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RUSH: Now, here’s the news on the Trump polling jump. It’s from TheHill.com as well. “Donald Trump has nearly a double-digit lead over Ben Carson in the race for the GOPÂ’s presidential nomination, a new poll says. Trump is ahead of Carson by 9 points as the top pick among likely Republican primary voters next year, according to the University of Massachusetts survey. He took support from 31% of respondents, compared with 22% for Carson.

“Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) ranked third with 13%, the only other Republican White House hopeful to score double-digit support. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was next at 9%. [Fiorina and Kasich] tied for fourth and fifth place with 4% apiece. Trump also scored a bump in support in a new Morning Consult poll released Tuesday, taking 38% support, doubling Carson’s tally of 19%. Some of the poll was taken in the days after the Paris terrorist attacks.” Here is Trump last night, Knoxville, Tennessee, during a campaign event.

TRUMP: I was watching our president talking.

AUDIENCE: (booing)

TRUMP: Boy, he does not get it. He doesn’t get it. And, you know, you hear the term “radical Islamic terrorism.” He won’t say it. He won’t say it! And you can’t solve a problem if you refuse to talk about what the problem is.

AUDIENCE: (applause)

TRUMP: And he won’t talk about it.

RUSH: You know, Trump’s having more fun than anybody I’ve seen on the campaign trail in a long time. I mean, just down to earth fun. He goes out there and he says, “I was watching our president talking.” The crowd boos and starts hooting and hollering. I guarantee you Trump eats that up, loves that, feeds off of it. “He doesn’t get it. He doesn’t get it!” And goes on. It’s a serious question. Why won’t Obama use the term “radical Islamic terrorism”? Why will he not use the word “terrorism”? Why will he not use the words “Islamic terrorism”? People everywhere are wondering, why not?

Well, they have an answer for that question, folks. I have given it to you earlier. It is not just Obama, but the Democrat Party and the left. They say that this is not part of it; that ISIS, Al-Qaeda — none of these people, none of these terrorists — are actually part of the religion of peace, which is Islam. They’re just calling themselves Islamist, but they’re not. They are nothing but warmongering ideologues. But they have no connection to real Islam.

They have nothing to do with the religion of Islam, and so we are not going to give them the pleasure of calling them Islamic terrorists. Obama hasn’t specifically said that, but other leading liberal elites and Democrats have. And that’s their out for it, that this is not part of the religion. These are a bunch of rigid ideologues. Now, the rejoinder to that is, “Au contraire. Islam is an ideology and a religion. It’s both combined.” But, anyway, that’s the answer.

Now, here’s Trump continuing here. This is in Knoxville, Tennessee, last night after he has pointed out that Obama will not refer to these people as who they are and how you can’t successfully fight them if you’re not gonna be honest about who you’re facing…

TRUMP: You’re talking about sneaky, dirty, underhanded people that want to kill our civilians. They want to go after our civilians. They want to kill not only our civilians, all over the world, and it’s gonna be stopped. It’s gonna be stopped! Somebody criticized me the other day because they asked me what I do and I said, “I’m gonna bomb the (bleep) out of ’em!”

AUDIENCE: (wild applause)

TRUMP: It’s true. I don’t care. I don’t care. They’ve gotta be stopped.

RUSH: They’ve gotta be stopped, and I’m gonna bomb the hell out of ’em. I’m gonna bomb their oil. That’s the source of their money. And then he said, this ought to make every college student just warm and cuddly all over. Trump said he’s gonna build a big, beautiful safe zone.

TRUMP: What I like is build a safe zone. Build a big, beautiful safe zone, and they’ll be happier. They’ll be there, and the weather’s the same. When it’s all over, they move back. The weather… A friend of mine lives in Minnesota, and he calls me and he says, “Can you imagine? It’s 130 degrees in Syria and now they want to send some up to Minnesota where it’s 30 degrees. Well, these people are gonna be very, very unhappy. It’s cold.

RUSH: Well, but Bernie Sanders says they’re fleeing. By the way, it’s not 130 degrees in Syria. You might hit 130 degrees some of the desert areas for like a day or two, but that’s another thing, folks. I have seen this, too. There are stories out there bubbling up that the Middle East is approaching the point — and we’re very near it — where human habitation is impossible because of the rising heat. It is getting so hot in areas of the Middle East that it will soon not be possible for humanity to survive there.

I guess they are gonna shut down the air-conditioning.

But that is effervescing. That is bubbling up out there. And Bernie Sanders at the Democrat debate was perfectly honest, and he was not trying to be funny. He doesn’t know how to be. He literally said all of this is happening because of climate change. It’s getting so hot, the terrorists are fleeing, the citizens are fleeing ’cause they need to get where it’s cooler. They can’t handle the heat anymore. Therefore climate change is the number one issue facing the world today. That if there were no climate change, there wouldn’t be any terrorism.


RUSH: Here’s Mark in Waterford, Michigan. Great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello.

RUSH: Yeah. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. How are you?

RUSH: Hey, great, what’s happening, what’s going on, what’s happening?

CALLER: What do you hear?

RUSH: Well, you tell me.

CALLER: Okay, let me slow down. I’m going down a dirt road so I’m stopping.

RUSH: (chuckling)

CALLER: How’s that?

RUSH: That’s good. That’s good.

CALLER: Better?

RUSH: Really fine.

CALLER: Okay. Earlier you were talking about Bernie Sanders blaming global warming on the reason that the Syrians wanted to leave Syria —

RUSH: That’s right.

CALLER: — and I found that rich with irony, considering the fact that I read an article online this weekend — I believe it was from Salon or the HuffPo — that interviewed some of the Syrian refugees in Germany, and the refugees from Syria were so dissatisfied with the conditions in Germany. They were complaining because they didn’t have TV. They didn’t have —

RUSH: Oh, that’s right! They were complaining about how cold it was.

CALLER: And that was the thing. It was the last thing that I read in this article. It said they were… It was so cold there, if it didn’t get warmer they wanted to go back. (laughing)

RUSH: I saw that myself. I didn’t see that last part, but I saw the whole thing myself. They were complaining about a lot of things. They were complaining about where they were being put, they were complaining about lack of benefits, food and so forth. Really ungrateful reprobates when you get right down on to it.


RUSH: They were complaining about how cold it was.


RUSH: So that is deeply ironic.


RUSH: And of course it blows Bernie Sanders to smithereens.

CALLER: I’m a lifelong Michigan resident, born and raised, grew up in Michigan, lived here my whole life. I even lived in northern Michigan for 32 years. I spent eight months out in the California desert on a job project out there, and I was there through the summer where temperatures got up to 120 degrees.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: Honest to God, I absolutely loved it. The heat was just great. When I came back to Michigan, I looked for ways to move out to the desert.

RUSH: Let me tell you, I lived in Florida since 1997, and I went to see my family in Missouri on Saturday, and it was… I wasn’t thinking. I put on a pair of shorts and golf shirt and got on the airplane and flew up there. It was 60 degrees when I got off the airplane, but by seven o’clock at night, it was freaking cold to me. It’s amazing.

My point is how you acclimate, particularly to humidity. I can tell you (chuckles), after years and years here of high humidity, it can be 75 or 80 here in the winter with no humidity and you can feel chilly. Not cold, don’t misunderstand. But there’s a definite difference in the 80 degrees in January and the 80 or even 70 degrees in July, because of the humidity. So I appreciate the call, Mark. I really do.

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