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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, this just cleared the wire, and I just grab… No, I didn’t. There is another aspect to this refugee circumstance that is not getting enough discussion, and it essentially is: Forget the refugees for a minute.

What about people already in the United States, already in France, already in Germany who are either secretly or privately affiliated with ISIS, or secretly or privately sympathetic and supportive of ISIS? In other words, when the ISIS attack on Friday night happened, there were already a bunch of people — militant Islamists and jihadists — in France. In fact, there are so many they have taken over a certain part/certain area of France, by Paris, and I’ve been reading stories about this area of Paris for years.

The cops don’t even go there and police it anymore. And we had the story last week. Monday or Tuesday this week, there was some incident. Seven people were killed, and we thought that one of the masterminds of the Friday night attacks was actually targeted and hit in this area. But the point is, we’ve already got, potentially, cells of jihadists that already live here and already live in Paris and other parts of the France, other parts of the Germany. Belgium, obviously.

So it’s not a challenge here of identifying refugees. Oh, and the Daily Mail. I keep… The brain synapses keep firing here while in the in the middle of various monologues. The Daily Mail picks up on a point that I made yesterday. They found a bunch of Syrian women upset that their husbands have left. Yesterday I asked the question. We know that 73% of the refugees are male — and they are able-bodied, military-aged men. Those that are refugees, 73%. I said, “Where are their wives and kids?

“Why aren’t they staying home and waging war and trying to defend and protect their families? Why are they fleeing? Are they cowards? Why are they leaving?” This is a question nobody in the Drive-Bys is asking, and the reason not asking is because the assumption is they’re poor and they’re war torn and they’re starving and they’re bedraggled and they’re simply seeking safety and solace. In other words, they’re clean and pure as the wind-driven snow. They are excellent. They are great people.

They are exactly the people liberals claim everybody ought to be: Totally dependent, incapable of taking care of themselves, victims of something or other somewhere. That is why the left wants to embrace them all, because they are just living definitions of how to increase power. But the question is: “Wait a minute. Why are all these young, able-bodied military men fleeing their own homes rather than staying and defending them, rather than staying and trying to beat back the bad guys?

“Why are they running away and leaving their wives and their families and their children?” The Daily Mail finally tracks that down today, and actually found some women willing to speak, upset that their husbands are leaving them. The left will not even consider the fact that it is a refugee army. They won’t even consider the possibility it’s a massive plan to infiltrate countries all over Europe with able-bodied, military-capable jihadists such as those who acted Friday night in Paris.

You’re not even allowed to mention that possibility. If you do, why, you’re engaging inhumane conduct and language and you are insulting and so forth. But it’s something that needs to be considered. But above and beyond that, okay, these 73% that are refugees, they’re staying. They’re getting somewhere. Many of them are staying. They’re staying Germany. They’re going to Belgium. Wherever they’re accepted, they go — and after a while, they are the equivalent of residents.

Nobody seems to be focusing enough energy or investigation into finding out who they really are and why they are doing what they’re doing, and are they lying in wait for some signal or what have you. Andy McCarthy just published a… He’s got an ongoing series of the jihadist fifth column, and this is what he’s talking about: Islamic jihadists disguised as ordinary citizens and refugees who are already relocated, already in residence in these very places, in various places, including in the United States.

And that a focus of interest needs to be increased in finding out who these people are, where they are, what they’re doing. That’s what Trump is saying: Close the mosques. Trump’s poll numbers skyrocket when Trump talks like this. Everybody in the Drive-By Media/the establishment’s appalled. But it’s happening because Trump is touching a nerve. There is genuine concern, and it’s not rooted in bigotry. It’s not rooted in racism or xenophobia or any of that. It’s rooted in safety and security and sovereignty, love of country.

At any rate, “ISIS Supporters Stab Teacher at Jewish School in France, Prosecutors Say — Three people claiming to be Islamic State supporters stabbed a teacher at a Jewish school in Marseille,” today. That’s down in the Cote d’Azur, for most part, the famed French Riviera. You know, France… It isn’t gonna be long, France is not gonna be what we always thought France was. Paris may already be there. Paris may already have achieved the status of it isn’t Paris anymore. Not in the way everybody’s always thought of it.

“Three people claiming to be Islamic State supporters stabbed a teacher at a Jewish school in Marseille, France Wednesday, less than a week after the Paris massacre, prosecutors told Sky News. They said the teacher was stabbed in the leg and expected to survive. The suspects approached the teacher while they rode on scooters, prosecutor Brice Robin told Reuters. He said one suspect wore an Islamic State t-shirt, and another showed a picture on his mobile telephone of Mohamed Merah, an Islamic militant who killed seven people in southern France three years ago.”

Okay, these people are not per se Islamic State members or warriors, but they are claiming to be supporters. And they’re driving scooters around Marseille, and they just decide to stab somebody. Nobody’s paying attention to this possibility. Everybody’s focused on the current state of immigration of these refugees. But it has to be acknowledged that there already has been — I don’t know what you want to call it — infiltration, successful migration, refugee status granted, whatever it is. In other words, there need to be other areas of focus than just the current refugee status.

Listen to the top headlines on Drudge here:

Sixth Syrian with Fake Passport Captured in Honduras.” Honduras is an entirely new and self-contained story today itself in terms of Syrians having been discovered there. What are Syrians doing in Honduras? Connect the dots. “Another Syrian Detained in Costa Rica.” “ISIS Threatens New York City in New Propaganda Video.” “ISIS Threatens White House in New Propaganda Video.” “Times Square Attack” is the New York City threat. “Syrian Community Leader: ISIS Is Already in the USA.” He’s bragging. “Refugees CANNOT Be Vetted, Get ‘Real’ Docs from Government.” “Coming for Years, ‘Already at Work.‘”

This is another anti-refugee statement. Refugees can’t be vetted. Get real documents from their government. They’re coming for years, they’ve been coming for years, they’re already at work. This is my point. “Throngs of Illegals Crossing Texas Border.” “Six Men from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Busted Entering Arizona.” “Al-Qaeda Used Refugee Program to Smuggle Operatives into Kentucky.” “Report: 827 Somalis Resettled in the Last Six Weeks in the United States. Only one is Christian.” “Tennessee Republican Leader: Round Up Syrian Refugees and Remove Them From Our State.” “Virginia Mayor Suggests Internment Camps.” “Mosque Meeting: ‘Every One of You Are Terrorists.'” That’s a headline from a story. These are all headlines. “Messaging App Used by Islamic State Shuts Down Channels.” “Alert for Men After Suspicious Activity Near Pentagon.” That’s just a headline hunt. “Eight Syrians Caught at Texas Border.”

Now, you could look at these all and say, “Hey, Rush, there’s no reason to panic here. Every one of these events essentially the perps have been caught. Our plans, our procedures are working.” Okay, if you want to look at it that way, fine. Still can’t deny that there’s a lot of activity on the part of a lot of people trying to get into a lot of areas of this country. And, meanwhile, over here the president of the United States says, “Hey, bring ’em in. Absolutely bring ’em.” (interruption) Well, that’s another thing. Why would you assume that everybody that has tried to get in is caught? We know they haven’t. We know that not everybody’s that’s tried to get in here has been caught. We know that some are here successfully.

I used the term many, many moons ago: “We are being invaded.” This is not illegal immigration that’s happening on our southern border. We’re being invaded and it looks like a refugee program, especially with Obama wanting to up it from 10,000 to 100,000. That looks like it has aspects of an invasion to it.

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