a, combined with civil rights groups like Black Lives Matter. That’s why they believe it, because the lie has been purposely promulgated. And if people believe it, and you move from Ferguson to Baltimore, well, you have another series of lies about cop killing there. And people can’t find a motive!


RUSH: Well, well, well. Turns out that Dingy Harry was misinformed by his out-of-context fact-checkers at Media Matters. Here’s what I said. I was quoting other people, asking whether other people would allege. I didn’t allege it myself, although I wouldn’t have cared if I did, but that’s not the point. The point is he’s putting words in my mouth I didn’t say. People are wondering, gee, I mean, wonder why all these attacks on the cops. Anybody remember “hands up, don’t shoot”? All this Black Lives Matter, somebody’s gonna allege Black Lives Matter maybe as a hate group, and then people erupt, how can you say that? They’re a peace-loving protest organization.

I was predicting that something was going to be said about Black Lives Matter. Dingy Harry has no idea what I said. Whoever writes his stuff for his floor speeches in the Senate, “Look what Limbaugh said!” This is exactly what happened with the phony soldiers thing, which ended up raising four and a half million dollars for the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. You remember that. I don’t need to relive the whole thing.

But it’s just classic what happens here, as far as the left is concerned. And the easiest way to understand it is that they’re not honest. They lie about what people say. They put words in people’s mouths. They attempt to impugn entire groups of people, all for the furtherance of their political agenda. This isn’t even about equality. It’s not about fairness. It’s not about compassion. It’s not about anything except eliminating political opposition. That’s all Dingy Harry is interested in.

And so we now return to the musical Grooveyard of Forgotten Favorites because we memorialized in song the last attempt by Dingy Harry to impugn and defame me, and it backfired right in the middle of his puny, ugly face. And here’s what it did.

(playing of song)

RUSH: And that’s Dingy Harry and the vocals on the parody of The Letter, by The Box Tops. Anyway, let me take a brief time-out here. There’s one, maybe two more sound bites related to this. Let me get them out of the way and then we’ll come back and change gears. C-SPAN today, Washington Journal. The guest is Representative Suzan DelBene, Democrat, Washington, During a viewer call-in segment a caller named George in Kentucky and the congresswoman have this conversation.

CALLER: The overall heated rhetoric over the last several years from the GOP, whether it’s on Rush Limbaugh or all the virulent language that they use, it goes back to the health care forums of 2009 and 2010, when they went to health care forums to shut ’em down and shout down and they’re yelling baby parts, baby parts, that echo this, you get so many people stirred up, it has led to violent attacks.

DELBENE: It’s incredibly disappointing and, frankly, irresponsible that folks have continued to perpetuate misinformation. Words do matter. These videos that have been proven to be deceptively edited, we’ve not seen the unedited videos. Very disappointing that that can be used —

RUSH: Okay, stop it. That’s just not true. I mean, I don’t know what more to do with this. It’s just not true. The entire unedited videos are on display at the outfit’s website. There was no editing to change the meaning, substance, content, what have you. The only edits were for time. It’s you people that do the edits. NBC editing a 911 call to try to implicate George Zimmerman as a racist in the Trayvon Martin circumstance, in that event.

Anyway, there’s nothing you can do with these people, folks. I mean, Media Matters structures a lie, they pass it on to Dingy Harry, he goes to the floor of the US Senate with it, and this Democrat congresswoman from Washington doesn’t have the slightest idea what the Planned Parenthood videos were. She hasn’t seen them. She only knows what she’s been told they are. And this stupid idiot caller hasn’t the slightest idea what he’s talking about because he’s the product of these stupid, misinformed websites where he reads and gets his information. So you got a bunch of lies and distortions and literal insanity informing half the people of this country.

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